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U.S. Department of Commerce

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U.S. Department of Commerce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service Liaison Office to the Asian Development Bank Margaret Keshishian, Director/Senior Commercial Officer How to do Business with Asian Development Bank August 2014. U.S. Department of Commerce. U.S. Commercial Service Located in embassies and

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U.S. Department of Commerce

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    1. U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service Liaison Office tothe Asian Development BankMargaret Keshishian,Director/Senior Commercial OfficerHow to do Business with Asian Development BankAugust 2014

    2. U.S. Department of Commerce U.S. Commercial Service Located in embassies and consulates in 80 countries CS ADB U.S. Embassy in Manila

    3. AssistU.S. firms to pursue market opportunities derived from ADB’s development projects and goals. Key sectors: Transport; IT; Renewable Energy • Identify Supplier + Consultants Contracts; Explore ADB Equity Investment • Protect U.S. Business Interests • SupportU.S. officials’ visits to ADB to advance USG goals.

    4. The Asian Development Bank

    5. ADB Goals and Strategy “Create a world in which everyone can share in the benefits of sustained economic growth” Inclusive Economic Growth Environmentally Sustainable Growth Regional Cooperation and Integration

    6. The Asian Development Bank Role: “Asia’s premier regional multilateral development financial institution” Development Vision: Asia and the Pacific free of poverty Business Goal:50% of ADB-financed projects to have private sector participation by 2020 Business Opportunities:$21 billion a year (2011 - 2013); translates into contracts for suppliers and consultants

    7. Why Should US Firms Be Interested in ADB? • From 2011 -2013, ADB provided more than $64 billion to its member countries through loans, guarantees, equity investments, technical assistance, and grants. • U.S. firms historically received good share of ADB business • From 1966 – 2013 : $ 8 B (12,038contracts)In 2013 alone: $93 M (267contracts)

    8. U.S. Firms Winning ADB Contracts • 1966-2013: US firms ranked: • 1st: Consulting services under technical assistance (TA) • 2nd: Consulting services under loans • 7th: Procurement of goods, works & services under loans • 5th: Total procurement under loans, TA & grants • Procurement Return Ratio: For $1 that the U.S. has contributed to ADB, U.S. firms have won back$1.45.

    9. U.S. Firms Winning ADB Contracts • 1st: Consulting services under technical assistance (TA) • 2014: HJI Corporation (Newport Beach, CA): $ 627,100 consulting service contract in China • 2nd: Consulting services under loans • 2014: U.S. Power Consult (Alpine, NJ): $216,000 Diagnostic Study & Feasibility Study Report for Pakistan

    10. U.S. Firms Winning ADB Contracts • 7th: Procurement of goods, works & services under loans • 2013: Oracle Corporation (Redwood Shores, CA): $302,524 network equipment and software in India • 5th: Total procurement under loans, TA & grants • 2012: ECC (Burlingame, CA): $400 million construction services in Afghanistan • 2013: Geothermal Development Associates (Reno, NV): • $9 million geothermal equipment in Indonesia

    11. CounselU.S. firms on ADB market opportunities, bidding procedures. CS ADB Market Research: Country/ Sector/ Region • Advocateon behalf of U.S. firms, facilitating access and organizing company briefings for US Firms at ADB, resolve disputes. • Outreachin the region and the U.S. • SupportU.S. officials’ visits to advance USG goals. Lower Mekong Initiative; US-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Energy Partnership

    12. How We Assist: Market Research

    13. Project Timeline (Years from Concept to Procurement) IMIs (International Market Insights) FGTs (Foreign Government Tenders) CS ADB Market Brief Yr. - 3 Yr. - 2 Yr. - 1 Yr. 0 6 mos. Yr. 1 Yr. 2 Yr. 3 Yr. 4 Ongoing Project Preparatory Technical Assistance typically leads to loan projects after 2-4 yrs., which are included in country programs. This is an ongoing process. Project Appraisal/ Negotiation Project Approval Project Implementation (Procurement) “Low Hanging Fruit” Country Programming

    14. ADB Project Cycle Country Partnership Strategy/ Regional Cooperation Strategy Staff Consultant Completion/Evaluation Preparation Consultants Consultants Implementation Approval Contractors/ Consultants

    15. How We Assist: ADVOCACY $400 Million ADB Administered Grant for Afghan Road Network Project

    16. How We Assist: COMPANY BRIEFINGS COMET e-Jeep E-Tricycle Project

    17. How We Assist: OUTREACH • 2014 Asia Pacific Business Opportunities • 2014 Business Opportunities Seminars • Kansas, MO • Seattle, WA • Los Angeles, CA

    18. ADB Business Opportunities • Consultant/Contractor to ADB as staff member; • Consultant/Contractor to ADB borrowing member countries; • Supplier/Subcontractor of goods • & services to ‘prime’ on ADB project; • ADB equity investment, loans • or guarantees for your project

    19. Who Does What? ADB Reviews & approves Bidding Documents, Bid Evaluation Reports and Proposed Contract Award Forms Procurement Evaluation Committee Disburses Funds BORROWING COUNTRIES Prepares Bidding Documents Issues Tenders Evaluates Bids Awards Contracts

    20. Where are the Business Opportunities?Top Recipients of ADB Financing India: Sewage Treatment Plant Vietnam: Transport Project

    21. PHILIPPINES Feb 2014, ADB President Takehiko Nakao sees Typhoon Yolanda damages in Leyte with Mayor Teczon.

    22. Top ADB Sectors in 2012 & 2013

    23. ADB Active Portfolio by Region in 2013 Source: ADB Business Opportunities Fair 2014

    24. ADB Priorities for 2014-2016

    25. ADB Infrastructure Opportunities Energy • China: Qinghai Delingha Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Project ($150 million) • Opportunities: $224 million solar field equipment & civil works (Q1, 2014 – Q2, 2015) • India: Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Transmission Investment Program – Tranche 2 ($110 million) • Opportunities: Ongoingprocurement for electrical equipment

    26. ADB Infrastructure Opportunities Energy • Indonesia: Java-Bali 500kV Power Transmission Crossing ($224 million) • Opportunities: $226 million good & civil works (ongoing) • Vietnam: Power Transmission Investment Program, Tranche 1 ($121 million) • Opportunities: $19 million Civil works (ongoing)

    27. Tips • Stick to your specialization • Follow ADB documentation requirements • Pursue projects in countries where you have presence and track record • Keep abreast of ADB strategies

    28. Tips • Employ local teams for pricing advantage • Visit ADB + Borrowing Government + Project Sites • Contact CS ADB for assistance

    29. Where to Find Us US Commercial Service’s Liaison Office to ADB Name: Margaret Keshishian, Director/Senior Commercial Officer E-mail: Cecile Santos, Senior Commercial Specialist E-mail: Tel.: (63-2) 301 2000; (63-2) 516 6958 Websites:,

    30. ADB Websites • General Home Website: • Consultants’ Network: • Suppliers’ Network: • ADB Learning Tools: