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Reference ” “ Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus PowerPoint Presentation
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Reference ” “ Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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Reference ” “ Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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King Saud University Preparatory Year Deanship English Language Skills Department Self Learning Final Project Men and Women between emotion and reason Student Name: Maram Bandar Al- Otaiby . ID:. 432200461 . Level: 4 Section No. 28435 Teacher's Name:. Yasmin abdin .

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King Saud UniversityPreparatory Year DeanshipEnglish Language Skills DepartmentSelf Learning Final ProjectMen and Women between emotion and reasonStudent Name: Maram Bandar Al-Otaiby. ID:.432200461.Level: 4 Section No.28435Teacher's Name:. Yasminabdin.


From the earlier lives of all the creatures on the earth, and they are different in everything ,you can't find two or more creatures identically created; even in their appearance, ways of behaving ,feeling or thinking, although if they are from the same group of classification, lions behaviors are different from each other , then from tigers and cheetahs . also the human beings are having great differences from each other in the same ways of living, accommodating with each other, and ways of thinking.


A clear example can work as a representative for differences between human beings is males and females, not just in their physical structure or external appearance, but also their ways of living and thinking and that is the most important point for me, that's because thinking is the open gate to the different aspects of successes in the life, so it's important to refer to each one's way of thinking to have a proper life that fits their demands and abilities, for example; in case of having a problem, men are tending to solve the problem in a practical way without using the passions of their hearts, so that they can approach their goals quickly with less sufferings and hesitations or they follow a straight way links the problem and the solution.


For women we will find it quite different , why?Because women are always having a mixed way of thinking, one way to the solution, but with many paths, those paths are presented in : her passion towards , kids old people, neighbors and also their families, they feel hesitated about taking each path, so they will remain in and out of the main way to the solution unless they reach their goal, like men they have the same goal but a different way of the approach.


Passion and sentimentality between love and hatred , a big issue !!!!! a bit hard and confusing ????? Way most females have no space or even a dot between love and hatred ???!!! I guess it's the only direct straight way that most of them are following, either love or hatred. And no place for being neutral. But with males it's a bit different from my perspective that according to the pressures of the life and with their heavy responsibilities, they don't have that enough time for neither love nor hatred they have some other tasks and goals to be achieved , it's most satisfying to feel comfortable , with other words men don't have the two extremes love and hatred and in most of men's cases " NO PASSION EXTACY "


Life style is connected tightly with human beings ways of thinking, come back with me to our precious example; Male and Female, let us think for a while of a lady sow one of her colleges, neighbors or friends is wearing a nice piece of jewelry, or cloths, Aha, it's time for jealousy ladies to play, until they cause some financial problems for their families, without any consideration to their financial conditions , because of their jealousy and imitating the others, or they are gaudy by their nature, being like that but in good financial circumstances may not lead to any problem, but the problem will be in the first case , as we mentioned previously. On the contrary we can hardly find a gaudy or showy man


we will find men having different way of thinking , and competitions with other males. That can be for a social position , a higher salary, or even higher educational degree, with good consideration for their physical and financial abilities.

  • Finally , we can come to say that Male and female are laying between emotion and reason , that's what leads them to these huge differences. And that is of course out of my own perspective and my own experience in life.


” “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus