jellorella and her nasty steps n.
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Jellorella And Her Nasty Steps

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Jellorella And Her Nasty Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jellorella And Her Nasty Steps. By Sophia.

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My name is Jellorella but you can call me Jelly. I live in Colorado and I have a girl owner named Cindy and a man owner who’s name is Dan. My dog mom died when I was a pup. She was twenty one and was an English bulldog. I think she was the prettiest one.



My dad dog was coping with the loss but one day he met the meanest, ugliest, evil, and most annoying Chinese Crested canine there could ever be! She also had two nasty daughters that were just like her! In my dad’s eyes, they were beautiful and caring, but then one day my dog father had been attacked by a gray wolf and died.
The torture really came from my step dog mother and sisters. I hated it so much, because all they did was sleep and eat there doggy kibble while I dug up bones.
Then one day, the most handsome boxer on the block named Rock was having a party that his owners were throwing for him. His owners sent invitations. Surprisingly, there was an invitation in my mailbox! You would not believe what my owner did when she read it.


This is what my owner did. She came out of the house running, picking us up and saying, “You’re invited to Rock’s party, you’re invited to Rocks party!” Then, my step dog mother and sisters said, “Jellorella, you have to stay home and pretend you’re sick.”
Our owners took us to Petsmart to buy doggy shoes, clothes, even doggy mouthwash that you put in our water bowl! On the day of the party when it was morning I had to pretend to be sick by not eating!
Then my owners started picking me up and saying, “We made an appointment for tomorrow with the vet and after that you’ll be ok.” My step mother was pleased because that meant that my owners would not let me go to the party
Dan stayed and took care of me for a while. When they left, I ate so much that Dan knew I could go to the party and that I was fine. He got me in my doggy shoes, clothes, and he made sure that I drank the water with the mouthwash. Then, when he put me in the car I knew I was in so much trouble with my step dog mother.
When I got there, Rock was greeting all the dogs as they came in. There, right behind him was my two nasty step sisters. Before they could bark anything Rock was walking right beside me. He walked away for a second and that’s when my step mother let me have it! She started to bark “Get out! You are supposed to be sick!”
When Rock came back he looked at me with a treat in his mouth. Then dropped it right in front of me! We spent the rest of the time playing and fetching right next to each other!