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10 important blog writing tips for newbie n.
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10 blogging tips for Newbie bloggers PowerPoint Presentation
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10 blogging tips for Newbie bloggers

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10 blogging tips for Newbie bloggers
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10 blogging tips for Newbie bloggers

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  1. 10 Important Blog writing tips for newbie and aspiring bloggers I have been in and out of blogging for the last 5 years. I did not think that I would require any Blog writing tips, It's just writing, I thought! Once I created my blog, I tried to find my niche, I tried to gain followers and I tried to gain popularity and I even looked at ways to make money out of my deadbeat blog! When nothing worked out, I just gave up on my blog altogether. After a few months, I would start again and the same vicious circle repeated! What I did not realize back then was that none of these factors really mattered. I had given all of my time and energy into the wrong things and finally ended up getting demotivated and giving up on blogging altogether! If only I had known back then what I have come to realize now! These tips are lessons directly from my experience. I have picked out 10 most important Blog writing tips that I would like to share with all newbie bloggers and aspiring bloggers out there. Blog writing tips- DOs Passion is the most important key If you are going to start a blog, the first and foremost requirement is "PASSION". This includes a passion to write as well as a passion towards things that you are going to write about. According to me, unless you are passionate about the subject, you can never produce a good write-up. At the same time, if you are not passionate about writing, you can never muster up the focus and efforts to sit through and complete a good post. Seek persistence, not perfection

  2. Perfection comes with time and experience, you are not an exception to this fact. But seeking perfection at the very beginning stages will only weigh upon you and dim your motivation. Instead, focus on "Persistence"! One of you post may receive a lot of viewers and appreciation but three other posts may be a dud. Do not give up at any point. Keep your chin up and head on towards coming up with better posts. Focus on things you know instead of things you don't know Some people think that the most promising way of blogging is to research what kind of blogs do well and then base your posts on that topic. I say otherwise. Do not focus on what others are writing about. especially if it is about something that you have absolutely no idea of. Instead, focus on things that you are an expert at and write about them. Even if it doesn't gain much attention now, soon people will start noticing the originality in your content! Knowledge sharing wins hearts If you are an expert in something, create posts that educate readers in your area of expertise. Create lists, write down tips and tricks, debunk myths, break illusions and help people have a complete knowledge instead of half-knowledge. Doing this will surely win a lot of hearts and eventually a lot of viewers and followers. Also, if you have the ability to provide solutions to people's problems, it is an added advantage! Use simple tools to make your posts look professional Nobody can be that alert at all times to be able to write a post with zero grammatical error and spelling errors. Grammarly is a simple tool that helps you correct these errors in your post. Making creative posts is now an easy task with the assistance of Elementor. If you haven't already, head over to Canva right away to create amazing posters and banners for your blogs. There are so many more such tools to help you create posts that look absolutely professional! Blog writing tips- DONTs Do not overspend This is a very important piece of advice guys. I am sure most of you know that you can create blogs for free as well as purchase your own domain, host it and build a website and all that! If you are a newbie blogger, please hold your horses before you go for the paid version. First, start blogging on a free platform. Test the waters by blogging about anything and everything. Fix schedules and see if you are able to keep up with it. Side by side, build your connections and get inspired by the million other bloggers out there. Then you can go for your own domain. Do not rush into this step at the very start because if you lose inspiration halfway through, it will all be a complete waste! No niche can be your niche Every blogger is in a wild goose chase trying to find their niche, to make their space in the blogging community. What I am saying is, there is a lot to go around for each and everyone here! Even if I write about the same stuff as you are, my writing style, my point of view, my way of expression etc. will be completely different. So do not waste time trying to find your niche and stand out from the crowd. Blogging is a very enjoyable activity. Do not turn it into a competition where one has to lose for another to win! Do not burden yourself with schedules and targets At least not yet! It does not matter if you are posting twice a week or thrice a week or literally every day. Surely not at the beginning. If you are starting a blog and writing posts, do it because you love it and you are passionate about it. Not because it says on your to-do list that you have

  3. to put up a new post on your blog today! Create posts and publish them as and when you are inspired to do so. If your muse is good enough to work overtime, then go ahead and post daily. Do not forget to invite me to your blog though! (Leave your blogs in comments below) Do not compare yourself to other top bloggers This is more like an advice rather than a tip. For your own sake, do not compare yourself to other bloggers. Especially because, not everything is visible from the outside. All you can see is the number of like and comments on their posts but what you cannot see is the amount of hard work and efforts that go behind creating that post. Also, every top blogger today have started from exactly where you are right now! Remember that, with continuous efforts and dedication, you too can reach that place. But it will take time! Be Patient! Do not blog to make money out of it Last but not the least, most newbie bloggers have a horrible misconception that they can start making a lot of money out of their blogs. NOT TRUE! Especially not for a newbie blogger. Yes, you can make some money out of blogging, but it is only when you have created your space in the community and gained a certain amount of readers/ followers. Only then will these options open up for you. Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to make money out of your blog. Other options include influencer marketing, guest blogging, writing articles for magazines etc. So these are my Blog writing tips (advice) for newbie and aspiring bloggers. Feel free leave your comments and thoughts in the comment section below! XOXO Kani.