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Consolidated Application

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Consolidated Application. Budget Detail and Fiscal Issues. Presentation Overview. Budget Preparation – Program Side Budget Detail – Program Side Internal Controls at District Level – Financial Side Final Budget Approval Expenditure Reporting. Budget Preparation – Program Side.

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consolidated application

Consolidated Application

Budget Detailand Fiscal Issues

presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • Budget Preparation – Program Side
  • Budget Detail – Program Side
  • Internal Controls at District Level – Financial Side
    • Final Budget Approval
    • Expenditure Reporting
budget preparation program side
Budget Preparation – Program Side
  • Review and Revise Needs Assessment
  • Review and Revise District/School-Level School Improvement Plans
  • Select Information for LEA Planning Cycle Application
budget preparation program side1
Budget Preparation – Program Side
  • LEA Planning Cycle Strategies are aligned to the Budget Items
budget preparation program side2
Budget Preparation – Program Side
  • Intent and Purpose
  • Allowable (Allocable)
  • Supplement / Supplant
  • Reasonable and Necessary
  • Stated in the District’s / School’s School Improvement Plan
budget preparation program side3
Budget Preparation – Program Side
  • Write the Budget Detail Items
personnel all funding sources
Personnel – All Funding Sources


The Description on the Budget Detail Page Must Include the Actual Number of Staff Represented by the FTEs or Hours, Contractual Days or Hours, Pay Rate (or Range, if for More Than One Person) and Name of School Where Services are Provided.

personnel budget detail
Personnel Budget Detail

Title I, Part A

  • 125: 3 Title I Paraprofessionals forK-5 Supplemental Instruction (2 FTEs) (Schoolwide and Targeted Example)
  • 125: 3 Paraprofessionals for K-5 After School Tutoring. 3 Hours per Week at $X per Hour for 10 Weeks
personnel budget detail1
Personnel Budget Detail

Title II, Part A

  • 221: In-District Literacy Coach / Master Teacher to Provide PD to All Elementary K-5 Staff on Writer's Workshop (1 FTE)(See Attached Job Description)
professional development pd basic principles
Professional Development (PD): Basic Principles
  • Sustained, Ongoing and Research-Based
  • Budget Item Detail Description Must Include:
    • PD Topics (Conference Name only if known at time of Application submission)
    • Approximate Number of Staff
    • Approximate Number of Days Planned
    • Approximate Costs per Day for Staff and/or Contracted Consultants
    • If the PD is Taking Place Out-of-District, Also State the Reason for Costs. Is it Registration? Mileage? Food? Lodging?
professional development pd basic principles1
Professional Development (PD): Basic Principles
  • PD Costs May Only Be Used to Train Participants in “How to / Awareness" Activities
  • PD Materials Can Only be Purchased with Federal Funds if the Facilitator / Trainer Requires Specific Materials to Present, and for the Staff to Participate in the PD Activity
professional development pd basic principles2
Professional Development (PD): Basic Principles
  • Substitute Costs for Individual PD Activities Must be Detailed Out on a Separate Line. The Number of Substitutes, the Hourly Rate and the PD Activity Must be Stated.
  • Use Function Code 221 for Instructional Staff and Function Code 283 for Non-Instructional Staff
types of pd
Types of PD
  • In-District PD Description
  • Out-District PD Description
  • Substitute Costs for PD
  • Stipend Requests for PD
  • PD Supplies and Materials Costs
title ii part d
Title II, Part D
  • 221: One Teacher to Attend a Technology Conference in Detroit for 2 Days – Registration, Lodging, Meals, Mileage
  • 221: Substitute Costs for One Teacher for 2 Days to Attend a Technology Conference at $X per Day
title ii part a
Title II, Part A
  • 221: 5 Teachers to Attend a Reading Conference for 3 Days in Grand Rapids – Registration, Mileage, Lodging, Meals
  • 221: 5 Substitutes at $X per Day for 3 Days for Teachers Attending Reading Conference
title ii part a1
Title II, Part A
  • 221: Contracted Facilitator for Writing. $X per Day for 5 Days. 30 K-5 Staff to Learn How to Conduct Writer’s Workshop Activities.
  • 221: 30 Substitutes at $X per Day for5 Days for Writer’s Workshop PD Activities
  • 221: Supplies and Materials Required by the Writer’s Workshop Facilitator to Include: 30 Writer’s Workshop Books
title ii part a2
Title II, Part A

221: Stipends for 25 Staff and Facilitator for After-School Hours. Ten 2-Hour Meetings at $X per Hour. PD for “How To” Curriculum Mapping (Costs for Actual Curriculum Writing Funded by District General Funds). Trainer of Trainer Approach. On-Staff Facilitator Trained in Curriculum Alignment with Title II, Part A Funds in 2008-09.

title ii part a3
Title II, Part A
  • 283: One Principal to Attend a Reading Conference for 3 Days in Grand Rapids – Registration, Mileage, Lodging, Meals
title ii part a4
Title II, Part A
  • 283: 3 Principals to Attend Leadership Academy for Purpose of Improving Instructional Leadership in Curriculum. Registration, Mileage, Lodging, Meals
  • 283: Supplies and Materials Required for Leadership Academy Not Included in Registration. Materials Include “Effective Leadership Responsibilities for Curriculum Development” textbook.
unique budget detail request
Unique Budget Detail Request
  • 221: Ten Substitutes at $X an Hour for PD in Learning Styles for 10 Elementary Staff to Better Understand Differentiated Instruction. Facilitated PD Offered by ISD/ESA staff. 6 Days of In-House Training. No ISD charge.
unique budget detail
Unique Budget Detail

