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Better Care Fund PowerPoint Presentation
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Better Care Fund

Better Care Fund

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Better Care Fund

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  1. Better Care Fund John Webster – Director of Commissioning Chris Badger – Assistant Director – Health and Social Care Integration

  2. Recap - What is the Better Care Fund? “The Better Care Fund is a single pooled budget to support health and social care services to work more closely together in local areas.” “It provided an opportunity to transform local services so that people are provided with better integrated care and support.” “The Fund will support the aim of providing people with the right care, in the right place, at the right time, including through a significant expansion of care in community settings.” NHS Planning Guidance, December 2013

  3. Make up of fund nationally 2015/2016 (billions) N.B. this is minimum that can be pooled

  4. The Proposed Pool

  5. Enhanced ENHCCG role commissioning key social care services • Residential budget £36.5m • Focus on quality, Carehome premium and link to Enhanced Primary Care Support to patients in care homes • Enablement bed provision • Homecare provision – £15.8m including full review of homecare contracts in 2014/14 • Discharge to Assess and ‘Home from Hospital’ homecare • Enablement care • Rapid response homecare to support HomeFirst • Dementia and End of Life • ALL OF THE ABOVE CENTRAL TO HELPING PEOPLE BE INDEPENDENT AND MANAGING ACUTE PRESSURES

  6. Joint commissioning to deliver outcomes Better Care Plan-Health and Well-Being Board Better Care Fund Integrated Working Joint Commissioning National and local metrics National conditions JOINT COMMISSIONING STRUCTURES WITH KEY ROLE FOR PROGRAMME BOARDS

  7. Joint engagement events to seek views on BCF priorities for integration (214 attendees, 86 organisations) • Joined-up, coordinated care between statutory services, voluntary and community groups, and individuals, their families and carers • Communication of and between services helping to support individuals in their choice of care • Prevention and self-management to preserve good health and wellbeing • Rapid access to community services

  8. Emerging vision for integration • Services work together to maximise the independence of people in Hertfordshire • Effective integrated community services built around primary care • Jointly commission services around individuals and their needs • An integrated workforce, appropriately skilled and able to work across organisational boundaries

  9. Objectives • Improved life expectancy at 75 with narrowing variation across the County • Reduce admissions of 65 and overs to acute care and maintain people’s independence for as long as possible • People are re-abled and rehabilitated as effectively and quickly as possible after a crisis or exacerbation • People die in their place of choice

  10. Objectives continued • There is quality care for people with dementia • Stroke patients receive timely and quality acute care, and their rehabilitation potential is maximised

  11. National metrics Admissions to residential and care homes Patient / service user experience Avoidable emergency admissions Effectiveness of reablement Delayed transfers ofcare

  12. Next Steps • Develop joint governance and joint commissioning structures for Better Care Fund • Develop joint programme to deliver integration • Early work to get momentum • Stroke pathway • HomeFirst • Intermediate care