welcome pack 118 and troop 118 n.
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Welcome Pack 118 and Troop 118

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Welcome Pack 118 and Troop 118 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Pack 118 and Troop 118. Popcorn Sales Kick-off!. 3 Things a Cub Scout Can Do to Improve Popcorn Sales. Wear Scout Uniform Smile Tell What They are Selling and Why. 3 Things a Scout Needs to Make Selling a Success!. Carry a Pen The Order Form (nice & neat, not crunched)

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Welcome Pack 118 and Troop 118

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welcome pack 118 and troop 118

Welcome Pack 118 and Troop 118

Popcorn Sales Kick-off!

3 things a cub scout can do to improve popcorn sales
3 Things a Cub Scout Can Do to Improve Popcorn Sales
  • Wear Scout Uniform
  • Smile
  • Tell What They are Selling and Why
3 things a scout needs to make selling a success
3 Things a Scout Needs to Make Selling a Success!
  • Carry a Pen
  • The Order Form (nice & neat, not crunched)
  • Another Cub Scout or Parent
3 safety tips for selling trails end popcorn
3 Safety Tips for Selling Trails-End Popcorn
  • Sell During Daylight Hours if Possible
  • Never Go into Someone’s House, unless with Parent
  • Give the Money You Have Collected to Your Parent
3 things to do when taking a popcorn order
3 Things To Do When Taking a Popcorn Order
  • Have the customer fill out their address and phone number on the order form so you can deliver the popcorn to them when the order comes in
  • Collect the money when you take the order
  • Say “Thank You”!
3 things to know about selling popcorn
3 Things to Know About Selling Popcorn
  • 7 out of 10 people will buy 1st time you ask and 9 out of 10 will buy again
  • Only 14% of households are asked to buy popcorn
  • That means 86% of households never asked.
  • Prairielands Council Top Salesman from Champaign - $9,005.00
2009 top seller in the nation
2009 Top Seller in the Nation!

Tanner H.

Columbus, OH


what does popcorn pay for
What does Popcorn Pay For?
  • Summer Activities
  • Materials for Den & Pack Meetings
  • Blue & Gold Banquet
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Raingutter Regatta

Cub Master’s New Truck!

2007 goal
2007 Goal
  • To replace the old Pinewood Derby Track
goal achieved more
Goal Achieved + More!
  • Not only did we raise enough to buy a new Derby Track and Timer.
  • We also were able to attend Holiday World during the summer!
  • Having extra funds, we were able to buy all the books for the scouts that graduated to the next level for this year.
goal stats
Goal Stats
  • In 2007 we sold $10190.00 worth of Popcorn
  • In 2008 we sold $9,489.00 worth, with fewer scouts!
  • In 2009 we sold $10564.00 – Total.
  • $3508.00 – Boy Scouts
  • $7056.00 – Cub Scouts
2010 goals
2010 Goals
  • Last year we set the goal at $12,000, but didn’t quite make it so I am suggesting that this year’s goal to stay at $12,000.
why is popcorn easy to sell
Why is Popcorn Easy to Sell?
  • No one else can sell Trails-End Popcorn
  • Scouts and Popcorn go together
  • Wearing your scout shirt shows pride in our country and many people like that about scouting.
  • Many people buy just because they were in scouting when they were younger, even Girl Scouts.
  • We made this our only fundraiser for the entire scout season last year!
  • 1/3 to Council
  • 1/3 to manufacturer
  • 1/3 of the price of popcorn goes to us
why is it important to sell popcorn
Why is it Important to Sell Popcorn?

This can be the only fundraiser that we need, to keep scouts funded.

We have achieved this in the last 3 years, easily.

Our profit margin is 33% on popcorn. We make $6.00 off of a box of popcorn as opposed to 25 cents off of a candy bar. You would need to sell 24 candy bars to equal one box of popcorn.

1/3 to Council

1/3 to manufacturer

1/3 of the price of popcorn goes to us

cub scout family goal
Cub Scout Family Goal
  • Your Family Goal $200.00.
  • You can use this to earn your scout shirt for new scouts.
  • Sell $200.00 worth of popcorn and the pack can pay for your shirt.
  • To reach our goal of $12,000.00, each family goal would be $480.00 at 25 families
  • Last year our average sales per Cub Scout was $415.00 with 17 scouts.
boy scout goals
Boy Scout Goals
  • Boy Scouts will earn a percentage to go towards their separate scout account.
  • A small percentage will go towards the Troop fund to keep things running.
  • Suggested goal - $1000.00 per scout This will put around $250.00 in your account for use at Camp Drake.
  • Last Year the average per Boy Scout was $701.60 but averages don’t mean that much since each Boy Scout needs to earn his own funds to go into his individual account for camp.
boy scouts
Boy Scouts
  • Camp Drake is where you will earn achievements and badges towards your next rank.
  • Your fund can also help you with clothing and camping materials you may need.
boy scout summary
Boy Scout Summary
  • Boy Scout Goal - $1000.00
  • Total Troop Goal - $8000.00 (8 Scouts)
  • A Perfect Scenario $2640.00 total earned
  • Troop fund results - $247 for each scout & $664 to go into the troop fund.
  • 75% for Scout Fund
  • 25% for Troop Fund
incentives to explode past the goal
Incentives to Explode Past the Goal
  • If you raise $600.00 you get a special prize.
600 00 or more
$600.00 or More!

