tally erp 9 for it hardware vendors n.
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Tally.ERP 9 for IT Hardware Vendors PowerPoint Presentation
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Tally.ERP 9 for IT Hardware Vendors

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Tally.ERP 9 for IT Hardware Vendors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tally.ERP 9 for IT Hardware Vendors. Introduction.

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  • Inefficiencies in the Business lead to financial wastage and diminish the opportunities in any industry. But in the hardware reselling and trading industry - where complexity, competition, and pricing pressure are at an all-time high – inefficiency can cause very serious consequences.                               
  • Hardware resellers face daunting business challenges due to the rising competition, shrinking margins, too shorter product life cycles and increasingly demanding customers. And while the market is increasingly turning technology products into a commodity, the sales cycle is more complex than ever. Such business issues include pricing, sales, purchase, after sale services, collections and many more.
  • Business owners in today's world would like to increase their sales opportunities, reduce wastage and enhance their control on business activities. Imagine having the leverage to monitor sales trends, turnover, pricing, purchase, unsold stocks and all your financial records.
  • Now Tally.ERP 9  with its powerful insight into key trends, market drivers and customer behavior, you’ll be able to identify opportunities and develop suitable strategies.
business scenario sales front desk



Business Scenario- Sales Front Desk

Check stock availability

Customer orders for an assembled PC

You follow up

Prospect wants approval from office

Takes Quotation and leaves

stock availability and their configurations
Stock Availability and their configurations

Product configurations have been specified in Stock Item Description

want to suggest alternative items
Want to suggest Alternative Items?

Stock Query report provides

alternative items

profitability of each quotation
Profitability of each Quotation.

Detailed Profitability Information on Quotation

These are quotations raised on prospects.

You can also get details of profits you will earn if the quote is converted to Sales.

multiple payment mode pos invoice
Multiple Payment mode- POS Invoice

Selection of different modes of payment

Sample POS Invoice

raise sales service bill in one invoice


Raise Sales & Service Bill in One Invoice

Products with different tax rates

Multiple VAT rates

Service Charges

Service Tax calculation


follow up on daily enquiry
Follow up on Daily Enquiry

Record of Daily Enquiry is maintained through separate voucher type

Prospect contact details are captured in narration

ascertaining the cost of assembling a computer
Ascertaining the cost of assembling a computer

Assembling a Computer

Required components & their cost

Other costs of assembling eg. Labour charges

Is it easy, now, to ascertain the selling price?

Total cost of assembling a PC

business scenario services
Business Scenario- Services

While the service is getting done, let me explain the benefits of applying for our AMC services

Oops!!! It seems that the warranty period of your system has lapsed. Do you wish to get a paid service done?

Sure, may I get your invoice?

Hi, I have a problem with my computer, can you help me?

Okay, go ahead

AMC Visit Record


Warranty Tracking

Record your purchase warranties

Here we are Recording the warranty through Expiry dates using batch-wise details.

warranty tracking
Warranty Tracking

During Sales, we have recorded warranty period in the narration field for easy tracking.

warranty tracking1
Warranty Tracking

Select the appropriate batch details for checking the warranty of the product.

Got the warranty details of a specific product.

raise service bills with service tax
Raise Service bills with Service Tax

Service Charges

Service Tax

track your amc visits
Track your AMC Visits

Created new voucher type under sales order

Received AMC Order for 7 visits

Specified the Planned Visit Dates

track your amc visits1
Track your AMC Visits

Want to know which one is due?

Click Here

Contact Customer & fix an appointment

track your amc visits2
Track your AMC Visits

Knocking off against AMC order

Recorded, 1 visit made, in Delivery Note

print the amc visit report for future reference
Print the AMC Visit Report for future reference

Record complete AMC Visit History in Additional Description field

business scenario quick decision on purchase requirements

Sir, we are running out of important stocks

Business Scenario-Quick Decision on Purchase Requirements

Hello RK, can you deliver these stocks immediately?

Okay, I will place the order immediately

Sales Officer

Makes the payment

Business Owner

Business Owner checks Invoice Cum Delivery Challan

RK delivers the stocks


understanding saleable stock situation
Understanding saleable stock situation

Compare your actual & saleable stocks

Better understanding of stock requirements

reduce inventory carrying costs
Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs

Do a promotion…

Liquidate it…

outstanding management
Outstanding Management

Remind and Recover from them

follow up customers
Follow-up Customers

Accounts Receivables – a daily chore

Single click you can send reminder letters to 1000s of customers…!

i have 2 collection boys how to use them smartly
I have 2 collection boys… how to use them smartly?

Mukund will take care of Bangalore East collections…

Kishan will look into Bangalore South collections…

need customer contact details
Need Customer Contact Details?

Customer contact details available at a single click

confirm customer supplier accounts periodically
Confirm Customer & Supplier Accounts Periodically

At the end of financial year, print or email this statement to suppliers and customers to confirm their accounts with us. (VERY IMPORTANT).

periodic profitability comparison
Periodic Profitability Comparison

Profitability comparison of 2 months

balance sheet comparison
Balance sheet Comparison

Comparison of Quarterly Balance Sheet

You Can Compare other reports similarly.