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Electronic Materials. Rany 96475. Electronic Materials. Informational Resources, exercises, and activities that create by teacher and which the students use on a computers as web page or CD-ROM content, or even in printed form.

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Electronic Materials



Electronic Materials

  • Informational Resources, exercises, and activities that create by teacher and which the students use on a computers as web page or CD-ROM content, or even in printed form.

  • The production of the materials may include working with external web pages, using web page design skills, the use of small programs installed on the computer or more complex CD-ROM production software.

Creating Electronic Materials Online

Use some of the simple exercise generators which can e found online.

Authoring Tool


Using AT to Produce Materials


An authoring Tool is an instable program that allows you to create materials in electronics format which can then be distributed on A CD-ROM, DVD, USB pen dive, floppy disc, or via web page to your learners.

Hot Potatoes

  • Small Windows or Mac program that creates a variety of exercise and can be freely downloaded for educational purposes (http://hotpot.uvic.ca/)

  • Allow you to create web-based exercises of the multiple choice types, short answer, jumbled sentence, crossword, matching/ordering, gap-fill.

  • Allows you to included audio files in MP3 format and will even allow you to store your exercises on a central server so that they can be accessed from everywhere with an internet connection.


  • Put the title

  • Adding Questions

  • Four answer for each questions with their own feedback.

  • Mark the correct answer

The Masher

  • To packaged al of your exercises.

  • This is a utility accessed from the start page of the Hot Potatoes.

  • This program will guide you through linking a set of individual items into a small learning packaged.

  • Provides full navigation between the various elements.

Interactive Story

  • Learners read scenarios and then make choice to decide what they will do at certain key points.

  • Excellent for reading comprehension practice or as small-group decision that encourage collaborative and critical thinking skills.

  • Encourage learners to develop a wide range of skills from listening to debating, agreeing, and disagreeing and making points and supporting them.

  • http://www.halbakedsoftware.com/quandary/version_2examples/

Clarity Software

  • Can be used for a variety of different exercises types including audio, graphics and video content, allow for the creation of listening comprehension exercises, interactive dictations and presentations.

  • Has a sophisticated leaner tracking option.

  • Allowing you to see your learners’ progress through the materials.

  • http://www.clarityenglish.com/

Creative Technology

  • Learners reconstruct written texts from smaller chunks.

  • http://www.cict.co.uk/software/textoys/index.htm


  • Creation of various types of activities, surveys and web pages, as well as extensive learner tracking options.

  • The site offers a variety of ready-made templates for materials creation and the ability to set up a study space for your learners, as well as access to over two million activities already in the library.

  • http://www.quia.com/subscription/