the crucible n.
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The Crucible

The Crucible

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The Crucible

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  1. The Crucible By Arthur Miller

  2. A ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures. A place or occasion of severe test or trial: "the crucible of combat" What is a CRUCIBLE?

  3. It melts • Impurities come out, leaving the pure substance. What happens when you put something in a crucible?

  4. Courthouse trial • Rehab • Baptism • Exorcism • Chemotherapy • Growing up • War • Awkward social situations • Geometry/biology eoc proctoring/ other standardized tests • The hunger games • Personality test • Survival situations • High school & college What kinds of situations might we call “crucibles”?

  5. 4th & goal (or conditioning) • Rehab • Chemotherapy • War & boot camp • Prison • Religious fast • Divorce • High school • Grief • Diet • Therapy • My 1st year teaching • The hunger games What kinds of situations might we call “crucibles”?

  6. Death in the family • Exorcism • Baptism • Breaking an addiction/rehab • High school/ the hunger games • Near-death experience • War • Sickness • Marathon What kinds of situations might we call “crucibles”?

  7. Exorcisms • Jail • Sickness– cancer, anything with chemotherapy • 10-hour flights • War • Fasting • Airport security • Divorce • Addiction/recovery • Therapy • Someone dying/funerals • Training/conditioning What kinds of situations might we call “crucibles”?

  8. Have you ever been through a “crucible”? • Describe the experience, and what you learned about yourself. Thursday, April 25 Bellwork

  9. What kind of person do you think Abigail is? Do you like or dislike her? • Write down one of Abigail’s lines that supports your judgment of her. Be sure to cite the page number! Wednesday, May 01 Bellwork

  10. When you do something that might get you into trouble, how do you typically proceed? • Deny everything. I’m not owning up to any more than I have to! • Confess [at least part of the truth]. If I tell them, maybe the punishment will be lighter. • Blame it all on someone else. I’ve got to look out for #1! Quick Poll:

  11. Sample Outline: • Topic Sentence: In Act I of The Crucible, [character] does [whatever he/she does] because_________________. • Explanations & Examples • Integrate a quotation into one of your sentences • Conclude After reading Act I of The Crucible, write ONE PARAGRAPH about ONE of the character’s MOTIVES. Thursday, May 02 Bellwork

  12. A 3 makes a claim about a character’s motives, supports that claim with reasons and evidence, and concludes. A 2 is missing some elements, or doesn’t really answer the prompt. A 1 isn’t a paragraph. Grade your paragraph from yesterday on a scale of 1-3. Friday, May 03 Bellwork

  13. …and if you really outdid yourself, give it a 4!!

  14. Write three complete sentences about why you believe the conjuring phenomenon in Salem is real/fake/somewhere in between. Monday, May 06 Bellwork

  15. Back when we read The Great Gatsby, we discussed what our reactions would be if we found out that our spouses were cheating. Some of you said you’d leave. Others said you would try to work it out. • John and Elizabeth Proctor are trying to “work it out.” • What do you think is the most difficult part of the process for Elizabeth? • What do you think is the most difficult thing for John? Tuesday, May 07 Bellwork

  16. Read Pages 937-940 (stop when Mary Warren enters) • Assign roles: • John Proctor • Elizabeth Proctor • Narrator • Note-taker • The note-taker should complete the worksheet, with the help of the whole group. Tuesday Groupwork

  17. What do you think of Mary Warren? Is she trying to do the right thing? Is she like Abigail? Does she want to hurt people? • Write 3-5 sentences about Mary Warren’s character. • Pick out one or two quotations (she says, or the narrator says) that support your estimation of her character. Thursday, May 09 Bellwork

  18. After reading and watching Act 2, write a journal entry from the point of view of one of these characters: • John Proctor • Elizabeth Proctor • Mary Warren • Reverend Hale • Your journal entry should focus on the character’s internal conflict. (Self v. self) • 5-10 sentences Friday, May 10 Bellwork

  19. In Act 3, Judge Danforth tells Francis and Proctor that “a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between” (964). • Make a text-to-world/self/textconnectionwith this idea that “you’re either with us or against us.” • Why is this kind of worldview problematic? Tuesday, May 14 Bellwork

  20. Choose a character from Act 3, and explain how his/her true nature is revealed by the “crucible” of the court scene. • Choose from these characters: • Proctor • Elizabeth • Mary Warren • Hale • Danforth • Now, choose a quotation from Act 3 that supports your analysis of that character. Wednesday, May 15 Bellwork