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Book 2 Lesson 65

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Book 2 Lesson 65 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Book 2 Lesson 65. Listen and answer. What does she want to do? She wants to catch that bus. What must you do when you cross the street?. stop. look carefully. look left and right. cross the road. walk on the zebra. mustn’t run. How can we cross a street?.

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Book 2

Lesson 65


Listen and answer

What does she want to do?

She wants to catch that bus.


What must you do when you cross the street?


look carefully

look left and right

cross the road

walk on the zebra

mustn’t run


How can we cross a street?

If you want to cross a street, you must wait for the green light.

You must not cross in front of the traffic.

If the light is yellow, you should wait. It is better to wait and be safe.

must or mustn t

Let's Talk!

must or mustn’t

talk in class

get to school in time

sit on the desks

listen carefully in class

be late for school

sleep in class

keep the classroom clean

throw things on the floor

help others

copy others’ homework

study hard

hand in exercises in time

disturb others

run in the classroom

At school

draw on the wall

when you are ill you must
When you are ill, you must ...

If you are sick, you...



Listen and read these sentences


Match the sentences:

Section 1

1.If you drive too fast,

2.If you make a lot of noise,

3.If there is a lot of traffic,

4.If you are not careful,

5.If the traffic light is red,

you may have an accident.

you may disturb others.

you must wait.

a car may hit you.

you must stop.


Match the sentences:

Section 2

1. When many passengers are waiting for a bus,

2. When you get on the bus,

3. When you get off the bus,

4. When you are in the UK,

5. Before you cross the street,

you must stand in line and wait for your turn.

you must buy a ticket.

you mustn't push others.

you have to drive on the left.

you must look left and right.


Complete the sentences with must or mustn't:


1 You look carefully before you cross the road.

2 You ride a bike in heavy traffic.

3 You play games in the street.

4 You ride a bike at night without lights.

5 You cross the road only when the light is green.

6 You jump the queue when you are waiting for your turn.

7 You make a lot of noise when you are in a reading room.

8 You push others when you get on or off the bus.









Look at these signs, say something about them in English.


No playing ball

Turn right


No turning left

No parking

No smoking



1.Revise the traffic rules.

2.Read the dialogue on page


3.Make sentences with must and



Thank you !

Thank you