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Paul Dordal Executive Director

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Paul Dordal Executive Director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paul Dordal Executive Director. Board of Directors Meeting 30 October 2008. Board Chairman. Establish a quorum. Old Business: Approve minutes from August 28 Board meeting. New Business: Chairman Tim McNeill remarks. Executive Director.

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Presentation Transcript

Paul DordalExecutive Director

Board of Directors Meeting30 October 2008

board chairman
Board Chairman
  • Establish a quorum.

Old Business:

  • Approve minutes from August 28 Board meeting.

New Business:

  • Chairman Tim McNeill remarks
executive director
Executive Director
  • ACTION: Request Board approval to affirm BRAC RTF officers for next year
    • Tim McNeill – Board Chairman
    • Tony Chavonne – Board Vice-Chairman
    • BRAC RTF staff performs Secretary and Treasurer duties

NOTE: During Special BoD Meeting on 17 July, board approved an amendment to By-Laws to change the Chairman’s term-limit from two consecutive one-year terms to three consecutive one-year terms. Officers named above were nominated and approved at this meeting.

presentation review
Presentation Review
  • Presentation by TDA for the Workforce Demonstration program Strategy I Proposal
presentation review5
Presentation Review
  • Discussion
  • ACTION: Request Board approve selection and award contract to TDA to conduct the Strategy I resource mapping and gap analysis
Comprehensive Regional Growth Plan

and Community Impact Assessment Update

Wayne Freeman

President and CEO, TDA

Regional Planning

CRGP has been reviewed by the BRAC Staff and all counties and is ready for release

ACTION:Request Board approval to accept findings and final report from TDA on the Comprehensive Regional Growth Plan and approval of release of the Plan to the public.

Comprehensive Regional Growth Plan Update



Mr. David Larson

Deputy Director, DOD Office of Economic Adjustment


brac rtf

Update - OEA Grant Application

new oea grant application update
New OEA Grant Application - Update
  • BRAC RTF has asked for 5-month extension to current grant to allow critical actions to continue
  • Narrative, statement of work ,and budget justification for new application underwent minor revisions after discussions with OEA program director, Ft Bragg Garrison officials and Sustainable Sandhills.
  • BRAC RTF and Sustainable Sandhills Board Chairmen and Executive Directors have signed MOP allowing for the integration of BRAC RTF and SS staff members
update continued
Update Continued
  • Minor revisions include:
    • Reducing grant period from 21 months to 19 months
    • Paring or consolidation of RP action item list
    • Dual-hats Executive Director of SS as the BRAC RTF Director of Regional Planning and Sustainability with split salary between SS and BRAC RTF
  • Old and new budget summaries shown for comparison on next slide
new oea grant application
New OEA Grant Application
  • ACTION: Request Board approval for follow-on 19-Month OEA Grant Application - pending OEA approval
    • Time period aligns budget with County Fiscal Year
  • Approval includes:
    • Narrative
    • Statement of Work
    • Budget Justification
    • 19-month revised budget of $1,933,279 (request board allow BRAC RTF negotiate final amount with OEA)
job connection website
Job Connection Website
  • ACTION: Request Board approval to fund up to $30,000 for job connection website to assist local job seekers finding employment with Hensel Phelps and associated sub-contractors
    • Partners include NCMBC and NC DOC – Division of Workforce Development (DWD)
    • BRAC RTF is working with NC DOC to obtain matching funds.
Spring Lake requests BRAC RTF support for their opposition to Phase II

ACTION:Request Board approval of letter to NC DOT requesting redesign of Murchison Road Phase II Plan.

Murchison Road Widening, NCDOT Project



NC Center for Defense Innovation



NC Center for Defense Innovation “Homeland Security, Intelligence, Technology, Workforce, Sustainability”

  • FSU: R&D/ D&S (5 universities)
  • -Electron Probe Microscope
  • - Human Factors
  • Defense Intelligence, management & security programs
  • Healthcare, nursing, behavioral sciences
  • - HBCU
  • - Entrepreneur Center
  • Small Business Development
  • FTCC: Workforce/ i3D (8CCs)
  • i3D Virtual College Center
  • Virtual network and partnership with other CC’s & Universities
  • Enhanced Training and Simulation
  • Military related curriculum
  • - Technology Connection
  • - Military Business Center (co-locate?)

All American Center for Workforce Innovation

- Educational Programs

- HUB- FTCC: Community Colleges & Universities

- Pipeline for Workforce

- Defense Business Association

  • Partnership for Defense Innovation
  • - Defense Security Technology Accelerator
  • - Federal Wireless Lab
  • Technology Connection
  • USASOC requirements

Center for Sustainability

- Sustainable Fort Bragg

- Sustainable Sandhills

- Environmental and regional planning

*Photo of Biotech Center in RTP used as an illustration

*Draft Concept 8/8/2008 BRAC RTF

brac rtf20

Update - Kenan Fellows Program

kenan fellows program update
Kenan Fellows Program - Update
  • During discussion at 23 October executive committee meeting on funding sources to hire Kenan Fellows program coordinator, two counties agreed to support position @ cost of $5,000 each
  • Support from three or four more counties @ 5,000 each needed to hire coordinator and begin pilot program
  • County intent to participate needed by 15 November to move forward with pilot program
  • Partial funding needed to implement pilot program by 1 Jan 09 with intention of enrolling first Fellows in program by 1 Jun 09
brac rtf22




brac rtf23

Executive Director: Paul Dordal

Deputy Director: John Harbison

Regional Planner: Don Belk

Executive Assistant: John Bellamy

Program Manager for Education:Jane Smith

Program Manager for Workforce and Economic Development: Tim Moore

Communications & Outreach Coordinator: Renee Lane

Administrative Assistant: Renee Siemiet

Phone: (910) 436-1344 or (910) 436-1345



Offices are located in the Old Bowley School (Randolph & Knox) on Ft Bragg