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The Effects of Casinos on Local Communities PowerPoint Presentation
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The Effects of Casinos on Local Communities

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The Effects of Casinos on Local Communities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dayna Edwards and Betty Jo Nash LDR 640: Financial Systems Management Siena Heights University, Lansing, Michigan May 15, 2012. The Effects of Casinos on Local Communities. Excitement. Criticism. “This is terrible!”. Division between Local and State Government. Congressman Mike Rogers.

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Presentation Transcript
Dayna Edwards and Betty Jo Nash

LDR 640: Financial Systems ManagementSiena Heights University, Lansing, MichiganMay 15, 2012

The Effects of Casinos on Local Communities


“This is terrible!”

congressman mike rogers
Congressman Mike Rogers

“The state’s existing casinos have not been the windfall many expect them to be (Rob South. 2012).”

lansing mayor virg bernero
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
  • “It will create thousands of good jobs, attract tens of thousands of tourists to the region, and generate enough revenue to allow our city to send all of our school district graduates to college (Rob South, 2012).”
positive effects
Positive Effects

Private Sector Jobs


generate revenue for local and state government
Generate Revenue for Local and State Government
  • Gun Lake CasinoState Government
  • $7.8 Million Local Government
wayland school system
Wayland School System
  • Reinstate two-way transportation to road events
  • Eliminate their pay-to-play sports participation fee
negative effects jobs
Negative Effects: Jobs

Low PayingHigh Stress

more negative increases
More Negative Increases
  • Traffic
  • Petty Crime
decline in the quality of life
Decline in the Quality of Life
  • Divorce
  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Suicide
  • Homelessness
  • Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988
  • Legalized gambling in 48 of 50 states
  • Based on direct, indirect and induced impacts, the commercial casino industry supported approximately $125 billion in spending and nearly 820,000 jobs in the U.S. economy in 2010, which is roughly equivalent to 1 percent of the $14.5 trillion U.S. gross domestic product
building the industry
Building the industry
  • (1) positive public opinion towards the value of gambling as an entertainment option, (2) governments’ viewing gaming activities as mechanisms that create jobs and generate welcome revenues, and (3) Native American tribes capitalizing on opportunities for economic self sufficiency through gaming
economic impacts
Economic Impacts
  • Wages, jobs, public assistance
  • Tourism & economic development
  • Multiplier factor
negative effects to community
Negative effects to community
  • There are three major negative impacts (costs to the local economy) to be estimated: the cannibalization impact; additional public expenditures; and negative externalities
  • Crime
  • Cost of social aspects
applying the research to lansing
Applying the research to Lansing
  • Project economic impact
  • Convention center & tourism
  • Location proximity
  • Trickle down
  • Marketing

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