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Sounds, Images, and Text

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Sounds, Images, and Text - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sounds, Images, and Text. FA 172 Intro to Mobile App Development. Agenda. Sounds System Sound Services Images Image View and the UIImage class Text Files, parsing, Web access. Sounds. Reference:

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sounds images and text

Sounds, Images, and Text

FA 172

Intro to Mobile App Development

  • Sounds
    • System Sound Services
  • Images
    • Image View and the UIImageclass
  • Text
    • Files, parsing, Web access
  • Reference:
  • Various ways to play sound, depending on format, length, and whether you want sounds played in the background
  • For this class, we will use System Sound Services via the AudioToolboxlibrary
setting up and playing sounds
Setting up and playing sounds
  • Set up
    • Define sound id
      • SystemSoundId _soundId;
    • Specify sound file
      • NSString *file = [[NSBundlemainBundle] pathForResource: @"soundfile" ofType:@"wav"];
      • NSURL *url =[NSURL fileURLWithPath:file];
    • Associate with sound id
      • AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID((CFURLRef) url, &_soundId);
  • Play
    • Play by indicating sound id
      • AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(_soundId);
sounds class
Sounds class
  • A Sounds class (Sounds.h, Sounds.m) has been provided that enables sound support
    • You are welcome to look at the implementation but do not need to as long as you understand how to invoke the methods
  • Class methods:
    • setSound: associate a sound file to an idNum (int)
    • play: plays the sound by indicating the idNum
  • Make sure to
    • Include AudioToolbox library in frameworks(Build Phases, Link Binary with Libraries)
    • Include sound files in “Supporting Files”
class methods revisited
Class methods revisited
  • Take note: the methods of the Sounds class are class methods
  • .h file (interface) contains method declarations with the + prefix
  • When using the class, [Sounds <method>];
    • e.g.,[Sounds setSound: 3: @"file”: @"wav"];[Sounds play: 3];
  • Image View
    • Displays an image or animation (described by several images)
    • Placed within a UI View of a View Controller
  • Associated image can be assigned either
    • Through the Xcode environment: through attributes inspector
    • Or programmatically, by setting properties or calling methods on the UIImageView outlet connection
  • Set image of image view by assigning a UIImage object to the view’s image property

self.imageView.image =


  • Make sure all image files needed are included in the “Supporting Files” area (and added to the project’s target
  • Set up an NSArray of images representing the images describing the animation
  • Set two properties of the view
    • animationImages: the NSArray
    • animationDuration: number representing the duration (in seconds) for one animation cycle
  • Call startAnimating method on the view
  • Call stopAnimating method to stop animation
animation example
Animation Example

NSArray *images = [NSArrayarrayWithObjects:





self.iv.animationImages = images;

self.iv.animationDuration = 0.5;


  • Create a single view project with three buttons and one image view
    • Set the image of the view to some default image
  • Button 1: changes the image to the another image
  • Button 2: plays a sound
  • Button 3: plays a different sound and then runs an animation
  • The project requires 2 sounds and at least 4 images
  • Demonstrated through a sample project
  • Text files: read/write text (NSString*) from/to files
  • Parsing: from NSString to NSArray
  • Reading data from the web
  • To be posted on the website
  • Sounds in an app can be played throughSystems Sound Services using the AudioToolbox library
    • Other frameworks are available
    • A Sounds class enabling sound support has been created for this course to simplify use
  • Images and animation supported through
    • UIImageView class
    • UIImage class