team 02 the swirly cup the coffee alarm n.
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Team 02 The Swirly Cup The Coffee Alarm PowerPoint Presentation
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Team 02 The Swirly Cup The Coffee Alarm

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Team 02 The Swirly Cup The Coffee Alarm - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team 02 The Swirly Cup The Coffee Alarm
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  1. Team 02The Swirly CupThe Coffee Alarm Done by: Darren Seet NgeeEe Lin Novi Lee Leon Cresswell

  2. What we made • Toilet rolls as coffee mugs • Half a plastic container as the alarm • Half a plastic container for coffee • Scrap paper as dispensers • Tissue box as the coffee machine

  3. Materials we used • Plastic container • 2 toilet rolls • 2 Pocky boxes • Black, purple and gold paper • Scrap paper • Markers • Masking tape • Tissue box • Scissors and glue

  4. Our prototype • A closer look of our prototype… • Coloured paper covered our prototype. • Wrote the time on masking tape and stuck it on the part to be the alarm clock.

  5. Making use of what we learnt • In Semester 1, we learnt how to connect circuits. • The buzzer can act as if the alarm is ringing. • We decided to attach a buzzer to our prototype.

  6. Improving • The wires of the circuit looked messy, so we needed something opaque to cover it. • We redid our prototype. • Instead of using a plastic container, we used cardboard instead. • Instead of rolled up scrap paper, we used straws

  7. Our completed prototype • The buzzer is • hidden under • the alarm section • Alarm is placed • on the top • A door was • made to • prevent • spillage • during • dispense • Toilet paper roll cups

  8. Our completed prototype • A remote control where it has the • On/ off button • Snooze button • Coffee dispensing button if user wants more coffee • Buttons at the side for settings • Back container to put coffee powder and water in • Straws as dispensers • Push to open door • latch

  9. Gallery walk • Purpose of the gallery walk: • Let people get to know more about our prototype • Get feedback to improve our prototype • Know how useful will it be to others

  10. Comments The judges gave us a few positive feedbacks for example, • Thought it’s great to combine an alarm clock and coffee machine • It is a good idea to wake up to the aroma of coffee or a hot one. • Impressed that we used a buzzer and a QR code • Useful as it can save them time in the morning • Meets the user needs well

  11. Comments However, they also expressed their concerns. Such as: • Coffee turning cold after lazing on bed for too long • Prototype is a little bulky to put on the bedside • There may not be light in bedrooms for solar panels to work

  12. Further improvement So after getting our feedback, we know what our prototype is lacking and we made improvements to it.

  13. Final prototype

  14. Preventing heat loss The doors and the back of our prototype are light coloured so it reduces radiation. The bottom of our prototype will be made in plastic to reduce heat loss by conduction. Doors can be closed to reduce convection and evaporation from occurring.