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What is HeadBlade ? Presenation by Kara Eccleston

What is HeadBlade ? Presenation by Kara Eccleston. Competition. Conventional razors : Schick Gillette Generic Electric Razors : Panasonic Norelco Braun Hair Restoration: Bosely Rogaine Propecia Barber Shops. Target Market. Males 30+. Men suffering from male pattern baldness.

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What is HeadBlade ? Presenation by Kara Eccleston

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  1. What is HeadBlade? Presenation by Kara Eccleston

  2. Competition • Conventional razors: • Schick • Gillette • Generic • Electric Razors: • Panasonic • Norelco • Braun • Hair Restoration: • Bosely • Rogaine • Propecia • Barber Shops

  3. Target Market Males 30+ Men suffering from male pattern baldness Men who already shave their head

  4. Problems • Looks gimmicky • Unfamiliar • User Complaints • Is bald attractive?

  5. Strategy • Convince men who already shave their head that HeadBlade is easier and quicker to use and provides a close shave • Convince when with male pattern baldness that going completely bald with leave them feeling confident and more attractive.

  6. Magazine Ad “Its not what he has… …its what he doesn’t” With a face like that, who needs hair? It just gets in the way. That’s why you need Headblade. In just a few swipes, you’ll be a new man. Fresh. Sharp. Exuding confidence. Besides, unlike his glistening abs and bodacious biceps, a head like that can be attained in only 10 minutes. So man up, go bald, and save that hair for your chest. Need more convincing? Go to www.HeadBlade.com.

  7. Magazine Ad “Don’t fight the bald. BEthe bald.” “You have a 4 out of 7 chance of being genetically disadvantaged when it comes to hair loss. 30% start balding by the age of 30, 50% by the age of 50. So don’t fight the odds, fight the hair with HeadBlade. Go to www.headblade.com to see it in combat.”

  8. “It’s like a Porsche—for your head.” “What does a car and shaved head have in common? The sleeker, the better. Headblade’s rear-wheel drive provides smooth traction along that bumpy terrain known as your scalp. The twin-blades offer comfort, speed and precision. The result? One sexy shave. See it in action at www.headblade.com.”

  9. Radio Spot The Pitch :60 Station: Sports radio http://soundcloud.com/karaje88/headbladespot

  10. SFX: POLICE SIREN FOLLOWED BY THE SOUND OF CAMERA Male Detective: What do we have here? (2 SECONDS) Female Officer: It appears as if some kind of assault has taken place. There’s blood on the bathroom floor leading up to the sink. (8 SECONDS) Male Detective: Any idea what might have happened? (2 SECONDS) Female Officer: From the amount of blood, we suspect blunt force trauma. However, we haven’t found the weapon so we can’t be sure and there doesn’t appear to be any forced entry. (10 SECONDS) (PAUSE- 3 SECONDS) Male Detective: Hm. I found something. This could be our answer. (3 SECONDS) Female Officer: What is it? (1 SECOND) Male Detective: Two-blade, generic disposable razor. Looks like our victim was a newbie. (CHUCKLES) Poor fellow should have used HeadBlade. (6 SECONDS) Female Officer: HeadBlade? (1 SECOND) Male Detective: Yes, HeadBlade—a superior shaving device designed to provide a close, flawless shave without the nicks and scrapes by fitting into the palm of your hand, giving you more control over your shave so that your head doesn’t end up looking butchered. (PAUSE- 2 SECONDS) I think this case is solved. (16 SECONDS) Radio Spot The Situation Station: Alt. Rock

  11. TV Commercial 1.] sound of his fists hitting the bag with a little bit of an echo) 2.] UFC Fighter VO: “I train, 3 hours a day. 3.] VO: “I run hard, I lift hard, I train hard…all before the sun even comes up. I don’t have time to fix my hair all nice like them pretty boys.” 4.] VO: “So I say, screw the hair, and use HeadBlade.” SFX: THE LOUD SMACK SOUND OF HIS FOOT HITTING THE BAG 5.] HeadBlade has the same qualities of a great fighter: It’s swift, it’s precise, and it’s agile. 6.] Fighter: “HeadBlade. Be bold. Be bald. 7.] VO: “Learn more at HeadBlade.com

  12. 1 2 3 4

  13. 5 6 7 Cable Station: Spike

  14. Outdoor Ads Theme 1 Black and white medical illustrations of male balding patterns accompanied with a nickname/headline. “The Halo” “The Comb-Over” “The Reverse Bowl Cut” “The Recession”

  15. Outdoor Ads “Handles can’t handle this.” “Electric doesn’t come close.” “Toupees don’t fool anyone.” “Foams won’t restore everything” Theme 2 Visual metaphors where the HeadBlade is personified and is in someway beating or conquering it’s opponent/competition.

  16. Digital Ads • Interactive web banner at the top of ESPN.com • Hulu spot featured on the show Breaking Bad. • Mobile app that allows the user to take a photo of themselves go threw the balding process.

  17. Headline: “If you can use a mouse, you can use HeadBlade” Body Copy: “Let your hand move the way it was designed to move. HeadBlade gives your complete control making shaving easy and painless. Click to see it in action! Interactive Web Banner

  18. Hulu Spot • Male VO: • We are the leader in head care. • We have revolutionized head shaving with our innovative head shaving products. • We make shaving quicker, easier, and stylish. • We are HeadBlade. • Be Bold. • Be bald. • See what we have to offer at HeadBlade.com. • Mobile • The mobile ad will be an app that the person can download for any Android phone or Iphone. The app asks the user to take a picture of his face (straight on view). The app will take the photo and show the balding process men go through. It will show the user’s hairline slowly receding and his hair slowly disappearing until he is left with only hair on the side of his head. Afterwards, a button pops up that says: “Let HeadBlade take care of this.” When the user clicks this button, the HeadBlade quickly sweeps across the photo revealing an image of the user completely bald. Afterwards the text: “Ahhh much better” pops up. Once the demonstration is done, three options/icons pop-up. You can click to replay it, you can click to share your image on Facebook, or you can enter in your e-mail address to receive a coupon for HeadBlade. At the bottom, there is also a link to the mobile site for HeadBlade.

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