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Community Leadership Webinar June 11, 2009 Widening the Tent: PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Leadership Webinar June 11, 2009 Widening the Tent:

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Community Leadership Webinar June 11, 2009 Widening the Tent: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Community Leadership Webinar June 11, 2009 Widening the Tent:
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Community Leadership Webinar June 11, 2009 Widening the Tent: Building Relationships for Community Leadership

  2. Welcome • Second Community Leadership Webinar • Hosted by CFLeads & the Council on Foundations • 200 participants from 90+ CFs

  3. Agenda Lauren CasteelVice President, Philanthropic Partnerships The Denver Foundation Tom Wilcox President & CEOBaltimore Community Foundation Q & A

  4. National Task Force on Community Leadership • 30 philanthropic leaders • 12 months • 2 frameworks – individual community foundation and field-level

  5. CL Framework Value • Many pathways to community leadership – not prescriptive • A way to unpack complex concepts and processes • A tool for planning that starts from analysis rather than intuition • A tool for taking stock and evaluating progress • A means to target the right actions to achieve desired results • Finally…a definition of community leadership

  6. Community Leadership Definition The community foundation is a catalyzing force that creates a better future for all by addressing the community’s most critical or persistent challenges, inclusively uniting people, institutions and resources, and producing significant, widely shared and lasting results.  

  7. Framework for Community Leadership, First Level Building Blocks A. Values, culture and will B. Relationships C. Resources D. Understanding and skills

  8. B. Relationships Building BlockFirst-Level Building Block The community foundation continuously builds the relationships to exercise community leadership.

  9. Building Block B: Second-Level Building Blocks B.1 The community foundation is positioned to join with or convene those involved in, affected by or concerned about an issue. B.2 The community foundation engages and supports other community leaders.

  10. B.1 – Join with or convene • Core expectation for staff & board • Nurtures relationships & trust • Has access to diverse group of leaders • Hands on in neighborhoods • Bring vulnerable and voiceless to the table • Reach outside the community, as needed

  11. B.2 – Support other community leaders • Joins other leaders’ efforts • Builds capacity of community leaders • Supports new leaders, especially from under-represented communities • Believes groups should choose their own leaders

  12. Community Foundation Leadership RELATIONSHIPS Lauren Casteel Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships The Denver Foundation

  13. Second Level Building Block • The Community Foundation is positioned to join with or convene those involved in, affected by or concerned about an issue.

  14. Relationships… 1a. Building and outreach are core expectations for community foundation staff, board and volunteers. How???

  15. TDF Strategic Plan • Mission: We inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen our community. • Vision: We envision a community where all residents in Metro Denver have opportunity for a high quality life… The ability to give of themselves and connect with their community.

  16. Our Values • Leadership: -We listen to and learn from our community. • Equity - People.

  17. Inclusiveness: We practice and champion inclusiveness in our community. We honor diverse strengths, needs, voices and backgrounds of all members of our community.

  18. Accountability: …honor the charitable intentions of our donors…

  19. 1b. The community foundation nurtures relations and fosters trust throughout the community. Listening Campaign

  20. Community Grants Workshops Site Visits Technical Assistance

  21. Donors • Information, support, ongoing education, professional advisors.

  22. Finance = Transparency

  23. 1c. The community foundation has access to a diverse group of leaders through its board, staff, donors, volunteers, grantees and partners.Who???

  24. Our diversity spans the spectrum of abilities, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, linguistic differences, national origins, political perspectives and sexual orientation. • Inclusiveness Initiative

  25. 2008/2009 board “majority minority.” All project and grantmaking advisory committees comparable diversity. • Interpreter provided for staff, • classes in ASL or Spanish.

  26. 1d. The community foundation is actively and directly involved in those neighborhoods and places where it is doing community leadership work.

  27. (Grassroots Grantmaking)

  28. 1e. The community foundation engages the vulnerable and the voiceless in community problem solving .

  29. Comprehensive Gang Model Community members, nonprofits, government and former gang members coming together in churches and parks.

  30. Members on Advisory Committees and Board leadership.

  31. 1f. The community foundation builds relationships with those outside the community whose connections, resources, interests and abilities may support community leadership work.

  32. Learning networks, national boards, conferences, among others…

  33. The community foundation engages and supports other community leaders.

  34. 2a. The community foundation follows or joins efforts initiated and led by others. What???

  35. Colorado HIV/AIDS Collaborative

  36. Philanthropic Leadership Committee • Poverty - compilation report building on research by others • Invited reflection • Interviewed others - RE: Gaps

  37. Hunger • Feedback from food banks • Critical Needs Fund • Donor engagement • Short-term strategy to meet immediate needs

  38. Policy & advocacy • State system for enrollment - Poverty Reduction Task Force

  39. 2b. The community foundation works to build the capacity of leaders throughout the community.

  40. Coordination with community leadership programs for people of color.

  41. 2c. The community foundation engages and supports new leaders, especially from groups underrepresented in the community’s leadership structure, to succeed and gain influence.

  42. Leadership Training:

  43. Nonprofit Internship Program

  44. Why????

  45. Impact Nonprofit Internship Program The Community Donors Nonprofits

  46. Lessons Learned The development of internal and external relationships with all of our stakeholders leverages and enhances our work. In challenging times - it is important to value all of the assets we have available to us in service to and in partnership with our community.

  47. Cool Tool!

  48. Tom Wilcox President and CEO Baltimore Community Foundation Vision, Programs and Relationships Make Big Things Happen in Baltimore

  49. BCF Relationship-Building Architecture • Improve credibility in community • Create a bold vision • Share ownership • Support other community leaders’ interests • Create expectations

  50. 2001 Strategic Plan Goal V BCF will participate in crafting and articulating a broad civic agenda for the region, which will serve as a framework for BCF’s programmatic work.