do you often catch cold know its causes symptoms n.
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Mucus clearing PowerPoint Presentation
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Mucus clearing

Mucus clearing

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Mucus clearing

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  1. Do you often catch cold? Know its causes, symptoms and treatment Cold and cough is one of the most common and frequent pulmonary issues that you may face especially in winter. It requires thorough check-up and proper medication.

  2. Mucus clearing Mucus is also such good element that prevents infections. It helps to remove the harmful bacteria and dust mites from your nasal passages as well as lungs air sacs. But sometimes excess production of mucus causes infections. You should contact to an expert physician for check-up. Doctors may prescribe you devices which help in mucus clearing.

  3. Mucus clearing Apart from medication, these devices restore the balance of oxygen supply in your body. It decreases the number of infectious mucus and its excessive rate of production. Your body retains the normalcy of healthy mucus along with your lungs and throat.

  4. Mucus clearing Cold and cough is supposed to be a common issue, people take it as a minor problem. In winter you may catch cold and cough due to the, cold air and also for seasonal changes. But you should know that cold and cough also lead you to suffer from asthma attack. They should talk to a doctor regular medical treatment.

  5. You should also avoid buildings which are under construction. Keeping yourself away from factories as they drain out lots of pollutants. These pollutants include fly ash, coal dust, dust of asbestos, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other chemical gases. These pollutants get mixed with air. It has been the primary source for air pollution in this modern world.

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