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Family Teen Talk Concept Validation PowerPoint Presentation
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Family Teen Talk Concept Validation

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Family Teen Talk Concept Validation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Family Teen Talk Concept Validation

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  1. Family Teen TalkConcept Validation June 2007 Carnegie Mellon University HCII Louisa Poythres . Jing Tien . Nina Shih. Sushmita Subramanian

  2. The Taylor Family in the car • Mom . 42 • Realtor • Concerned about boys & drugs • Closer to the girls than dad is • Sarah . 15 • Swimming, field hockey • Yearbook • IM, email, mobile phone • B/C student • 16 yr old boyfriend (circa 2 months) • moody • Proud of little sister … tho in love hate relationship … provide advice on relationships • Dad . 47 • Attorney • Concerned about Sarah’s grades • Makes sure Sarah is a good exemplar • Becky . 12 • Swimming, soccer • Piano • Still using the family computer • A/B student • a crush a day • Avoids childish activities, act like a teen, no more Disney movies, embarrassed to shop w/ mom

  3. You should take advance math Despite a child may be less able than another, would you be comfortable asking the child to advise the other? – ulterior motive: teaches the child how to be a good mentor, etc How do you remember the things you would like to talk to your kids about? Have you ever forgotten (and perhaps regretted)? When are good times to bring these topics up? Mom is away for a business trip and Dad is chauffeuring Sarah around her activities. Dad notices the system reminding him to ask Sarah to push Becky to take advance math Sarah agrees to put some sense into Becky

  4. Sarah enlightens Becky about the Boys Sarah & Becky are waiting in the car while dad makes a quick dash to the store. Sarah begins flipping through her private photos through the system. She is reminded of things she learned about from her recent boyfriend and shares her boy findings to Becky

  5. Mom, why don’t any of the boys like me? Does your child blurt out her problems? Mom & Becky are driving home from school. Mom notices that Becky is fidgety, as if she wants to ask a question but afraid to. Mom asks Becky whether something is bothering her. From the system, Becky browses through the family’s blog and through her private mobile 140 words / text limit blog from the day. Becky blurts out her boy problems. Mom reassures Becky that she’s a wonderful girl, she must have self esteem, she will meet a boy one day who will appreciate who she is, and because he does, he will be the right guy unlike those who don’t understand her right now …

  6. Don’t have sex! Dad and Mom have been worried about Sarah’s new wild boyfriend; Dad decided to delegate Mom to have a tête à tête with Sarah after a tiring swim meet. Mom and Sarah are heading home from swim meet. The system knows from the calendar that it’s after swim meet and secretively blinks a reminder to mom that now is a good time to bring up the subject. The system also suggests topics to Mom on how to approach the topic. Mom decides on how the book, Stumbling upon Happiness says how unhappy couples are once they have kids …

  7. Phlog Becky phlogs her newly baked art pottery that just came out of the oven. Mom sees the new phlog post sometime later in the day; impressed by it, IMs dad about the phlog post Dad makes a joke in the comment to the phlog: “I guess artistic genes don’t really run in the family jk! Can I have that and keep it in my offce?!”