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Welcome to my LTM. Click Anywhere to Begin:. Locate an Earthquake Epicenter. 1.0 -Obtain 3 Seismographs. 2.0 –Convert time to distance. 3.0 –Locating the earthquake Epicenter. 1.1- Locate P-wave arrival time. 2.1- Locate seismic wave travel time graph.

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  1. Welcome to my LTM Click Anywhere to Begin:

  2. Locate an Earthquake Epicenter 1.0 -Obtain 3 Seismographs 2.0 –Convert time to distance 3.0 –Locating the earthquake Epicenter 1.1- Locate P-wave arrival time 2.1- Locate seismic wave travel time graph 3.1- Locate the map and the three seismic stations 1.2- Locate S-wave arrival time 2.2- Using graph, convert S-P time delay  kilometers 3.2- Expand compass to represent distance 1.3 -Calculate S-P Time Delay 2.3- Record Data 3.3- Draw circles around each seismic station 1.4 –Record Data 3.4- Label Epicenter where 3 circles intersect Entry-Level Skills 0.2-Be able to define epicenter 0.1-Know how to read a seismograph

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