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LRO SRR. LRO Mission Level 1 Requirements. LRO Mission Level 1 Requirements. Insert a copy of Level1/2/3 Tree here and Highlight Level 1 document. LRO Mission Level 1 Requirements.

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lro srr

LRO Mission Level 1 Requirements

lro mission level 1 requirements
LRO Mission Level 1 Requirements

Insert a copy of Level1/2/3 Tree here and Highlight Level 1 document

lro mission level 1 requirements1
LRO Mission Level 1 Requirements
  • The high level (Level 1) LRO requirements are levied on the Project by the LRO Requirements Document, ESMD-RQMT-0010.
    • The document includes a description of the process by which NASA arrived at the LRO requirements.
    • This document is not reviewable at the LRO SRR, rather it is the starting point.
  • The LRO Level 1 Requirements were developed and constructed to sufficiently define the requirements in sufficient detail to fulfill the objective of providing specific data to ESMD in order to further overall Exploration objectives.
lro mission level 1 requirements2
LRO Mission Level 1 Requirements
  • The LRO PIs and Project Scientist assisted, and continue to assist in the correct description of the measure objectives and data products in the Level 1 requirements as these are largely defined by the selected LRO investigation proposals.
    • The document has been baselined by ESMD but there are significant TBR/TBDs related to completing the mission success criteria. This revision will also be potentially used to make minor corrections to the requirements if warranted. No identified potential changes or TBD/TBRs are judged by the Project to affect the content of this review or substance of this review.
    • This review is based on the Preliminary Rev.A dated 6/30/2005.
  • The Level 1 requirements will be presented in tabular format with the exact content contained in ESMD-RQMT-0010.
    • The Instrument flow these directly to their Level 2 performance requirements.
    • The internal flow from Measurement Requirement to the anticipated Data Products is given in the Level 1 requirements document.
    • The Project Requirements are presented and the next level of flow is indicated. These flow down to mission level 2 requirements.