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  1. ACTIVEX By Ethan Huang

  2. OUTLINE What is ActiveX? Component of ActiveX Why ActiveX? ActiveX and Java Security Issue

  3. What is ActiveX ? A set of integration technologies that enable software components to interoperate in a networked environment using any language. Created by Used in creating interactive Web applications, include client technologies, server technologies, tools, and applications. Usable with Internet Explorer versions 3.x and 4.x Netscape Navigator users can also view ActiveX controls with the CaptiveX plug-in from NCompass Labs.

  4. Component of ActiveX Three main components of ActiveX client technologies: ActiveX Controls ActiveX Documents ActiveX Scripting

  5. Component of ActiveX continued… ActiveX Controls Handle client-side interactions with the user Reside locally on a client machine or they can be downloaded from the Internet Can also be used inside Visual Basic ActiveX Documents • Allow viewing of active documents as well as HTML pages • Allow users to navigate, view, and edit the contents of documents that can't be rendered using straight HTML alone

  6. Component of ActiveX continued… ActiveX Scripting ActiveX scripting language are VBScript and JavaScript These scripting languages use OLE Automation to communicate with an ActiveX Control; the ActiveX Control fires OLE events that can be handled in the ActiveX Script code in response to user interactions (such as clicking on a button in the ActiveX control).

  7. Why ActiveX ? The World Wide Web contain islandsof code. ActiveX bridge the gap. Based on the following user’s interest: Software developer - want ease of creation, reuse and integrate software components. Web Producers - want to build rich, engaging Web sites quickly and easily End Users – want captivating experience with the Web

  8. ActiveX and Java Downloaded ActiveX controls are saved to the hard drive while Java applets are not cached. Java applets cannot interact with a user's machine outside of a specified “sandbox”. While ActiveX offer more functionality with open interaction, it’s also more vulnerable to malicious code.

  9. Security Issue With the powerful functionality, ActiveX can be programmed to do virtually anything once downloaded. Used the honor system called Authenticode.

  10. Conclusion What is ActiveX? Component of ActiveX Why ActiveX? ActiveX and Java Security Issue