eet 450 advanced digital n.
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EET 450 – Advanced Digital PowerPoint Presentation
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EET 450 – Advanced Digital

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EET 450 – Advanced Digital - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EET 450 – Advanced Digital. Printers, Plotters and other hard copy output devices. Printers. The object is to get ‘hard copy’ output from the computer Output is in a variety of forms Letters/numbers Graphics. Printers. The competition is speed versus quality (and price)

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eet 450 advanced digital

EET 450 – Advanced Digital

Printers, Plotters and other hard copy output devices

  • The object is to get ‘hard copy’ output from the computer
  • Output is in a variety of forms
    • Letters/numbers
    • Graphics
  • The competition is speed versus quality (and price)
    • Speed determined by Characters per Second (cps) or Pages per Minute (ppm)
    • Quality is measured by a variety of factors
      • Dots per inch (dpi)
      • ‘Letter Quality’
printing engines
Printing Engines
  • Historically, printers were fabricated from typewriter mechanisms
  • Dot Matrix
    • Characters are constructed using ‘dots’ of ink or other marks
    • Typically a 5x7 matrix at least
printing engines1
Printing Engines
  • ‘Letter Quality’
    • Originally used to describe output of the quality of a professional letter
    • Impact LQ printers use ‘Letter at once’ technology
    • Laser and Ink Jet printers now have high enough quality to be determined as LQ
printing engines2
Printing Engines
  • Line Printer
    • Prints an entire line of print at one time
    • Used for ‘High Volume’ output
  • Color versus Monochrome
    • Available in each of the above technologies +
printer types
Printer types
  • Impact Dot Matrix
    • Uses a set of magnet actuated wires (pins) which strike a ribbon, leaving the imprint of the character as an array of dots
    • Ribbons may be in a variety of (primary) colors, allowing color output.
printer types1
Printer types
  • Ink Jet (dot matrix)
    • Thermal Inkjet – uses pigment bearing ink heated to steam – which is emitted to form characters
    • Piezo Inkjet – uses piezo crystal actuator to ‘spray’ a liquid ink
printer types2
Printer types
    • Phase Change Inkjet – wax based inks
    • Electrostatic Inkjet – ink droplets are charged/propelled by electrostatics
  • Thermal & electrostatic Printers
    • Use thermally reactive paper darkens when a very small heating element is activated
    • Electrostatic discharge into coated paper, burns dots into the surface of electrostatic printers
printer types3
Printer types
  • Laser printers
    • Image is ‘written’ using a laser LED, onto an electro statically charged surface
    • A powdered, pigment bearing, ‘toner’ is adhered to the surface by the charge
    • The image is transferred to paper, by pressing the powdered image to the surface
    • The powdered toner is fused (heated) to the paper by a heating element, at the same time it is pressed into the surface of the paper.
    • Voila
printer types4
Printer Types
  • Thermal Transfer
    • Pigment is carried on a ribbon, and melted to the paper by an element – a form of DM
  • Dye Diffusion/Dye sublimation
    • High quality – photo output
    • Similar to thermal transfer, but using penetrating dyes
paper handling
Paper handling
  • Sheet Feeders
    • Most printers now use some form of cut sheet feeder to supply paper to the mechanism
  • Friction feed/continuous paper
    • Use a roller, pressing into the platten to feed a continuous roll of paper
      • Not very accurate
paper handling1
Paper handling
  • Pin Feed
    • Generally describes a set of pins, at the sides of the platten
    • Requires ‘tractor feed’ paper
  • Tractor Feed
    • Using the holes in ‘tractor feed’ paper, PULLS the paper from the head area or pushes the paper into the head area
paper handling2
Paper handling
  • Duplex printing
    • Usually only available in laser printers
    • A complex mechanical mechanism, reverses the paper from output back to feed into the printer.
    • Both sides of the paper are used
  • Form feeders
    • Alternate paper bins
    • Envelope feeders
  • Ink
    • Inkjet cartridges
      • Refilling
    • Ribbons
  • Laser printers
    • Toner cartridge
  • Quality of paper is measured by
    • Weight - pounds per 500 sheet ream of uncut C size paper
      • Or per 2000 8.5”x11” sheets
    • Brightness
      • Ie 84 - % of light reflected from the surface
  • Coating/specialty papers
    • High quality – photo quality
    • Canvas/other surfaces
    • Transparencies
    • Cloth
    • Card stock, etc.
  • Uses x-y control to move paper/pen
    • Draws the image using vectors
other output devices
Other output devices
  • Photo plot
    • Photo film image created through projected light
other output devices1
Other output devices
  • 3D – output
    • Photo lithography
      • Rapid prototyping technique
      • UV Curable resin used to ‘build’ a 3 dimensional image
    • Milling
      • Material is removed to leave the 3D image
      • CAD
  • A short review next Tuesday
  • Although not scheduled yet, I thought it would be good to scare the bejesus out of everyone by bringing it up.