study abroad information session spring 2014 n.
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Study Abroad Information Session Spring 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Study Abroad Information Session Spring 2014

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Study Abroad Information Session Spring 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Study Abroad Information Session Spring 2014. International Opportunities. Studying Working Internships Volunteering Teaching. Paperwork. Study Abroad Student Information Form Study Abroad Planning Checklist Policies and Procedures Study Abroad Advising Questionnaire

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Study Abroad Information Session Spring 2014

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    Presentation Transcript
    study abroad information session spring 2014
    Study Abroad

    Information Session

    Spring 2014

    international opportunities
    International Opportunities
    • Studying
    • Working
    • Internships
    • Volunteering
    • Teaching
    • Study Abroad Student Information Form
    • Study Abroad Planning Checklist
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Study Abroad Advising Questionnaire
    • Study Away Eligibility Form
    common misconceptions of study abroad
    Common misconceptions of study abroad

    I can’t afford a study abroad program.

    It will delay my graduation.

    I don’t speak a foreign language.

    I won’t get credit for the courses I take abroad.

    benefits from study abroad
    Benefits from study abroad

    Cultural appreciation

    Academic exploration and different perspectives

    Foreign language skills

    Communication skills

    Personal growth

    Career opportunities

    center for international education
    Center for International Education
    • International Affairs

    dual major and minor

    • Study Abroad
    your friendly study abroad advisors
    Your friendly Study Abroad Advisors

    Leonie (Leo) Meijer Catherine d’Auteuil

    eligibility requirements
    Eligibility requirements
    • Good academic and judicial standing at time of application and throughout time abroad
    • 32 credits
    • 2.5 cumulative GPA
    • Declared major
    • Program-specific requirements
    travel warnings
    Travel warnings
    • UNH prohibits study abroad in countries for which a State Department travel warning is in effect.
    • Petitioning option
    • No credit, no financial aid unless approval.
    • For a list of travel warnings visit:
    types of programs
    Types of programs
    • Managed programs
    • Exchange programs
    • Approved programs
    managed programs
    Managed Programs
    • Organized by UNH faculty
    • Mainly with other UNH students
    • Pay UNH tuition plus program fees
    • Short-term, J-term, summer, semester-long
    • Contact Coordinator for process, deadlines, etc.
    exchange programs
    Exchange Programs
    • 7 exchanges
    • Prestigious institutions
    • Pay UNH tuition
    • Semester/year-long
    • An Independent Experience
    • Build lasting relationships with incoming exchange students
    approved programs
    Approved Programs
    • Third parties/universities
    • Study with other American, international and local students
    • Summer, semester, year-long
    • No UNH tuition; instead, pay program price (incl. housing, excursions, etc.)
    life stuff
    Life stuff
    • Location
    • Money
    • Length of time away
    • Foreign language
    • Housing options
    • Contact with locals/other Americans
    • Specific needs
    academic stuff
    Academic stuff
    • Major/Minor
    • Gen. Eds./Discovery
    • Electives
    • Foreign languages
    • Grades and credits
    credit transfer
    Credit transfer
    • Only C or better will be accepted.
    • No credit for courses that review/repeat those taken at UNH/another institution.
    • Grades will appear on UNH transcript, but will not be calculated into GPA.
    • No credit for language study as part of a study abroad orientation.
    • Course equivalent to 3 US semester hours will transfer to UNH as 3 credits.
    • A course must be valued at least 3 semester hours to be used to satisfy general education/discovery credit.
    • If you are ineligible for participation in a UNH program and enroll in a non-UNH program, you may not transfer credits earned in that program to your UNH degree.
    financial stuff
    Financial stuff
    • Financial Aid: loans, grants and scholarships
    • Study Abroad scholarships & grants
    financial stuff cont d mandatory study abroad fees
    Financial stuff cont’d: Mandatory Study Abroad Fees
    • UNH Study Abroad Insurance Fee:
      • Summer/J-term/Spring break/Maymester:$ 70
      • Semester:  $ 150
    • UNH Study Abroad Administration Fee:
      • Summer/J-term/Spring break/Maymester: $ 100
      • Semester UNH Managed & Exchange:$ 200
      • Semester UNH Approved: $ 300
    • IT fee
    • Currently $ 91.00/semester; lower for summer
    important dates
    Important dates
    • Program application deadlines!

    March 15 - Summer/Fall programs

    October 1 -Spring programs

    • UNH registration paperwork
      • Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation

    Early May or December

    what s next
    What’s next?
    • Complete Study Away Eligibility form.
    • Apply for passport.
    • Plan ahead: save money, apply for scholarships , talk to your Academic Advisor, request your transcript.
    • Work with Study Abroad Advisor; then select and apply to a program.
    • Once accepted, fill out and submit the Study Abroad Registration paperwork by the deadline.
    • Start visa application (if applicable).
    • Get your flights taken care of.
    • Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation.
    • Go! And have a great time abroad!
    • Maintain study abroad eligibility at all times!
    what can we do for you
    What can we do for you?

    (603) 862-2398 (to set up appointment)