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Island of the Blue Dolphin PowerPoint Presentation
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Island of the Blue Dolphin

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Island of the Blue Dolphin
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Island of the Blue Dolphin

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  1. Island of the Blue Dolphin Day 1

  2. Concept talk How do people survive in the wilderness?

  3. Partner Share • Discuss the question of the week with your partner • What is the first thing someone would have to do if he or she were suddenly alone in the wilderness? • What movies, TV shows, or books have you seen or read that are about someone surviving in the wilderness?

  4. Turn to page 82-83 Let’s look at the pictures . What is the man trying to do? Let’s add Tasks, Challenges, and Wilderness to our concept map How is the man surviving in the wilderness different from a bear surviving in the wilderness?

  5. Turn to page 82-83 What do you think the people have to do after they are in a shipwreck? How do people survive in the wilderness?

  6. Listen: The story “Jenks and the Fire” is about a boy in the wilderness who tries to start a fire so he can eat. Listen for this week’s Amazing Words- • Gutted • Quartz • Flint • blazing

  7. Amazing Words • Quartz is a hard, glossy rock that is useful for starting fires. • Gutted is when the inside of something has been removed or destroyed • My neighbors gutted their kitchen in order to remodel it.

  8. Amazing Words • Flint-is a very hard stone that makes a spark when struck against steel and is used to start fires • The backpackers used a piece of flint to start their campfire.

  9. Amazing Words • Blazing-is a verb that means to burn with a bright flame A fire was blazing in the fireplace.

  10. Theme Theme is the underlying meaning of the story. What can I ask myself to identify the theme? If the theme is not stated, what kind of information will help me understand the theme?

  11. Characters and Setting The characters and setting of a story can give us a lot of information about the theme of a story. Turn to page EI-11 of your book. Let’s read the first paragraph of “Alone” together.

  12. Read Read the rest of the story Alone . Create an organizer like the one on p. 84 to help describe the setting of the story. Remember, you may have to use the details to help you infer the theme.

  13. Character and Setting The first paragraph of Alone mentions a wagon and a log cabin, so we know the setting is a long time ago in a wilderness area. The title and the last word of paragraph 1 are both the word alone. So I can guess that the theme is about surviving alone.

  14. Fluency With your partner read paragraph 1 of Alone for the next two minutes. Don’t stop until I tell you to. Read aloud either together or one at a time. Make sure to use good pacing and correct voice inflection

  15. Vocabulary • Headland-A narrow piece of land that projects from a coastline into the sea • Lair- A wild animal's resting place, esp. one that is well hidden • Kelp- A large brown seaweed used as a source of various salts

  16. Vocabulary • gnawed- Bite at or nibble something persistently • Shellfish- seafood that has some type of shell covering them • Ravine- A deep, narrow gorge with steep sides.

  17. Vocabulary • Sinew- A piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone or bone to bone; a tendon or ligament.

  18. Spelling Long Vowel Digraphs ai, ee, ea, oaand ow

  19. Conventions Independent clause: A related group of words that makes sense on it’s own Dependent clause: A clause that doesn’t make sense on it’s own Native Americans lived on the island until they were attacked.

  20. Conventions • Native Americans lived on the island This part of the sentence can stand alone • Until they were attacked This part of the sentence cannot stand alone

  21. Conventions If the dependent clause came first, it would need a comma Until they were attacked, Native Americans lived on the island. If the independent clause comes first no comma is needed. Native Americans lived on the island until they were attacked.

  22. Daily Fix it Lets take a look at our Daily Fix it