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Configuration Management Challenges with the V-22 Osprey PowerPoint Presentation
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Configuration Management Challenges with the V-22 Osprey

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Configuration Management Challenges with the V-22 Osprey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Configuration Management Challenges with the V-22 Osprey 18 th Annual Configuration Management Benchmarking Group (CMBG) Conference Sheraton Society Hill June 22 nd 2011. Bruce Oestreich Director Systems Engineering Boeing Military Aircraft. Incredibly Brief V-22 Program Overview

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Presentation Transcript

Configuration Management Challenges with the V-22 Osprey

18th Annual Configuration Management Benchmarking Group (CMBG) ConferenceSheraton Society HillJune 22nd 2011

Bruce Oestreich


Systems Engineering

Boeing Military Aircraft


Incredibly Brief V-22 Program Overview

  • V-22 CM Challenges
  • Engineering / Production / CM / Support Tools
  • Production Flow of Fuselage through Final Delivery
  • Waivers / Deviations
    • Complexity of System Specification
    • New traceability on both sides
  • Early Incorporation vs Retrofit
  • Recommendations for the Nuclear Industry


what we do
What We Do

Work Split

Philadelphia, PA

Fort Worth, TX

  • Composites
  • Rotor
  • Dynamics
  • Wing / Nacelle
  • Over-wing Fairing
  • Final Assembly
  • Flight Test/Delivery
  • Fuselage
  • Landing Gear
  • Avionics
  • Electrical and Hydraulic
  • Performance
  • Flying Qualities
  • Empennage
  • Ramp

Amarillo, TX

Program of Record


48 MV-22

Fleet Logistics Support

Personnel Recovery

Special Warfare Support


50 CV-22

Long Range Special Operations (SpecOps)

Contingency Operations


360 MV-22

Combat Assault & Amphibious Assault

Sustained Land Operations


Current Program Status

  • 10 USMC and 3 AFSOC Squadrons operational
    • 156 aircraft delivered (137 MV-22 /19 CV-22)
  • Exceeded 100,000 flight hours on the fleet; over 50% in last 2 years
  • Readiness Improvements In Progress
  • 5-year, $4.6B Multi-Year Procurement (MYP) contract - Mar 2008
    • 167 aircraft (141 MV-22, 26 CV-22) with options
  • Second MYP in work for 122 Aircraft, $4B with options
  • 5-year Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Contract
    • Phase I (Integrated Logistics Support Management) signed Jan 09
    • Phase 1.5 – (Reliability & Maintainability improvements) signed Jun 09
    • Phase II (Supply Chain Management) estimated contract in 3Q 2011
  • Growing domestic and international interest

Ospreys are Fielded and Maturing

long term delivery profile
Long Term Delivery Profile

Fuselage Deliveries

Actual| Projected MY I | Projected MY II

Annual production rate declines after Multi-Year 1


V-22 Osprey

Configuration Management Challenges

Configuration Management is the process of identifying and defining the items in the system, controlling the change of these items throughout their lifecycle, recording and reporting the status of items and change requests, and verifying the completeness and correctness of items.

-- IEEE-Std-729 (1983)

different considerations for configuration management
Different Considerations for Configuration Management
  • We all understand the importance of tracking the delivered item; but what about:
    • Hardware / Software Tools used to develop and deliver it?
    • People who interact with the entire process?
    • Different environments through which it traveled?
    • Data used to track development?
    • Services provided along the way?
  • In most instances, keeping configuration control of these elements is just as critical as knowing about the end product
  • What does your Customer expect?
    • What will your Customer accept?
v 22 configuration specific challenges
V-22 Configuration – Specific Challenges
  • Engineering / Production / CM / Support Tools
  • Production Flow of Fuselage through Final Delivery
  • Waivers / Deviations
    • Complexity of System Specification
    • New traceability on both sides
  • Early Incorporation vs Retrofit
v 22 configuration history
V-22 Configuration History
  • Some basic airframe parts derived from Full Scale Development (FSD) program – 1985
    • Mylar Drawings
    • Some 2-D CAD/CAM drawings
  • Some aircraft design components carried over from the Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) program – 1992
    • Introduction of CATIA 3-D
  • Currently in Lot 14 of Production
    • Goal of limiting configuration changes to Lot Effectivity not practical / achieved
    • Customer desire to incorporate new changes as soon as possible
      • Incorporation in earlier aircraft minimizes retrofit activity
engineering production cm support tools
Engineering / Production / CM / Support Tools
  • It would be much easier if we only had to worry about the Aircraft itself
    • Instead – there are multiple products to track and maintain
      • Aircraft Hardware and Software
      • Technical Publications and all Technical Data
      • Trainers – Maintenance, Part Task, Aircrew, etc…
      • Simulators – Maintenance and Flight
  • Now consider conflicting / incompatible tools that hinder configuration management
    • Engineering data in one system
    • Production data in another system
    • CM in database – tries to interface with others
      • Boeing system / Bell system / Government system all different (Corporate commonality)
  • Configuration Management of the tools is just as critical as CM of the products!
  • What did we do to overcome?
    • Communications! Asked each other for HELP!
    • Configuration Audits to strike common baseline (Goodness!)
      • Resulted in Closed Loop Corrective Action process
    • Improved CM processes (Continual)
    • Customer Involvement
engineering production cm support tools1
Engineering / Production / CM / Support Tools

