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Visit Sleep Delivered

Visit Sleep Delivered

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Visit Sleep Delivered

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  2. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A MATTRESSONLINE Buying your next mattress online makes a lot ofsense. There are many advantages over shopping for a mattress in astore. Save 30-50% vs.leading store-boughtbrands Hassle-FreeReturns 100-Night In-HomeTrials ExcellentWarranties FreeDelivery

  3. DISADVANTAGE The only downside to buying a mattress online is thatyoucannotsitonitbeforeyouplaceanorder. But isn’t a 100-night, risk-free in-home trial muchbetter?

  4. BUYING A MATTRESS ONLINE: WHAT TOCONSIDER With dozens ofcompanies selling online today, there’samattressforalmosteveryone. The hard part is picking just the right mattress for your sleeping style andbudget. Consider the features on this page when choosing the perfect mattress foryou. SHOPPING TIP: To see how the leading online mattresses compare on these features,

  5. BRAND SaatvaandCasperarecreditedwithkicking-off theonline mattress industry several yearsago. Today, most companies are startups who focus on aniche. EstablishedCompanies Startups

  6. PRICE Onlinemattressestypicallycost30%lessthancomparable store-boughtbrands. Save 30%vs. Store-BoughtBrands On top of that, many online mattress brands regularly offer discounts andcoupons. SHOPPINGTIP: Visit for the latest coupons. Always Check For Coupons!

  7. FIRMNESS & COMFORTLEVEL Today,thereisamattressforeverycomfort level. MEDIUM 5 6 SOFT 2 FIRM 10 1 3 4 7 8 9

  8. MATTRESSCONSTRUCTION Whether memory foam, latex, or innerspring, every layer of a mattress contributes to your sleepexperience. SLEEPEXPERIENCE Heat Transfer X Motion Transfer Firmness Sinkage Durability MattressLayer X X Cover X X X TopLayer X X X X MiddleLayer(s) X X FoundationLayer X X

  9. HEATTRANSFER Noonelikestosleeponahotmattress! There are three ways a mattress removes heat from your body while you rest. AeratedLayers BreathableFabrics Medical-GradeGels cover / topper layerdividers porous foam springcoils geltopper gel-infusedfoam

  10. MOTIONTRANSFER How readilyamattresstransfersmotionfromone side to theother. Important for fidgety couple. Singles without pets won'tcare.

  11. SINKAGE How deep does your mattresssink when you lieon it? Back-sleepers &couples usually prefer minimalsinkage. ECO-FRIENDLYMATERIALS What is your mattress madeof? If you care about the environment and your health, make sure your mattress is certified by one of theseorganizations.

  12. OFF-GASSING Memory foam mattresses often release volatileorganicgasesrightafter unpacking. Not dangerous, but it bothers somepeople. Typically disappears after a fewdays. IN-HOME TRIAL & RETURNPOLICY How long can you use themattress in your home,risk-free? Most online mattress companies offer a 100-night money-backguarantee.

  13. RETURN POLICY Most online mattress companies offer a100% refund on returns, no questionsasked. But check the terms - some won’t pick their mattress up; others charge a restockingfee. WARRANTY Warrantiesrangefrom10to25years, depending onbrand. Definitely read the fine print: some warranties reduce the value over the life of the mattress (pro-rated warranty). Others limit the wear and tearcovered. Pro-RatedWarranty? Is Wear & TearCovered?

  14. DELIVERY &SETUP Mattresscompaniesvarywidelyintheirdeliverypoliciesandfees. FlexibleDelivery Schedule? Yes Unpacking &Setup Fee If YouMiss? DeliveryOption DIY Yes CompanyDelivery DIY No No Third Party(UPS) YesDoneForYouYes White GloveService SEE HOW THE LEADING ONLINE MATTRESSESCOMPARE 17 online mattresses reviewed Side-by-SideComparisons ‘Gotchas’ & Buying Tips Exclusive Discounts &Coupons