A Marshmallow Crossbow!

3 ways to sell popcorn
3 Ways to Sell Popcorn
  • Show-n-Sell
  • Door to Door
  • Online


Hi, my name is Luke Skywalker, and I am with Pack 118. I'm selling popcorn to raise money for the things I like to do in Scouting. The popcorn is delicious and there are many different kinds to choose from. Will you please help support me?

(Always say "Thank You" when you are done)

how to sell to 25 people in one week
How to Sell to 25 People in One Week!
  • Monday – sell to Mom & Dad (2)
  • Tuesday – Sell to neighbors Left and Right and 2 Across Street (6)
  • Wednesday – Mom sell to 5 at Work, School or Church (11)
  • Thursday – Dad sell to 4 friends/work (15)
  • Friday – Grandma & Grandpa Plus 2 relatives (19)
  • Saturday – Go with a parent or another scout to the neighborhood and don’t stop until you sell to 6 people (25)
more incentives
More Incentives
  • Prizes Catalog for each level of sales. Some items included – Multi Function Knife, Flashlights, Multi Tool Kit. This year they have emphasized earning gift cards from Amazon.com and Walmart.
  • $1000.00 – gets you tickets to an Illini Basketball game and pizza party put on by the council
  • $2000.00 earns you a Trophy!
  • Mystery House – seek out the house in town and be the first one to the door and receive a $25.00 gift card!
but wait there s more
But Wait There’s More

$1500.00 – gets you an extra $50 Wal-Mart or Amazon.com Gift Card on top of what you earn, courtesy of Trails’ End.

$2500.00 – sell this much in one year and your scout receives scholarship money that accumulates with every sale afterwards. You have to sell this much in one year to get on the scholarship program. Then any sales from that point on gets counted. Your scout gets 6% of sales towards scholarship. That’s $150.00 for $2500.00 sold.

If you are up for it, it is best to get it done your first year, then it will add up much quicker for you.

show n sell at iga
Show-n-Sellat IGA
  • The Cub Scouts will set up a Show-n-Sell booth at the Hoopeston IGA on Sunday Oct. 3rd from 1:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Show-n-Sell means we will have the popcorn on hand and can give it out as customers buy it.
  • Bring your own order sheet so you can keep track of who buys from you so you get credit.
military option
Military Option
  • Some people can’t eat popcorn but like to give a donation.
  • Let them know about the Military Option.
  • $25 or $40 donation will send popcorn to our Troops!
  • Scouts still earn money off of this option.
important dates
Important Dates
  • Sale Packets given to us tonight.
  • Sat. Sept. 25th - Popcorn Sales start (you cannot start selling until this date) remember scouts are loyal, trustworthy & honest.
  • Oct. 3rd – Cub Scouts selling at Hoopeston IGA
  • Nov. 1st – Sale Ends
  • Nov. 13th – Popcorn will be distributed here at the Church. Pick up the popcorn that you sold, on this day.
we need your help what activities would you like to do
We Need Your Help!What Activities Would You Like to Do?


  • Indiana Beach
  • Raingutter Regatta
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Picnic
  • Feller Cake Bake
  • Tropicanoe Cove
  • Holiday World
  • Camping
  • Grand Bear Resort
purchased for the track last year
Purchased For the Track Last Year

The Edge Super Starter

Electromagnetic Starting System - $170.00

Consistent Starts and comes with a long corded switch so the scouts can start the races.

goals for 2010 2011
Goals for 2010-2011
  • Once again pay for new books for scouts moving up.
  • Get Cub Scout account up in $’s.
  • Sponsor a Cubmobile race in Hoopeston
pack code of conduct
Pack Code Of Conduct
  • Attend Pack Meeting Scouts & Parent(s)
  • Wear Uniform to Pack Meeting
  • Good conduct before, during & after Pack Meetings.
  • Help with set up and tear down at meetings. The Church doesn’t want us to use the new chairs.
events coming soon
Events Coming Soon!
  • Sept. 26th – Family Fun Day at Centennial Park in Rankin from 1:00-4:00 pm – Pack 118 will pay for scouts to attend.
  • Oct. 15th at 7:00 pm – Oct. Pack Meeting
  • October 16th – 17th – Camping at the Conservation Club (Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts) 4:00 pm on Sat. until Sun. Morning. Pack up and leave when you get up. Bring fishing pole and live bait plus camping equipment. 118 will provide Hot Dogs for the fire with everything to go with it.
  • October 17th – Smiling Pumpkin at Camp Robert Drake near Oakwood 1:00 – 4:00 pm.
Check out the Pack 118 Website www.cubscoutpack118.com
  • Fill out the Pop-up form to get Cub Scout News emailed to you quickly
  • Boy Scouts need to go to the Boy Scout webpage and fill out the form on that page.
  • Thanks for Joining the Adventure With Us!