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RedIRIS. PR activities. Cristina Lorenzo – RedIRIS Zagreb. February 20th & 21st, 2008. Affiliated institutions. Academic networks. Regulators . Functions of RedIRIS PR (I). RedIRIS PR establishes relations with:.

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PR activities

Cristina Lorenzo – RedIRISZagreb. February 20th & 21st, 2008


Affiliated institutions

Academic networks


Functions of RedIRIS PR (I)

RedIRIS PR establishes relations with:

Who: Universities, public R+D centres, some Ministerial Departments, others.

Why:They are the final users of the service. They can also collaborate with the NREN to promote certain services among end users, or they can become partners in projects.

Who: Regional, European or Pan-European Research and Education Networks.

Why: Their performance affect significantly the final quality of the service. Many areas for cooperation.

Who: Ministry for Education and Science, other Ministerial Departments, Parliament, EU.

Why:They set the NREN strategy, provide funding, approve research projects. They can take decisions on RedIRIS’ management.


Mass media



Functions of RedIRIS PR (II)

RedIRIS PR establishes relations with:

Who: Telcos,ISPs, sellers of routers and IT equipment, providers of housing and services, event organizers.

Why:They have a big impact in the final quality and cost of the service. They are potential project partners, or sponsors

Who: End Users, society in general.

Why: Final beneficiaries of the service (public service). Improvement of facilities for R+D in Spain.

Who: Section “science” of mainstream mass media; specialized publications.

Why: They collaborate to disseminate RedIRIS´ activity and projects.


Functions of RedIRIS PR (III)

Affiliated institutions:

  • PR activity: aimed at bringing RedIRIS closer to its more than 300 affiliated institutions (universities, research institutes, libraries, R+D departments of hospitals, government departments and others), with more than 2 million potential users

    • PR gathers information about user requirements

      • RedIRIS “user” = affiliated institution, with whom RedIRIS collaborates to reach “end users”

    • PR disseminates RedIRIS´ services and promote their usage

  • PR promotes the development of a “RedIRIS Community”

    • RedIRIS shares with its affiliated institutions the know-how acquired through participation in projects and international fora.

    • PR fosters collaboration between RedIRIS and its affiliated institutions, and among those institutions with each other


Functions of RedIRIS PR (IV)

Affiliated institutions

  • To fulfil those goals, RedIRIS PR:

    • Organizes events (in collaboration with affiliated institutions)

      • Technical Workshop (yearly, for the last 18 years) - 3 days, 500 attendees

      • Working groups (two per year)- 2 days - meetings for specific areas (networking, middleware, security, multimedia, collaborative tools, grid)

      • Security meetings (once a year since 2003)

      • Specific meetings of 1 or 2 days depending on specific issues (security, IPv6, video conferencing, etc.), training events (GRID), CISCO CRS-1 event

      • 2008: RedIRIS 20th Anniversary – 2009: TNC at Málaga

    • Publishes 4 magazines a year (81 issues so far)

    • Manages distribution lists to discuss topics of common interest, administered by RedIRIS staff (especially NOC and CERTs)

    • Prepares promotional material and produces press releases

    • Maintains general areas of RedIRIS website

  • PR coordinates the management of RedIRIS' new affiliations


Functions of RedIRIS PR (V)

Relationships with Research and Education Networks

  • RedIRIS organizes twice a year meetings with Spanish Regional Research and Education Networks

    • Information is shared, increased coordination is sought (in particular, regarding provision of services)

  • RedIRIS participates in fora where it cooperates with European Research and Education Networks – in particular, though TERENA

    • RedIRIS is currently represented in TEC and TTC, it’s chairing two TF (TF-EMC2 and TF-LCPM), it’s chairing the TNC 2008 WG and participating at the TERENA Compendium WG, as well as in all TERENA TFs (including TF-PR)

    • TF-PR: exchange experiences and share information on issues related to the dissemination of NRENs activities, carry out joint projects

Dissemination of projects

Functions of RedIRIS PR (VI)

Dissemination of Projects

  • RedIRIS is currently participating in 3 EU-funded projects.

  • RedIRIS PR collaborates in the dissemination of these projects:

    • GN2 project – Pan-European Research and Academic Network


    • EGEE-II – European Research Grid Infrastructure

      (NA2 activity – dissemination and outreach)

    • FEDERICA- European Experimental Network

      (NA2 activity: user communities & NA4 activity: dissemination

      and training)

  • Collaboration in the dissemination of other EU-funded projects (MUPBED, EELA, EUMEDGRID, ALICE, EUMEDCONNECT – all of them ended recently), and national projects (OSIRIS, PASITO, E-Science Network); cooperation with e-IRG and with IberGrid (Spanish-Portuguese cooperation in Grid-related issues).


Edificio Bronce

Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno s/n

28020 Madrid. España

Tel.: 91 212 76 20 / 25

Fax: 91 212 76 35