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Website research

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Website research. By Lauren Mayer. Nylon magazine website. Header , this is the title of the website and should be the main attraction. This example had animated wavy lines in the background as well. The header can also be used to be navigated back to the home page.

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website research
Website research

By Lauren Mayer

nylon magazine website
Nylon magazine website

Header, this is the title of the website and should be the main attraction. This example had animated wavy lines in the background as well. The header can also be used to be navigated back to the home page.

Navigation, these are the buttons that help the audience easily navigate around the website. They can be shown in different forms depending on what is best suited, with this example when you hover over the button it changes colour.

A section of a website are certain separate part. With this example, nylon has a two column grid including sections of different articles. They are assisted with an image and a small description of what they’re about.

nylon magazine website1
Nylon magazine website

Aside is part of the website that is separate to the rest which sometimes includes adverts and clicking on it would sometimes lead you to somewhere else. In this case, the aside is part of the website and is a special section.

Kept a white background to present a clean fresh look keeping the website modern.

Footer is the bottom part of the website, sometimes that are links or words that reflect on the content of the page. However this website does not have one.

web elements
  • This is a grid help you lay out your website
  • It is designed to set up a grid that you can use to align graphics, text, and HTML elements
  • It can be anything of your choice:
  • three-column layout
  • two horizontal sections
  • page broken into multiple sections
  • Form a logical order to the website you’re creating
  • Aligns to keep everything in proportion, so what goes onto the page is easier to build for you and easier to read for the audience
  • Every typical website will have a navigation bar at the top of the page
  • Within this, some may have drop down bars to make it more accessible for those using it, like this:
  • By clicking on this tab allows the audience to access any page on the website
  • There are different types of navigation…
  • Hierarchical Navigation
  • This is where the structure of other navigation is designed to provide simple and straight forward path going from one page to another.
  • Global Navigation
  • This shows the pages of the website on each page, allowing to access the whole website no matter what page you’re on.
  • Local Navigation

- This will include link within the main text on the page, so you can click on certain words in the text that can take you to another page.

styles of navigation
  • Text links
  • This is when certain words in text can link you to another page on the website or even a completely different website.
  • Site map navigation
  • If a website may seem quite in depth, to make the experience for the reader easier, they can go onto the sitemap. This clearly lists all the links to the pages within the website so they do not get lost.
  • Navigation bar

- Although typically navigation bars run at the top of the website, sometimes they can be vertically at the side depending on the style of website

styles of navigation1
Styles of navigation
  • Drop down menus

- On a tab on the nav bar, a dropdown menu will become exposed to access other areas of a website.

  • Fly out menus
  • This is similar to a dropdown menu, but instead whenever the mouse if hovered over the link it will fly out either left or right.
  • Named anchors

- If a particular page is quite lengthy that includes subheadings, named anchors will directly take you to the section of the page you would like to visit.