colorectal cancer is malaysia s second largest n.
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Colorectal cancer is Malaysia's second largest killer PowerPoint Presentation
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Colorectal cancer is Malaysia's second largest killer

Colorectal cancer is Malaysia's second largest killer

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Colorectal cancer is Malaysia's second largest killer

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  1. Colorectal cancer is Malaysia's second largest killer Every year five million people died, due to stroke in Malaysia Expert: Chinese is high-risk group of colorectal cancer

  2. What is Prunes? • Also known as dried plum, mainly produced in California and France • Plums dehydrated in hot temperature (85-90℃) for 18 hours continuous, after which they are called prunes. Prunes are further minced, filtered, and processed to produce prunes concentrate juice or prune sauce • A Comprehensive food: high in antioxidant, high fibre -relieves constipation, reduce damage from free radical oxidation. • Convenient for busy lifestyle, easy to carry and high in nutritional value • One of the secret weapon for longevity & Constipation

  3. Longevity Secrets • Optimistic attitude towards life • Warm and happy family • Hospitable habits • Highly developed medicines • 2000 years ago, already know prunes rich in nutrients Of Caucasians

  4. Do you know? There are lots of European plum trees growing tall and healthy on the mountains in the Caucasus region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Plum trees blossom in the spring with white flowers, and in summer they bear sweet purple fruits. It is believed that plums are fruits of immortality. Coincidentally, those who eat them do enjoy longevity indeed.

  5. High in antioxidantsORAC Minerals(Calcium、Iron、Potassium、Boron) Vitamins(A/Bcomplex/C) Fiber Cholesteroland Fat free Folate Click for more information!

  6. THE PERFECT MATCH Well3 Prune Berries • 36,600 ORAC unit of antioxidants, high dietary fibre • With 6 types of mixed berries  (Red grape/white grape/yumberry/ blueberry/raspberry/ mulberry) • Produced by GMP factory with advanced technology • No added colouring/sugar/additives/preservatives • Natural prunes from free-pollution farm in California, Japan technology

  7. 1 • Natural Prunes from free pollution plantation in California

  8. 2 • Mixed berries concentrate juice • (red grape / white grape / blueberry / yumberry / raspberry / mulberry)

  9. Superfruit 3 • High antioxidant • High nutritional value • Promotes gastrointestinal motility

  10. Top Ten Foods rich in Iron:1. Dried fruit (prunes, raisins) 2. egg yolks 3. Dark/ green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale) 4. red meat 5. cereals and grains 6. oysters, clams, scallops 7. turkey or chicken offal 8. Beans 9. liver 10. Artichoke Source: Jadual

  11. High Antioxidant

  12. Free radicals are normally caused by aging and external factors, such as smoking, pollutions and sun exposure. • We are fine as long as there’s enough antioxidants in our body. Otherwise, free radicals will attack, and ultimately destroy healthy body cells, causing damage and leading to life-threatening diseases such as: • Immune dysfunction • Cancer • Cardiovascular diseases • Cognitive impairment • Deterioration of eyesight • Dementia or Alzheimer's disease • Sagging skin, systemic aging

  13. Comparison of ORAC value in selected fruits • USDA recommends a daily intake of at least 3000 ORAC units to maintain metabolic balance. Source: US Department of AgricultureMalaysian Dietary Guideline

  14. What is ORAC? It’s an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity the HIGHERthe ORAC value, the STRONGERthe antioxidant’s capacity to inhibit free radicals. F irstInventioni First developed in 1992 by Dr GuoHua Cao from U.S. National Institute of gerontology and assisted by Dr. Ronald L. Prior. Source:

  15. Antioxidant Index 31times OR OR OR 14 times 1 sticks of Well3 Prune Berries (10g) 9 times 3 times

  16. Anthocyanins and phenolic acids are the phytochemicals contained in prunes. Neochlorogenic acid and chlorogenic acid are phenolic acids found in abundance to help inhibit oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) , andReduce Heart Disease Morbidity rate.

  17. Research reports

  18. Prunes antioxidant function CREATOL(Oxidative stress markers) 8-isoprostane(Oxidative stress markers) (Mg/day) (Pg/day) • After 4 weeks • 4 weeks after stopping eating • After 4 weeks • Before • 4 weeks after stopping eating • Before

  19. Prunes antioxidant function • Normal daily diet Cancer Rat(%) • Normal daily diet +chlorogenic acid Source: Shimizu M,et al : J Toxicol Sci.1999 Dec;24(5):433-9

  20. Prunes antioxidant function Colorectal Cancer Gastric Cancer * ** number of cells(%) ** ** 0.0 0.1 0.3 0.0 0.1 0.3 Prune Extract(mg/ml) *p<0.05 **p<0.01 vs.control

  21. Prunes antioxidant function Normal cell Number of cells(%) 0.0 0.1 0.3 Prune Extract(mg/ml) *p<0.05 **p<0.01 vs.control

  22. Constipation Inhibitor

  23. Prunes with mixed berries are high-fibre food, it supplies essential soluble and insoluble fibres to our body. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, eating a high-fiber diet can reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

  24. * Constipation inhibitor Published in the 44th Fukuoka, Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Clinical Nutrition • One prune contains 0.7 grams of dietary fibre (about 7%), and four times more than an apple • Prunes contain natural loose stool laxative ingredient-Dihydrophenylisatin, to assist muscle contraction, soften stool & ease excretion *A healthy Malaysian (> 2 years) daily intake is 20-30 grams of fibre. Adult male: 38g / day; adult female: 25g /day

