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Presentation Transcript
Earthref sbn research coordination network on seamounts Coordination Network

on Seamounts

Seamount research involves many science disciplines that have much to gain from interfacing with each other. Over-coming the challenges of interdisciplinary integration are important to a successful biological, geochemical, geological and geophysical exploration of the seamount interface between the hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.

The goal of the Seamount Biogeosciences Network (SBN) is to bring together all the diverse science disciplines involved in seamount research, to communicate about and discuss seamount science, and to explore innovative ways to network amongst the diverse communities working on seamounts.

Earthref sbn research coordination network on seamounts

SBN Mandate

  • Form an International Network of all Seamount Researchers

  • Organize Workshops

  • Promote Cross-Disciplinary Access to Seamount Data and Databases

  • Facilitate New Collaborations

  • Explores New Lines of Seamount Research Funding

Earthref sbn research coordination network on seamounts

Project Sponsors

  • NSF ― Biological Sciences (BIO) Research Coordination Network (RCN)

  • NSF ― Ocean Sciences (OCE)

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

NSF Project Outline

  • Funded for Five Years, Starting October 2005

  • Two Workshops (2006 and 2009)

  • Database and Website Development based on Seamount Catalog +

Earthref sbn research coordination network on seamounts

Who’s Involved

  • Steering CommitteeKatrina Edwards (WHOI, Chair), Stan Hart (WHOI), Marcia McNutt (MBARI) Debbie Smith (WHOI), Hubert Staudigel (SIO), Brad Tebo (SIO), Geoffrey Wheat (MBARI)

  • Associated InvestigatorsHubert Staudigel (SIO, PI), Anthony Koppers (SIO, PI), Wolfgang Bach (Bremen) Katrina Edwards (WHOI), Dave Emerson (GMU), Craig Moyer (WWU), Debbie Smith (WHOI) Mitch Sogin (WHOI), Karen Stocks (SDSC), Brad Tebo (OHU), Alexis Templeton (SIO)

  • Charter MembersCurrently more than 60 International Seamount Researchers …

SBN Home Office

Hubert Staudigel, Anthony Koppers and Patty KeizerIGPP ― Scripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, CA 92037-0225, USA

Earthref sbn research coordination network on seamounts

SBN Workshop 2006

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

La Jolla, 24-25 March

  • Welcome and Introduction

  • Six 90 Minute Keynote and Discussion SessionsSeamounts from Space, Their Ages and Life Cycles Integrated Seamount Studies ― Vailulu’u Seamount Microbial Community Characterization Benthic Ecology and Oceanographic Controls Fisheries, Conservation and Endemism Hydrothermal Systems ― Physics and Chemistry

  • Two 60 Minute Breakout SessionsIntegrated Seamount Observatories Database Needs, Cyberinfrastructure and the Seamount Catalog Seamount White Paper SBN Goals and Tasks

  • Poster and Plenary Sessions

Earthref sbn research coordination network on seamounts

Sponsors SBN Workshop 2006

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  • Center for Earth Observations Applications (CEOA)