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My settlement presentation. By Toma Levkova. The introduction .

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the introduction
The introduction

Hello my name Toma Levkova and I will be telling you about my settlement .It took me a couple of weeks to make this settlement so I hope you all enjoy it . I know everything , about the materials , what settlement I chose and I will have questions after I have finished my presentation .

the group
The group

Well my group worked well at first but after it was about three weeks to finish it we didn’t get on very well so I talked to Mrs Choudhry and asked I could work on my own . Why was it better to work on your own ? Well it was better to work on my own because then I don’t get into a mardy when I work on my own .

the materials
The materials

The materials I used were paper to cover the box , green straws to make the tree trunks , to make the tree leaves I used white paper coloured in . I used card board to make the houses and to make the market and the park I used card paper .

my key words
My key words

. My key words Site = On my dry point site I have trees , houses, a market , a park and a small barn . My = settlement is a dry point site . These are found on area’s of higher land away from area’s or area’s prone to flooding . My settlement has a food supply and I chose a food supply because I thought that I can have something the same to other teams .