  25. Dietary Fiber 2Banana Source: Malaysian Foods Composition Database, Nutrition Society of Malaysia 3Slices papaya OR OR OR OR OR 3Apples Half a pumpkin 2Stick Well3 Prune Berries 170g vegetables 4Tomatoes

  26. Other functions - Reduce cholesterol - Prevent hypertension/stroke - Prevent osteoporosis - Help bone metabolism - Inhibit bacterial growth - Improve beauty

  27. Reduce Cholesterol

  28. Constipation Savior Reduce cholesterol • Prunes have cholesterol-reducing effect • Bad cholesterol* in blood and bile acids in faeces are obviously reduced, and 20% increament in stool volume** American Journal of Clinical Nutrition * LDL, low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol ** Subjects consecutively took 12 prunes daily for eight weeks

  29. Prevent hypertension/stroke

  30. Prevent hypertension/stroke Amount of Potassium in Foods (mg) Broccoli(40g) Orange(100g) Kiwi(60g) Green Pea(50g) pomelo(200g) Fermented soy(50g) Spinach(70g) Banana(120g) Sweet potato(100g) Concentrated Prune Essence(55g) Potassium is a very important substance to maintain normal activities in body cells, tissue and organs. It is responsible for the transportation of nutrients into cells and waste out of cells, helps muscle contraction, reduces the risk of recurrent kidney stones, reduces high blood pressure or stroke risk and prevents bone loss caused by agieng.

  31. Ratio of potassium and sodium in urine P < 0.05 P < 0.05 After 4 weeks 4 weeks after stop eating Before U.S. FDA says that eating foods low in sodium and potassium (at per serving at least 350 milligrams of potassium and less than 140mg of sodium) such as prunes can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

  32. Prevent Osteoporosis

  33. Prevent Osteoporosis Prunes contain a variety of natural compounds eg. organic acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin K, copper, boron and can also maintain bone health. Source: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 41(4), 251(2001)

  34. Prevent Osteoporosis Subject: postmenopausal women consecutively consume sufficient calcium and vitamin D for 90 days, while taking 8-10 prunes with water, with the following results: • Prunes is more effective than hormone therapy and other drugs in reducing body's bone loss • Effectively rebuild bone osteoporosis • Scientific evidence showed that anti-bone loss mechanism is related to the high antioxidant capacity Dr. BAHRAM H. ARJMANDI • Chairman of the Department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences, Florida State University • World’s expert in bone health Unprocessed fresh plums do not have such effects

  35. Inhibit Pathogenic growth

  36. Inhibit pathogenic growth The 3rdCongres of Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science. (2003) Didn’t consume prune Consumed prune Quinic acid can acidify urine so that pathogeniccannot grow, and resists pathogenicadhesion so that pathogeniccannot feed on the urethra, thus preventing urinary tract infection.

  37. Amount of quinic acid in fruits(g/100g) Plum Kiwi Bilberry Prune Concentrated prune essence 4.28 Source: ITE Letters on Batteries, New Technologies & Medicine, 4, 639 (2003)

  38. Improve beauty - Antioxidants can slow or prevent the skin cells from damage caused by free radicals.- Vitamins such as A and C, can help protect the skin from sun damage, thus preventing ageing, dull skin and wrinkles.- Prune is rich in natural compounds that can promote growth of skin cells, help the skin healing process. - Promote healthy bowel movement, reduce constipation, develop a non-toxic body , with an inner glow of healthy skin.

  39. FAQ

  40. Q & A 1.Is Well3 Prune Berries a medicine/drug? No, Well3 Prune Berries is a natural supplement, it does not contain any chemical substances. It can replenish our body's nutrients and minerals, along with ANT concept of cleanse, restore, build, protect. 2. Well3 Prune Berries is suitable for: 3.Can pregnant women consume Well3 Prune Berries? Pregnant women can take Well3 Prune Berries safely. It contains iron, calcium, fibre and other nutrients which can help enhance foetal and mother’s health. Generally, pregnant women are accustomed to suffer from constipation, and Well3 Prune Berries can help them to relieve constipation. 4.Is there any other method to consume Well3 Prune Berries instead of taking it directly? You can use it as a spread, or natural seasoning in cooking baby food, ice cream, cake, etc. • Children – supply complete nutrients, promote healthy growth • Pregnant women – Enhance essential nutrients for mothers during pregnancy and after delivery. • Elderly – rich in calcium to help prevent osteoporosis • Anaemia patients – Helps in heme synthesis and prevents anaemia • Alcoholics – Helps in breaking down alcohol and reducing the effect of copper in body. • High blood pressure patients – Prunes with high potassium, low sodium, is very suitable for them • Constipation patients – High fibres can improve bowel movements, excretion, alleviate constipation and prevent haemorrhoids • Vegetarians – Best choice for vegetarians for source of iron.

  41. Price list RP MP RM108.00 RM90.00 MP RP CV : 10 RM504.00 RM420.00 CV : 50 30 sachets x 10g / box 30 sachets x 10g x 5 boxes Recommended intake of atleast two sticks per day. Can be directly consumed or with 100 ml water (room temperature). Of course, you may also add it into your meals.

  42. Add Prune Berries for better taste!