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Seminar 27.8.13

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Seminar 27.8.13. AGENDA. 13:30 Welcome and brief introduction by the project group 13:45 Statement on the American retail market and a unique children’s concept by Shawn Parr, Kids77 USA, via Skype 14:15 Statement on Novotex’s experiences on the Japanese market with

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seminar 27 8 13
Seminar 27.8.13


13:30 Welcome and brief introduction by the project group

13:45 Statement on the American retail market and a unique children’s concept by Shawn Parr, Kids77 USA, via Skype

14:15 Statement on Novotex’s experiences on the Japanese market with

shop partnership by Lasse Simonsen, Novotex

14:45 Coffee break

15:00 Presentation on the Chinese retail market and children’s products

by Kim Chan, Barca CHINA

15:30 Rounding off and updating by the project group

seminar 27 8 131
Seminar 27.8.13


  • Project description
  • Constellation of the project group
  • Why Created4kids?
  • The retail concept
  • The business concept
concept description
Concept description

Created4kids is a

common retail platform for Danish children’s products

The object is to create a shop concept focusing on experiences and edu-tainment.

The remote market like China, where concepts with experiences are of interest are interesting. Other remote markets such as the USA and Japan will also be looked at.

the project group
The project group

The constellation Created4kids

An initiative in the Region’s creative growth strategy which must develop the business areas of the future in the cross-field between the different creative sectors and between the creative sectors as a whole, and other private and public players.

There was a round of applications in January 2013, where there are nine partnerships which, during 2013, will show new ways of realising the potential in the creative companies.

Works to promote innovation and growth in small and medium-size housing, clothing and creative companies.

Innonet applied for inclusion of the project Created4kids in More.Creative and was selected as one of the nine out of 78 projects.


Phase 2 – late 2013:

Selection of five of the nine projects

the project group1
The project group

Partners in Created4kids

Designs and produces concepts for the retail sector

TASK: Design of retail concept. Production of equipment.

Works to promote innovation and growth in small and medium-size interior, clothing and creative companies.

TASK : Project management, networking, and applications for public funding

Consultancy company specialising in administration, organisation and branding within the fashion and design sector

TASK: Chinese company, business strategy

Communication house with several bureaus, all with expertise within marketing and communication.

TASK: Branding and communication platform.

the foundation
The foundation

Why does Created4Kids have the potential for success?

- Significant demand in the distant markets for new concepts from the West

- Danish quality and Danish values are desired as “the good life”

- Combining playing with learning is a unique concept which promotes creativity among children by providing something they don’t normally focus on.

- High growth with many potential consumers

- The concept is innovative and the Nordic countries have/Denmark has a unique DNA

Howwill we achieve this success?

- Strong branding through the Danish core values

- Communication and partnership with Danish brands

- Danish quality

- Innovative shops - “experiences”

- Strong project management and strategies

- Strong partnership (network)

- Work on several fronts, also via other commercial cultural activities in cooperation with the embassies and a common Nordic concept

the foundation1
The foundation

Together we’re stronger!

  • It’s difficult to break into remote markets. Many markets are having a strong retail structure where many Danish brands normally use wholesale sales channels.
  • Together we’re stronger.
  • One common knowledge platform
  • One concept
  • Solidarity and communication
  • Strong branding
  • Strong strategy and management
the retail concept
The retail concept


Designed with love from Denmark

- let’s explore, play & learn

Result of the strategy tool INSIGHT:

Children love to shop when they set the terms – and at eye height.They’re happiest in a universe where they move, are involved, become curious and play - altogether in an attentive interplay with parents and other children.

Children inspire/ look up to adults and children a little older than themselves.

the retail concept1
The retail concept

Setting target groups

Target group: Children aged 0-10

Goal: Create a retail/e-tail platform to market in various remotemarkets. Concept: edu-/entertainment

What should we brand? Danish values such as genuine democracy, play & learn, the world’s happiest people, broad-mindedness/confidence, the whole person, community/individualism, sustainability and design traditions.

the retail concept2
The retail concept


and inspiration:


The retail concept


from the store:

the retail concept4
The retail concept





from the store:

business strategy
Business strategy

The owner

(shopping centres)

The consumer





The Franchise Partner

The brand




Lego world

The Venetian


on retail operations










business strategy1
Business strategy

1) Brand

  • Multi brand (testing) platform
  • Increase revenues/export share
  • Go to market without real/true brand awareness (more a label than a brand)
  • Go to market without developed branded retail model (today mainly wholesale)
  • Less pressure on revenue performance (m2 turnover) – you never have a second chance for a first impression – and yet:
  • A second chance for a first impression
  • Possibility to develop into stand alone concepts if proven to be a strong concept

2) Consumer

  • Enhanced shopping experience
  • Denmark as a shopping destination
  • Danish (Children) Lifestyle Shopping Experience and Values
  • Cross category shopping experience
  • Event based
business strategy2
Business strategy

3) Property developer

  • New strong concepts, innovative labels supported by lifestyle shopping experience needed to increase and drive traffic
  • Looking for new concepts, not just super brands or stand alone mono store concepts
  • Traffic generator: Increased traffic caused by commercial edutainment lifestyle concept – to the benefit of the entire shopping mall – traffic is a main issue and we can create overall traffic

4) Retailer/Franchise Partner

  • New concept
  • Possibility to exchange brands from the platform (more eggs in the basket)
  • Shopping experience and edutainment is “next practice”
business strategy3
Business strategy


- fee etc.