les monuments de paris n.
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Les Monuments de Paris PowerPoint Presentation
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Les Monuments de Paris

Les Monuments de Paris

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Les Monuments de Paris

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  1. Les Monuments de Paris

  2. The subway built in 1900 with one line, now has 380 stations below Paris!

  3. Le métro

  4. Paris’ beautiful town hall built in the renaissance style

  5. L’Hôtel de Ville

  6. The first stone bridge in Paris is now paris’ oldest bridge!

  7. Le Pont Neuf

  8. This amazing museum is the home of the Mona Lisa and features the triangle entry way

  9. Le Louvre

  10. Part of the University of Paris

  11. La Sorbonne

  12. This ultra modern building is used as a modern art museum and a public library

  13. Centre Pompidou

  14. The prison for those sentenced to the guillotine….Marie Antoinette is their most famous prisoner!

  15. La Conciergerie

  16. Where people were guillotined during the french revolution- now named for peace and harmony

  17. La Place de la Concorde

  18. Situated next to the Louvre, this park has statues, plants and fountains in the Medici style

  19. Le Jardin de Tuileries

  20. The Conciergerie, the Pont Neuf and Notre Dame are all found on this island in Paris

  21. L’île de la cité

  22. This river flows through the middle of Paris!

  23. La Seine

  24. Architect Charles Garnier created a luxurious theater for the French elite that now shows ballet

  25. L’Opéra

  26. This art museum is a converted train station and features the impressionist era

  27. Musée d’Orsay

  28. This famous , wide street features luxury shops and ends at the Arch de Triomphe

  29. Les Champs-Elysées

  30. This is the famous “place” where the famous Bastille prison once stood

  31. La Place de la Bastille

  32. This famous cathedral took almost 200 years to build and features gothic architecture like the Rose windows and gargoyles

  33. Notre Dame

  34. Giant monument to Napoleon’s victories, now also commemorates the WWII vets with the eternal flame

  35. L’Arc de Triomphe

  36. First used as quarries, this houses the human bones from the cleared out cemetaries pf Paris in the 1700’s

  37. Les Catacombes

  38. Situated in the Latin quarter, this park is also the site of the French Senate

  39. Le Jardin de Luxembourg

  40. The city of Paris is divided into this arrangement

  41. 20 arrondissements

  42. This huge, white basilica/church was built as a memorial to the soldiers in the Franco-Prussian War and was built on Montmartre hill

  43. Le Sacré Coeur

  44. This famous castle is located outside of paris and is the home of the Hall of Mirrors, extensive gardens and fountains and is known for the treaty that was signed here to end WWI

  45. Versailles