mentoring in the com at musc n.
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Mentoring in the COM at MUSC

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Mentoring in the COM at MUSC. Benefits of Effective Mentoring For Faculty and Institution. Mentee: Critical for Career Development, Career Satisfaction, and Professional Stimulation. If Well Mentored, Likely to Continue the Legacy of Mentoring

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benefits of effective mentoring for faculty and institution
Benefits of Effective Mentoring For Faculty and Institution
  • Mentee: Critical for Career Development, Career Satisfaction, and Professional Stimulation. If Well Mentored, Likely to Continue the Legacy of Mentoring
  • Mentor: Professionally Stimulating, Personally Satisfying, A Way of Giving Back
  • Department and Institution: Faculty Perception of Department and Institutional Support, Less Attrition of Faculty from Academia, More Successful Faculty
departmental mentoring and career development best practices and guidelines
Departmental Mentoring and Career Development– Best Practices and Guidelines
  • Departments Have Adapted Guidelines to Enhance Existing Plans or Develop a New One
  • Framework Includes Information on Promotion, Resources, How to Document Career Development, How to Choose Mentors, Mentee – Mentor Agreements, Mentoring Metrics
progress with departmental mentoring plans
Progress with Departmental Mentoring Plans
  • Each dept. has one in place
  • College of Medicine –
mentoring champions
Mentoring Champions
  • Each dept. has identified a Mentoring Champion to oversee implementation and progress of plan
  • Find out who this is in your dept. and meet
  • Quarterly Meetings of Mentoring Champions with Mentor Leadership Council and Assoc. Deans of Faculty Development to solve mentoring problems and strategize
  • One of Associate Deans responsible for overseeing implementation of mentoring in each department
mentor training
Mentor Training
  • CTSA Annual Symposiums to Train Mentors Across Campus and Provide a Forum for Mentors and Mentees to Discuss Ways to Improve Mentoring
  • Mentor Leadership Council (CTSA) and Apple Tree Society Hold Monthly Lunch and Learns on Mentor – Mentee Issues and Training
mentoring in academics origin of mentor
Mentoring in Academics - Origin of “Mentor”
  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • Odysseus placed his old friend

Mentor in charge of his son

Telemachus when he left for

the Trojan war

  • “one who imparts wisdom to

and shares knowledge with

someone less experienced”

contemporary definition of mentoring in academic setting
Contemporary Definition of Mentoring in Academic Setting
  • A dynamic, collaborative, reciprocal and sustained relationship focused on a junior colleague’s acquisition of the values and attitudes, knowledge and skills, and behaviors necessary to develop into a successful independent faculty member

Adapted from Abedin Z…,Feldman M, … et al.

ClinTransl Sci. 2012; 5: 273-280

key mentoring responsibilities
Key Mentoring Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Content Mentoring – Research, Education, Clinical
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Psychosocial Support
key mentoring responsibilities1
Key Mentoring Responsibilities
  • Communication
    • Establish expectations
    • Frequency of meetings
    • Listening skills
    • Prompt feedback
    • Manage disagreements and conflict
    • Foster trust
key mentoring responsibilities2
Key Mentoring Responsibilities
  • Content Mentoring – Research, Education, Clinical
    • Identify gaps in knowledge and skills
    • Identify training opportunities
    • Identify resources
    • Help formulate aims
    • Help design and develop plan to accomplish aims
    • Monitor progress
    • Step aside to allow independence
key mentoring responsibilities3
Key Mentoring Responsibilities
  • Career and Professional Development
    • Facilitate opportunities and connections
    • Promote mentee in and out of institution
    • Help understand promotion requirements and fiscal realities
    • Help ensure sufficient protected time
    • Help navigate the system
    • Model and instruct on ethical behavior
key mentoring responsibilities4
Key Mentoring Responsibilities
  • Psychosocial Support
    • Discuss work-life balance
    • Effective time management
    • Demonstrate leadership skills
    • Be sensitive to cultural diversity
    • Encourage peer mentoring (often similar issues for colleagues at same level of training)
    • Serve as role model