Redesigning developmental math at northern virginia community college
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Redesigning Developmental Math at Northern Virginia Community College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Redesigning Developmental Math at Northern Virginia Community College. Teresa Ryerse Overton. Northern Virginia Community College. Suburbs of Washington DC 5 Campuses and a separate Medical Education Campus 78,000 Students 2,600 Faculty and Staff ~8,000 Developmental Math Students Per Year.

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Presentation Transcript
Redesigning developmental math at northern virginia community college

Redesigning Developmental Math at Northern Virginia Community College

Teresa Ryerse Overton

Northern virginia community college
Northern Virginia Community College Community

  • Suburbs of Washington DC

  • 5 Campuses and a separate Medical Education Campus

  • 78,000 Students

  • 2,600 Faculty and Staff

  • ~8,000 Developmental Math Students Per Year

The journey
The Journey Community

  • Representatives from each campus attended a conference, November 2009 in Nashville

  • Sponsored by NCAT (National Center for Academic Transformation)

  • Started small grew big (6 month time)

    • AtD meeting

    • NCAT Conference

    • College plan

    • NCAT grant

Buy in
Buy-In Community

  • Creating a Workable Plan

  • Sell the Plan

  • Right Place Right Time

    • Faculty, Administration, and State System all ready for a change

  • Faculty were consulted on all decisions and at every step along the way

Nova s progression
NOVA’s Progression Community

  • Team of 13 formed

    • 2 math faculty from each campuses teaching Developmental Math

    • 1math faculty member from ELI

    • 1 Instructional Designer

    • 1 Dean

  • Received NCAT Changing the Equation Grant

  • Objectives for each unit written (based on The Critical Point and Curriculum Guide)

Nova s progression cont
NOVA’s Progression(cont) Community

  • Selected a book and homework management system

  • Secured computers from administration

  • Chose computer classrooms and labs on each of the five campuses

  • Created common documents and assignments with significant input from faculty

  • Developed a training program for Faculty

  • Assessment questions were selected and was used to gather comparison data between redesign and traditional sections

The course
The Course Community

  • MASTER Math

    • Motivating

    • Academic

    • Success

    • Through

    • Effective

    • Redesign

Shell course mtt 4
Shell Course: MTT 4 Community

  • Class is four credits for students, three for instructors (25 students per class)

  • Students are paying for seat time

    • Minimum amount of units must be met for the course grade

    • No maximum amount of units in a semester

  • Addresses the logistics of scheduling and financial aid

  • Students receive both unit grades and course grade

  • Also have MTT 1, 2, and 3

Course format
Course Format Community

  • Placement by VPT (Virginia Placement Test)

  • Multiple exit points depending on credit level course needed

  • Two hours spent in computer classroom at a set time with their instructor

  • Minimum of two hours spent in Master Math Lab during open hours

  • One Custom Textbook for all Units (Two Volumes)

  • All documents and assignments are common

Course organization
Course Organization Community

  • Ten units from what was three courses(no more repeated material)

  • Each unit consists of: 1) a pretest; 2) 3 modules, each with PowerPoint, notes, homework and a quiz; 3) a cumulative post-test

  • All units start with the pre-test

  • 80% or higher-student proceeds to next unit pretest

  • Less than 80%-student works through modules and then takes the post-test before going to next unit

Module organization
Module Organization Community

For each module in the unit:

  • Student views a PowerPoint presentation in MyLabsPlus and takes notes

  • Notes are checked by their Instructor

  • Student works the set of MyMathLab homework problems

    • Must solve 90% of the homework problems correctly to continue

    • May work each problem multiple times

Module organization cont
Module Organization (cont.) Community

  • Student takes proctored MyMathLab quiz

    • 80% or better-goes on to next module

    • Less than 80%-review material and retest

  • After completing all three Modules, student takes cumulative MyMathLab post-test

    • 80% or better-goes to pretest of next unit

    • Less than 80%-more review and retest

  • Also have a MyMathLab Practice Test and Personalized homework based on the Practice Test results

Grading Community

  • Points for Everything

  • Grade is for motivation – Passing Units is the goal

  • Notes are 10%

  • Homework Assignments are 30%

  • Quizzes are 25%

  • Tests are 25%

  • Computer Classroom and Lab Attendance is 10%

Master math lab
Master Math Lab Community

  • Master Math Labs (one per campus) staffed with instructors, instructional assistants and tutors

  • Open ~60 per week

  • Students work on homework assignments, take tests and quizzes, and ask questions

  • Attendance is tracked – minimum of 2 hours per week

  • Most campuses have blocks on the computers so students can only work on Math

Computer classroom time vs lab time
Computer Classroom Time Community vs Lab Time

  • Two hours per week in both the computer classroom and MASTER Math Lab

  • Important to have connection with Instructor and other students

  • Instructor talks with every student every class

  • Tutor in the computer classroom with the Instructor

  • Same work being done in both locations by students

  • Lab gives flexibility to work more time than required with help!

Dmm developmental math managers
DMM – Developmental Math Managers Community

  • One on every campus

  • Existing Teaching faculty compensated with reassign time

  • Campus representatives in policy decisions (weekly meetings)

  • Campus experts on the course – Go to Person

  • Train the faculty on the campus and assist them with their courses

Data Community

  • Without counting start-up expenses, 6.5% cost savings in course delivery

  • Percent of S grades has not significantly improved, but grading standards are different

  • Student attitudes towards math have improved

    • Over 70% of students surveyed Fall 2011 were satisfied with the course

    • Over 60% of students surveyed Fall 2011 said they enjoyed the course

Data Community

  • Thirty common assessment questions given during the pilot to both Redesign and Traditional classes.

    • Spring 2011

      • Average 60.9% correct in Traditional classes

      • Average 85.4% correct in Redesign classes

    • Summer 2011

      • Average 63.0% correct in Traditional classes

      • Average 89.5% correct in Redesign classes

    • Fall 2011

      • Average 89.8% correct in Redesign classes

Questions? Community

Contact information
Contact Information Community

Teresa Ryerse Overton

[email protected]