Title I, Part A: Schoolwide

  • 111: Supplemental Reading Materials Such as: Leveled Readers (30 Books per Classroom, 10 Classrooms)
unique budget detail1
Unique Budget Detail

Title I, Part A: Targeted Assistance

  • 221: 2 Title I Teachers, 2 Title I Paraprofessionals, 2 Classroom Teachers for PD in Research-Based Instructional Reading Strategies to Meet the Needs of Title I Eligible Students. National Trainer Presenting at (Name of ISD). Costs to Include Registration and Mileage
  • 221: Substitute Costs for 2 Classroom Teachers to Attend the ISD Reading Training. One Day at $X for 2 Substitutes
unique budget detail2
Unique Budget Detail

District Budget Request:Short Version Title I School Selection (TISS):

  • 371: Title I Teacher for (Name of Private Non-Profit [PNP]) Per-Pupil Amount Formula: $100,000 / 350 Low Income District Students and 5 PNP Students to Equal $282 per Eligible Pupil ($282 x 5 = $1,410)
unique budget detail3
Unique Budget Detail

371: Title I Teacher for (Name of PNP)

371: Third Party Contracted Title I Teacher for (Name of PNP) for (X) Days at (Rate per Hour) x (Hours per Day)

unique budget detail4
Unique Budget Detail

District Level Budget Requests

  • 125: Set-Aside for Homeless Students in Non-Title I Schools. For Example:
    • 3-Year Average of Homeless Students
    • Amount per Student
    • Total Homeless Set Aside
      • 10 Student Average at $650 per Student = $6500
supplies materials
Supplies / Materials

All Funding Sources

  • 125: Supplies and Materials Needed by Title I Staff to Implement Supplementary Instruction (e.g., Items Include Flash Cards and Consumable Phonics Practice Booklets)
additional budget detail
Additional Budget Detail 
  • Class Size Reduction (CSR)
  • New Staff Positions
  • Increase in Administrative Costs
  • New Programs / Initiatives That Require Additional Information to Determine Reasonable and Necessary
class size reduction detail
Class Size Reduction Detail

CSR:Title II, Part A Funds andTitle I, Part A (Schoolwide)

  • Must Follow Guidelines to Determine if This Initiative Meets the Intent of the Legislation (Describe Intent)
  • Read State Guidelines
class size reduction detail1
Class Size Reduction Detail

Attach to Additional Budget Detail Based on the Following Factors:

  • Contract Language That Indicates a Maximum Class Size Count for the Grade Level at the School That is Considering CSR
  • Provisions in the Contract for Exceeding the Maximum Class Size Student Count
  • Total Prior-Year Student Enrollment for the CSR Grade Level at the School Considering CSR
class size reduction detail2
Class Size Reduction Detail
  • Total Current-Year Student Enrollment for the CSR Grade Level at the School That is Considering CSR
  • Number of Classroom Teachers at the Grade Level at the School That Were Funded in the Prior Year With General Fund Dollars
  • Number of Classroom Teachers at the Grade Level at the School That Will be Funded in the Current Year With General Fund Dollars
new staff positions all funding sources
New Staff Positions: All Funding Sources
  • Master Teacher Funded With Title II, Part A Funds for Delivering Embedded PD That Includes a Specific Set of Deliverables in Mathematics(Additional Information Attached)
  • Attachment Information
    • Describe the Position Responsibilities and PD Deliverables in Detail
    • Do Not Upload the Job Posting
new staff position attachment
New Staff Position Attachment

Attachment Detail: Title II, Part A Master Teacher

  • The Master Teacher Will Provide In-Class Demonstration of Instructional Strategies in Mathematics 4 Days a Week, 5 Hours Per Day for K-5 Elementary Teachers. One Day a Week Dedicated to Planning PD and Debriefing With Classroom Teachers on the Impact of the Demonstration Lessons. Specific Areas of Math That Will be Targeted Include: (X, Y, Z)
  • This is a 1 FTE Position for the School Year 2009-10
  • Sample Weekly Schedule (Described)
justification for administrative costs and or increase
Justification for Administrative Costs and/or Increase
  • Reasonable and Necessary
  • Increased Responsibilities for Administrative Oversight
    • AYP Phase
    • Additional Funding
    • Expansion of Title I Program
  • Business Services Taken as Indirect Cost
new programs initiatives
New Programs / Initiatives
  • Upload Descriptions of New Programs and Initiatives
  • Expedites Approval Process
questions and answers
Questions and Answers
  • Contact Your Field Services Unit Consultant:
    • Region 1 . . . . . . . 517-373-4009
    • Region 2 . . . . . . . 517-373-0161
    • Region 3 . . . . . . . 517-373-6341
    • Region 4 . . . . . . . 517-373-4004
    • Region 5 . . . . . . . 517-373-4212