-500 Software Installation Drawing

keeping track of fuselage configuration through final delivery
Keeping Track of Fuselage Configuration through Final Delivery
  • Once drawings and planning released – we just build the fuselage – RIGHT??
  • There are as many as 14 opportunities where configuration changes can be incorporated that must be managed
    • Engineering Effectivities
    • Manufacturing Planning paperwork
  • Unique Issues with the ‘Boeing’ fuselage
    • Boeing paperwork ‘closed out’ upon fuselage completion in PHL
    • When changes occur in Amarillo – which paperwork / CM system do we manage / track changes?
  • Another challenge is managing CM after delivery of the aircraft to the Customer (“post-DD250”)
    • Warfighter sometimes changes configuration out of necessity and our CM baseline is at risk
opportunities for insertion of configuration changes throughout the fuselage build cycle
Opportunities for Insertion of Configuration Changes throughout the Fuselage Build Cycle
















Wing Mate

Prep to












Fuselage Completed

Paperwork Closed Out

Post DD250














waivers deviations
Waivers / Deviations
  • V-22 Weapon System Specification –
    • Original Release – Oct 1985
    • Over 5,000 pages of detailed requirements
  • Current Multi-Year Procurement (MYP) Contract – Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF)
    • Spec interpretation conflicts are common
    • Deviations utilized to resolve conflicts
  • Still an issue after 25 years
  • How did we resolve this?
    • Work in Progress
early incorporation vs retrofit
Early Incorporation vs Retrofit
  • Goal for maintaining configuration management is to minimize the amount of changes for improved accuracy tracking
  • Preferred Approach
    • Limit Configuration Changes to known / planned incorporation points
      • New Production Lot / New Contract / etc…
    • Allows for stable configuration to mature and learning curve objectives to be met
  • Customer Challenges (Conflicting Goals)
    • Acknowledge preferred approach
    • Also committed to provide as much capability as soon as possible
    • Change Incorporation: Production Line disruption vs Retrofit
      • Early on in program – Retrofit Funding not identified / targeted
      • Customer typically accepted risk of learning curve / production disruption to ensure Warfighter received maximum capability at the earliest possible point
  • Think ahead regarding Obsolescence Issues
recommendations for the nuclear industry
Recommendations for the Nuclear Industry

Refine Your Pro-Active Parts Obsolescence Management Program

  • V-22: DoD 2007 Industry Award

Plan for Configuration Changes

  • Minimize iterative changes
  • Don’t change the same part

3 different times if you can all at once

Develop Strategic Plan for each site

  • Communicate with Customer!
  • Then Communicate some more!
  • Anticipate changes and plan accordingly

Ensure alignment on definitions

  • Determine ‘business case’ to ensure configuration changes done at the right time for the right reasons
  • Configuration Management challenges exist in every Industry in every aspect of daily operations
  • Managing expectations with Customers will go a long way in reducing CM challenges
  • Be Pro-Active! Anticipate and plan for known / likely changes
  • Utilize HELP NEEDED as a positive! You don’t have to do it alone!


Bruce Oestreich


Systems Engineering & Integration

Boeing Military Aircraft

Office: 610 591 3410

Cell: 610 348 3286