windows 8 1 u3a computer improvers n.
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Windows 8.1 U3A Computer Improvers PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows 8.1 U3A Computer Improvers

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Windows 8.1 U3A Computer Improvers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows 8.1 U3A Computer Improvers. 14 March 2014 Mike Hender. Download this information from:. http:// http:// Topics. What’s all the fuss about? Getting used to Windows 8.1 Accessing the programs you’ll use Escaping the ‘Modern’ interface

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windows 8 1 u3a computer improvers

Windows 8.1U3A Computer Improvers

14 March 2014

Mike Hender

download this information from

Download this information from:

  • What’s all the fuss about?
  • Getting used to Windows 8.1
  • Accessing the programs you’ll use
  • Escaping the ‘Modern’ interface
  • The charm of ‘Charms’
  • Finding the Control Panel
  • Linking to WiFi
what s all the fuss about
What’s all the fuss about?
  • PC sales on a downward trend
  • Win 8 PC sales very slow
  • Win 8 Phone/Tablet very slow
  • Very mixed reception by users
  • Steven Sinofsky, Windows Division Head leaves
  • MS purchases Nokia
  • Steve Ballmer ‘steps down’
  • Satya Nadella takes over
But . . .
  • Microsoft still a successful company with large cash balance
  • Win 8 Desktop
    • Improved security
    • Faster operation
    • Faster boot
  • Win 8 ‘Modern’ (Tablet/Touch)
    • Good UI
    • Not enough Apps
    • Not appropriate for large screens/mouse
  • Combination spoilt by
    • Bolting the two together
    • Lack of help for the user
help is on the way
Help is on the way
  • Win 8.1 an improvement
  • Win 8.1 Update 1 due out in April
  • Win 9 sometime in 2015
  • Third party Apps like Start8, Modern Mix
what s in update 1
What’s in Update 1?
  • Win 7 not coming back!
  • Boots to desktop by default
  • Uses less memory
  • Power and Search buttons
  • Unified task bar
  • Metro apps have close button
to cover
To cover
  • Logging on
  • Defaulting to the desktop
  • The Start Button
  • Switching between modes
  • Starting and Stopping ‘Modern’ Apps
  • Charms
  • One Drive
  • Program defaults
  • Using Mail

This is the Windows 8.1 ‘Desktop View’.

It’s very similar to Windows 7





Adobe Photoshop

Elements 12




VLC DVD Player



Office 2013




Right clicking the Start Button reveals some familiar terms

Butthe normal left click of the Start Button takes you to an expanded list of programs that occupy the whole screen (see next slide . . . )

the familiar windows 7 start button has changed
The familiar Windows 7 Start Button has changed!

(This slide is just to remind you how Windows 7 works)

Most frequently used programs

Replaced by 2 new screens . . .

All other programs

Windows 7


The Windows 8.1 first level Start Screen

Get back to the familiar desktop by clicking here

Or by touching the ‘Windows’ key

Note there isn’t a ‘Taskbar’ when you’re in the ‘Modern’ half of the OS


The Windows 8.1 first level Start Screen

More detailed level Start Screens


If you find yourself in a full screen, modern app – like the ‘Photo’ app shown below – here’s how to close and return to the desktop

1. First move the mouse curser to the very top of the screen until it turns into a hand.

2. Then click, and holding the left button down, drag the cursor all the way to the bottom of the screen and then release the button

This will take you back to the standard desktop


To shut down, go to the traditional desktop

Right click the Start Button and then click on Shut Down


Move the mouse pointer to either corner to reveal the ‘Charms’

  • Search
  • Share
  • Start
  • Devices
  • Settings

The Start Button has some differences



Put the mouse cursor in the bottom or top right hand screen corner to reveal the ‘Charms’


WiFi Network Charm

If you’re in the Pottery Room this will say: u3a-networkPR


You can look at the WiFi networks both through the Charms on the right or with this Network and Sharing Centre window in the Control Panel