the life of h olden n.
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The life of H olden

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The life of H olden - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The life of H olden . About Holden. How does he look like ? What is Holden’s autognosis ? What personality does he have? How do you know that ? What is his attitude to the society (adults and children)? Why does feel in that way? . Can you guess what these scenes tell us about Holden?.

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The life of H olden

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about holden
About Holden
  • How does he look like?
  • What is Holden’s autognosis?
  • What personality does he have? How do you know that?
  • What is his attitude to the society (adults and children)? Why does feel in that way?
phoebe scene

Chapter 23- Then, all of a sudden, I started to cry. I couldn’t help it. I did it so nobody could head me, but I did it. It scared hell out of old Phoebe when I started doing it, and she came over and tried to make me stop, but once you get started, you can’t just stop on a goddamn dime. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed when I did it, and she put her old arm around my neck, and I put my arm around her, too, but I couldn’t stop for a long time.

children scene

She was having a helluva time tightening her skate. She didn’t have any gloves on or anything and her hands were all red and cold. I gave her a hand with it. Boy, I hadn’t had a skate key in my hand for years. It didn’t feel funny, though. You could put a skate key in my hand fifty years from now, in pitch dark, and I'd still know what it is. She thanked me and all when I had it tightened for her. She was a very nice, polite little kid. God, I love it when a kid's nice and polite when you tighten their skate for them or something. Most kids are. They really are. I asked her if she'd care to have a hot chocolate or something with me, but she said no, thank you. She said she had to meet her friend. Kids always have to meet their friend. That kills me.

adult scene


InthisbookHoldenmeetlotsofadultand he had different attitude to each adult. Sometimes Holden think some of adult are phony and surprised what was going to with some adult. But he is always feel depressed and these sort of thing will make him lonely. Also Holden like to talk some fascinating women and he like the adult’s life but he don’t want to being an adult. He know he was immature. Holden hate the phony guys like he always use bastard to describe some people and he also hate the pervert. Healwayssaidthecomplexofinferioritytosomeadultshedon’t like some of thing in the society. People are fairly to treat each other.


What is the relationship between phoebe and Holden?

What does Phoebe’s and Holden’s relationship tell us about Holden? What type of person is Phoebe? How the scene relates to the whole purpose of the book.

innocent children
Innocent Children
  • What Holden’s attitude to children?
  • What characteristic do children have?
  • Did Holden miss his childhood?
adults who needs em
Adults, who needs em?
  • Actually Holden don’t like feel depressing when he saw some phony guys that really can make him depressing. I think
  • Holden always use that word to criticizes about people who
  • Are fake or people are insecure. He always guess
  • someone are hypocritical or people are superficial
the catcher in the rye what does it really mean
The catcher in the rye, what does it really mean?
  • Why would he say something like that?
  • What would cause him to say something like that?
  • What does it mean?