Revvnrg opportunity
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RevvNRG Opportunity . Independent Distributor Presentation. Why we are here today?. Do you feel the economy is erratic and not showing signs of getting better? Your job doesn’t seem secure or have you already lost it? Have you lost control of your financial future?

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Revvnrg opportunity


Independent Distributor Presentation

Revvnrg opportunity

Why we are here today?

  • Do you feel the economy is erratic and not

  • showing signs of getting better?

  • Your job doesn’t seem secure or have you

  • already lost it?

  • Have you lost control of your financial future?

  • Do you want to take control of your money

  • and be your own boss?

  • Do you feel you deserve more time to spend

  • with your family and loved ones?

Revvnrg opportunity

  • Headquartered in Big Lake, MN

  • Founded in 2007

  • Marketing Products in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Peru and several more this year.

  • Destined to become the next Billion dollar company in the direct sales industry

Scotty Paulson

In 1995, Scotty Paulson forever changed the network marketing industry with the very first compressed pay plan. For the first time in networking history, Scotty enabled the little guy to break even or make money their very first month in business. This was a radical concept considering it was common in the industry, at the time, for promoters to tell prospects not to expect success overnight and that it would take several months to a year to see profits.

Scotty went on to prove if you pay the little guy and get him into profit early, then they don't quit before they have a chance to succeed. More little guys making money meant less people quitting, which in turn meant larger checks for the professional networker.

Revvnrg opportunity

Master Distributor Bryan Robert

In his first network marketing company, Bryan made $1.27 in two years. Just the kind of success that provides a firm foundation for future success.In his next effort, he found a millionaire mentor . The extremely successful professional network marketer mentor told Bryan if he did what he asked for 3-5 years Bryan would be successful. Bryan became a diligent apprentice and developed into a Master Networker.The rest is history. At 21, Bryan Robert successfully helped 6 of his friends become top earners in their company. They became known as The Bayou Boys. Bryan alone had over 22,000 distributors in his downline. Quite an accomplishment for a 21 year old. By age 22, he had made his first million and his downline grew to over 100,000 people.As a result of these accomplishments, Bryan was written up in Success from Home Magazine for helping 25 of his friends, all under the age of 25, to make 6 figures a year in the Lafayette, LA area. This success was not a one time fluke or just good luck. Bryan continues to build successful network marketing companies based on the principles learned building the Bayou Boys. In an 8 year old company he was among the top 25 earners within 2 months of joining. This had only been done one other time in the history of that company. For this effort he was on the front cover of Your Business At Home magazine.

Revvnrg opportunity

The Product

RevvNRG was created after looking at the other energy supplements and drink products available in the market today. Many of the products currently available have potentially dangerous amounts of refined sugars and synthetic compounds that may have adverse effects on the body. In the US, energy drinks have been linked with reports of nausea, abnormal heart rhythms and emergency room visits. The drinks may cause seizures due to the "crash" following the energy high that occurs after consumption. RevvNRG was formulated with the highest quality of all natural ingredients that, for centuries, have been legendary for alleviating fatigue & stress, boosting immunity, sharpening mental clarity, improving circulation, aiding in weight loss and battling free radicals. RevvNRG delivers sustained, non-jittery energy in a convenient on-the-go packet without mega-doses of sugar or caffeine. In fact, RevvNRG contains no synthetic caffeine and only contains 7 healthy grams of organic cane juice sugars. Through a unique formulation of exotic fruits, vitamins, and teas, you will enjoy a tremendous boost of energy without the crash while building your body's natural defenses and ability to combat stress. Our exotic, delicious beverage is the perfect marriage of nature's bounty and scientific scrutiny made from the finest ingredients born from the shady depths of South America.

Revvnrg opportunity

Social Revvolution

  • Automated Marketing Appliance connects the entire Social networking landscape into a single location

  • Lead capture

  • Contact management

  • Social blaster (connects all your networks)

  • Email blaster

  • Auto Responders that contact leads

  • Easy to follow wizard style set-up

Revvnrg opportunity

Getting Started!

Simple as 1 + 2 + 3

  • Enroll in RevvNRG by placing an initial order:

    $33.00 = 1 box/ 30 servings

    $64.00 = 2 boxes / 60 servings

    $159.00 = 5 boxes / 130 servings

    $299.00 = 10 boxes / 300 servings

    2. Enroll 2 Distributors to qualify

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Revvnrg opportunity

What youheard today -

  • About the Company

  • The excitement we all feel

  • The Founders and their vision

  • World Class 100% natural product

  • Unrivaled Rewards Plan

  • Revvnrg Systems and Marketing Tools

  • A company designed to change your life for the better