due date october 19 2012 n.
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Due Date October 19, 2012 . SMART SHOPPERS PROJECT . OBJECTIVES: . Ambassadors will RESEARCH the latest cell phones sold on the market. Ambassadors will organize their data on tables using Microsoft Excel.

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Ambassadors will RESEARCH the latest cell phones sold on the market.

Ambassadors will organize their data on tables using Microsoft Excel.

Ambassadors will create graphs (bar graphs, line graphs or pie charts) using Microsoft Excel to represent their findings.

Ambassadors will write a report to share their findings with the rest of the school.

essential question

How can technology help us make Smart Consumer Decisions?

  • Cell - The box where the numbers, the labels, or the formulas are entered.
  • Column - The collection of cells in a line from top to bottom.
  • Row - The collection of cells in a line from side to side.
  • Worksheet - The single page of rows and columns that is on the screen.
  • Workbook - The collection of pages (worksheets) that make up one file.
  • Range - A group of cells that are next to each other.
  • Mouse pointer - The arrow or other marker that indicates where the mouse is pointing.
  • Formula - A mathematical expression that gives instructions to the computer about what to do with the contents of specified cells.
group tasks

Groups 1,3 & 5:

Research and Present Two year Contracts

Group 2,4 & 6:

Research and Present No Contracts

name date class subject
Name: Date: Class: Subject:


Based on what you know about Cell Phones, name the latest three cell phones being sold today?

how to conduct research in your group
How to conduct research in your group?

Narrow down your search tasks.

Separate the tasks amongst group members.

Make sure that every member has a fair amount of work to complete.

Search only the keywords/terms you are assigned.

Do not get sidetracked.

Complete your part on the chart provided.

Keep an eye on the clock.

day 1 group work 20 minutes
Day 1: Group Work20 minutes

Using Internet Explorer, as a group, research the following information:

Groups 1, 3 AND 5; TWO Year Contract

Groups 2, 4 & 6: Non Contract


day 2
DAY 2:


Why is it important to be a Smart Shopper?

How is this project helping you become one Smart Shopper?

day 2 introducing microsoft excel
Day 2: Introducing Microsoft Excel

Where is Microsoft Excel Located:

Click on the Start Menu

Select All Programs

Locate Microsoft Office

Click on Microsoft Office Excel

day 2 introducing microsoft excel1
Day 2: Introducing Microsoft Excel

The Ribbon runs across the top of the window.

The Ribbon consists of 3 types of items.

o Tabs – This is the main level and includes Home, Insert, Page Layout, etc.

o Groups – Each tab has several groups that show related items together.

o Commands – A command is a button in a group or an item in a list.

day 2 creating a spreadsheet
Day 2: Creating a Spreadsheet
  • What should the spreadsheet accomplish?
  • What should be on this spreadsheet?
  • Sketch out a picture of the spreadsheet. Where will things be?
day 2 group work 10 minutes
DAY 2Group work: 10 minutes


  • What should your Spreadsheet accomplish?
  • What should be on YOUR Spreadsheet?
  • Sketch out a picture of your Spreadsheet.
      • Where would the title go?
      • Where were the numerical data go?
      • Where would the descriptors/words go?
day 2 individual work 10 minutes
Day 2Individual Work: 10 Minutes

On Microsoft Excel, create a new Spreadsheet:

  • Create a Heading for the Spreadsheet

Example: Iphone 5 NO Contract

  • Include the data for only one Cell Phone.
  • Round up the numerical data to nearest dollar.
  • Save your work on the Flash Drive
      • File name: SmartShopper_701_FIRSTLASTNAME