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TruckSuvidha, is aiming at benefiting truck drivers, the marginal sufferers of transportation industry. It is to make their lives easier and uplift them. \n

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“The Truck driver is The lion of The highways, a

winner sailing upriver in a warship.”


Indian Trucking Industry

 The Indian trucking industry has around 8.1

million vehicles(as on March, 2013) on the road

and needs around 7,00,000-8,00,000 new truck

drivers every year.

 At present there are over 1300 trucks per million

population and the utilization of trucks is around

70,000 kms per year.

 The truck population in India has grown at a rate

of 7 percent per annum between 2011-2013 to till


Indian Trucking Industry - Types of Trucks

in India

 Haulage

 Rigid Trucks

 Tippers

 Cabs

 Delivery Vans

 Trailers

 Tankers

 Cement Bulkers

Indian Trucking Industry – Model of



Transport Companies/ Contractors / Suppliers /

Brokers / Transport operators



Large operator

Demand driven by fuel


• Shortage of drivers

• Remote Areas

• Return loads

• Illiteracy

• Demand

• Unity

• Contribution





• Brokers

• Tolls

• Political Environment

• Road conditions

• Accidents

• Real time availability

• Improve mileage

• Use of technology

Truck drivers in India – Life on street

 Truck is their home

Provides them shelter when they are on the road, they sleep in it, under it, on top of it.

 The truck is their workplace

That's what they do for a living, that's where they go to work.

 The truck's their machine/tool

They understand it the best, the quirks, the jugaads, the know-how of maintenance and resting the

machine. In India its common to worship and decorate your tools.


Truck drivers in India – Life on street

 The truck is their vehicle too

• They use it to go from one workplace to another.

 The truck is their wife

Yes, that's how many of them refer to it as a woman, or feminine gender

 It’s their temple

Because trucking, as a profession, on Indian roads is considered dangerous; some decorations

are religious to keep them safe

Truck drivers in India – Life on street

 Truck drivers are most responsible and simultaneously most vulnerable. If we don't have


We will not get our food delivered.

We will not have our clothes delivered.

We will not have our cooking gas delivered.

We will not have other necessities delivered to us.

Truck drivers in India – Life on street

Here are some eye opening images to show

how their lives are and problems they face

on a daily basis.

Truck drivers in India – Accidents

Accident being the part and parcel of their lives, it affects them, their family and the others who they hit or

who are hit by.

Truck drivers in India – Overloaded trucks

Truck drivers in India – Overloaded trucks

Truck drivers in India – Overloaded trucks

Truck drivers in India – Life on street

 For the work they also compromise with their health.

 They are feared of not only accidents but also of theft.

 They are afraid to stop over at night for food or shelter, fearing that crooks and goons might steal

precious goods from their trucks.

 While driving on highways, the general population and the police, both treat them badly, and

sometimes even harass them for money

If there are problems, there are solutions

as well

 We’re working for this social cause

Our main focus is the upliftment of truck drivers

Connecting transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities.

Providing them work all the times and eliminating their idle time

Arranging load for their return trips

If there are problems; there are solutions

as well

 TruckSuvidha helps truck drivers in removing their confusion of where they can get the


 Helping them in getting proper rates for their services.

 Real time availability of their truck

 Upgrading them to use the technology

 Planning for training sessions.