the role of p ilot institutions in the project l.
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The Role of P ilot Institutions in the Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The Role of P ilot Institutions in the Project

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The Role of P ilot Institutions in the Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Role of P ilot Institutions in the Project. KAROLINA HORVATINČIĆ, Project Director KING ICT. In the next 90 min utes. Proje ct and P ilot Institutions Preparation of P ilot Institutions The role of P ilot Institutions and Project Delivery. Pilot Institutions. 27 Schools

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the role of p ilot institutions in the project

The Role of Pilot Institutions in the Project



in the next 90 min utes
In the next 90 minutes
  • Project and Pilot Institutions
  • Preparation of Pilot Institutions
  • The role of Pilot Institutions and Project Delivery
pilot institutions
Pilot Institutions
  • 27 Schools
  • 5 Didactic Centers
  • 5 Municipality Education Offices
  • 1NetworkOperation Centre
  • FacultyofEducation
  • IT Department of MEST
pilot schools
Pilot Schools

“Emin Duraku” Kacanik/Kačanik

“Fan Noli” Gjakove/Đakovica

“Naim Frasheri” Shtime/Štime

“Xhemail Mustafa” Prishtina/Priština

“Ismail Qemali”, Mitrovice/Mitrovica

“Trajko Perić”, Veliko Roptovo

“Shtjefin Gjegori”, Janjeve/Janjevo

“Hajdar Dushi”, Gjakova/Đakovica

“Skenderbeu”, Kacanik/Kačanik

“Abdyl Frasheri”, Malisheve/Mališevo

“Frank Bardhi”, Mitrovice/Mitrovica

“Sami Frasheri”, Prishtina/Priština

“Kuvendi i Arberit” Ferizaj/Uroševac

“Bedri Pejani”, Peje/Peć

“FehmiLadrovci”, Drenas

“MehmetIsai”, Gjilan/Gnjilane

“Andrea Dursaku”, Kamenice/Kamenica

“Ali Hadri” Peje/Peć

“HoxheKadri”, Pristina/Priština

“SkenderLuarasi”, Suhareke/SuhaReka

“XheladinDeda” Peje/Peć

“Nene Tereza”, Prizren/Prizren

“Ismail Qemajli” Prishtina/Priština

“GjonBuzuku”, Prizren

“MiladinPopovic”, Sušice, Gračanica

“Ataturk”, Mamusha/Mamuša

“RushdiBerisha”, Dragash/Dragaš

project results so far
Project resultsso far…
  • Visits and selection of pilot institutions
  • Infrastructure needs analysis
  • Recommendations to the EC for the EU Supply Tender regarding equipment for the pilot Institutions
  • Visits and analysis of the work required for acceptance of equipment
  • Training the Trainers
  • Training for Managers
equipping the pilot institutions
Equipping the pilot institutions
  • Supply Tender of the European Commission associated with this project
  • The goal is to equip the pilot institutions with equipment that enables the application of ICT in teaching and supporting the introduction of e-learning in line with MEST e-learning Strategy and this project
  • tender was published in the duringOctober 2010, applications were up until: 8.12.2010
  • Selection of the supplier: Januar 2011
  • Time for delivery: 4 months
equipment for schools
Equipment for Schools
  • computers for teachers
  • equipping computer labs
  • computers connectedin local area networks
  • system for wireless Internet connection
computers for teachers
Computers for Teachers
  • 3 standard multimedia desktops
    • for the preparation of teaching
  • 5 laptop computers
    • to create e-learning content
    • for use in teaching
equipping computer labs
Equipping computer labs
  • 16 multimedia desktop computers
  • projector and screen
  • printer/scaner/copy machine
  • digital camera
computer networking connection
Computer networking ( Connection)
  • networking, cabling:
    • Computers for teachers
    • Classroom computers
  • UPS
  • Wireless Internet Access
project for schools in the next year
Project for schools in the next year
  • trainings
    • 2000 teachersfor e-learning
    • 100 teachers for developing e-learning content
    • 60 experts for technical support - IT technicians
  • establish a repository of e-learning content
  • provide e-learning content
  • organize a pilot application of ICT in teaching
    • English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • establish a web portal for the pilot institutions
responsibilities of schools
Responsibilities of schools
  • provide conditions for acceptance of equipment
  • secure Internet connection
  • nominate teachers for training
    • for e-learning: 40 teachers
    • for the development of e-learning content: 3 teachers
    • technical support – IT ttechnicians: 1 employee
  • participate in the review of translation and adaptation of e-content for use in Kosovo - on call
  • participate in the pilot application of ICT in education: 5 teachers
training teachers to use e learning
Training teachers to use e-learning
  • pilot schools should nominate 40 teachers
  • includes teachers from other schools whichhave computer equipment
  • Training will last for 20 hours over 5 days (4 hours per day)
  • morning and afternoon shifts will be arranged
  • Training topics
    • Selection of eContent
    • Presentation
    • Online communication
    • CreatingeContent
    • Collaboration / Cooperation
training for the development of econtent
Training for the development of eContent
  • pilot schools need to nominate 3 teachers
  • the design of the program is still in progress
  • training for the implementation of eLearning will be time-demanding
  • combination of classroom training and online training
tr aining for it technicians
Training for IT Technicians
  • pilot schools and pilot municipalities should nominate 1 person
  • purpose of training is to train professionals who will maintain the computer equipment in schools and didactic centers
  • programs will be with internationally recognized certificates
pilot application of elearning in education
Pilot application of eLearning in education
  • Will be applied in pilot schools
  • eContentfor five subjects :
    • mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and English,
  • Pilot schools will nominate one teacher for each subject
  • Project expert will provide instruction to teachers that will be using eContent in teaching , assist them during the application and monitor and document the entire process
  • Based on the collected data and experience the project team will prepare recommendations to the ministry on the implementation and further development of eLearning and eContent
project for a comprehensive system of e learning
Project for a comprehensive system of e-learning
  • propose the concept of e-learning
    • aactivities in planning the development, management and support activities
    • role of the institution: MEST; municipal directorates learning centers, University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Education
    • training for teachers on e-learning-in: central and distributed
    • Central Services: Central server: web portal, repository of e-learning content
    • Local Support Centers: IT Technical Support, projects, knowledge-sharing
responsibilities of pilot institutions
Responsibilities of pilot institutions
  • MEST - IT Department
    • publication of E-learning Strategy
    • adoption of an ActionPlan for e-learning
    • manage the implementation of the Strategy and Action plan
  • MEDs
    • support schools
    • hire IT technicians to support the schools, DCandMED
    • Nominate one employee for trainingof IT
  • Didactic centers and the Faculty of Education
    • Centers for supporting teachers in e-learning
equipping the pilot institutions19
Equipping the pilot institutions
  • MEST - IT Department
    • 1 projector for big projectionsand screen
  • MEDs
    • 5 laptop PC; cabling
    • projector and screen
    • printer/scaner/copy machine
  • Didacticcentresand Faculty of Education
    • 10 desktop computers for a computer cabinet, cabling, UPS
    • printer / scanner / copier machine
    • Digital camera
    • Wireless Internet Access
network operations center
Network Operations Center
  • Central Services
  • repository
      • web portal
  • 4 servers
  • data storage
  • switch
  • rack
  • UPS

For more information :

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fax: +386 (0) 43 774 774


Address: Str. Sejdi Kryeziu no. 24 App. 1

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