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Edgar Allan Poe. Matthew Matusovskiy and John Minichetti. Table of Contents. Timeline. Cause of Death. ABC Biography. Works Citied . Timeline. 1829: Poe Joins West Point and writes two books- “Al Aaraaf , and Tamerlane.”. 1827: Poe joins the U.S. army as Edgar A. Perry.

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Edgar allan poe

Edgar Allan Poe

Matthew Matusovskiy and John Minichetti

Table of Contents


Cause of







1829: Poe Joins West Point and writes two books- “Al Aaraaf, and Tamerlane.”

1827: Poe joins the U.S. army as Edgar A. Perry.

1838: Harper prints Poe’s narrative “Arthur Gordon Pym”

1837:Poe marries his young cousin Virginia Clemm.

1835:Poe edits Southern Literary Messenger for Thomas W. White

1826: Poe attends the University of Virginia.

1809 January 19: Poe is born

1845: Poe publishes his famous poem “The Raven”.

1814 age 5: Starts formal education










1811 December 8: Poe’s mother dies

1823: Attends William Burke school

1831: Poe is kicked out of West Point for misbehavior.

1840: Printed “Tales of The Grotesque and Arabesque.”

1847: Virginia Clemm (Poe’s wife) dies.

1849: October 7, Poe dies in hospital after being found in his cottage unconscious.

1832:Poe writes 5 poems for the Philadelphia Saturday Courier .

1811 December 26: Poe is adopted (with no paperwork) by John Allan

Abc biography
ABC Biography

A- Allan, John took in Poe after Poe’s mother’s death.

B- Born in Boston, Massachusetts

C- Cooping theory was one of the theories for Poe’s death.

Abc biography1
ABC Biography

D- Died on October 7, 1849

E- Elizabeth Arnold Poe was Poe’s real mother

F- Francis Allan was John Allan’s wife

Abc biography2
ABC Biography

G- Gothic writing style was the style Poe used

H- Harpers printed his book length narrative “Aurthor Gordon Pym”

I- Independence was the fort Poe was stationed at during his time in the U.S. Military

Abc biography3
ABC Biography

J- JeffersonLiterary Society had the signature of Poe in the minuets book.

K-Kingsburg Road is the street he lived on in New York

L- Latin and poetry is what Poe studied in the University of Virginia

Abc biography4
ABC Biography

M- Murders and madmen come to mind when people think of Poe

N- Norfolk was one of the many places that Poe visited

O- Oversea movements had to be done because he was taken in by the Allan family

Abc biography5
ABC Biography

P- Psychologically thrilling examining the depths of human psyche earned him much respect before and after his death

Q- Quarrels with John Allan drove Poe out of the Allan residence

R- “The Raven” was one of Poe’s classic literatures that was well known.

Abc biography6
ABC Biography

S- Southern Literary Messenger was one of the journals Poe edited.

T- Turning shy at 3 years old was the result of Poe’s mother’s death.

U- University of Virginia was where he attended college.

Abc biography7
ABC Biography

V- Virginia Eliza Clemmwas Poe’s cousin and his 13 year old wife.

W- West Point was where Poe went after the University of Virginia . He was then kicked out for misbehavior.

X-X-ing a paragrab was considered one of the best short stories written.

Abc biography8
ABC Biography

Y- Yeats, William was one of Poe’s biggest critics

Z- Zealous is a wonderful word to describe Poe because he always put much energy and enthusiasm into his works.

Cause of death cod
Cause of Death (COD)

There are many different theories for Edgar Allan Poe’s death. Some of them include:

  • Alcoholism Theory- Poe drank heavily and may have been an alcoholic.

  • Cooping Theory- Cooping is when you are forced to vote for the same person multiple times during elections. They would offer you alcohol and then beat you up so you wouldn’t remember anything. Since Poe didn’t have a strong liver for drinking, filling him with alcohol and beating him would definitely kill him.

  • Rabies Theory- Poe may have contracted rabies during his times at home.

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