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Star Rating Appeals

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Star Rating Appeals. Who, what, Why, and How to complete the 2012-2013 Appeals Process. Contact: Dr. TJ Bliss - DIRECTOR of Assessment and accountability 208-332-6842. Webinar Agenda. Who What Why How Practical examples Question and Answer.

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star rating appeals

Star Rating Appeals

Who, what, Why, and How to complete the 2012-2013 Appeals Process


Dr. TJ Bliss - DIRECTOR of Assessment and accountability


webinar agenda
Webinar Agenda





Practical examples

Question and Answer


Appeals are made at the school level

    • Districts may submit all of the appeals together
  • Principals or Test Coordinators
    • Must have access/permission to AYP/Star Appeal Site
    • Request access from the district superintendent and ISEE coordinator
    • Knowledgeable about student and course data
  • Registering to access ISEE Apps
    • SDE Helpdesk – 332-6923

Responsibilities for submitting the appeal

why appeal

Appealing the quality of the data, not the results of the tests

  • Accuracy of the data
  • Accuracy of the reporting
  • The school’s Star Rating is impacted by the data!

Data Stewardship


June 19 - July 18, 2013 (revised dates)

  • Start the process June 19th
  • Finalize appeal by July 18th 5:oo pm MST
    • System will be locked after 5:00
  • No appeals will be accepted after July 18, 2013
  • After submitting appeals check to insure they were reviewed and addressed.

Demographic data

    • Changes in status
  • Missing data
    • Test scores
    • Courses – Dual Credit, PTE, AP
  • Incorrect data
  • Enrollment data
    • Not continuously enrolled (NCE)
      • Enrolled after 56 calendar days from start of school
      • Withdrawn prior to May 6, 2013 (end of testing window)

Review and verify accuracy of data on appeals application data

  • Identify appealable data
  • Gather documentation
  • Correct Data/Information on Appeals Application
    • Appeal each student separately
    • Only modify inaccurate/incomplete information
  • Submit documentation and explanation
review appeal data
Review Appeal Data


initial login
Initial login


step 2 enter correct demographic data
Step 2: Enter Correct Demographic Data

Choose appropriate information from list in drop down

step 3 submit appropriate evidence
Step 3: Submit appropriate evidence

Use unique descriptive

file name.

appropriate documentation
Appropriate Documentation
  • Letter on school letterhead assuring the validity and accuracy of all submitted information
  • Electronic upload
    • Ensure electronic copies are human readable
    • Submit single file if possible – 4Mb size limit/file
  • Request permission to submit hard copies
    • Include comment that documentation is in the mail
  • Appeals are issue specific
    • One document will not meet all needs
step 2 enter correct enrollment data
Step 2: Enter Correct Enrollment Data

Enter correct date in box

enrollment data
Enrollment Data
  • Not continuously enrolled students are:
    • Enrolled after 56 calendar days from the start of school
    • Exit before May 6, 2013
    • Exempted from:
      • College Entrance/Placement Exams
      • Advanced Opportunities
    • Count for participation, not proficiency
  • Provide documentation for entrance and exit dates
    • Student Information System (SIS)
    • Records requests
advanced opportunities
Advanced Opportunities
  • Applies to 11th and 12th grade students only
  • Submit one course with best grade earned per student
  • Complete appeal data for each student
  • Submit a class roster or Excel spreadsheet with student name, student EDUID, state course ID, and letter grade information
  • Submit appropriate documentation for each course
    • PTE Tech Prep/Dual Credit articulation agreements with college
    • AP/IB course verification’
    • Transcripts
    • Testing summary pages
advanced opportunities continued
Advanced Opportunities Continued
  • A “Pass” in a Tech/Prep “Pass/Fail” course equals a “C or better.”
    • Select “P” for the grade – the system will translate to a “C”
  • Non-diploma seeking foreign exchange students should be exempted from this category.
    • Enter comment for each student stating he/she is non-diploma seeking
  • If ISEE June upload is submitted by June 14 with Advanced Opportunities grades, such data will be included in Appeals application.
    • June 21 remains required date for ISEE June upload
college entrance placement exams
College Entrance/Placement Exams
  • Applies to 11th grade students only
  • Only one test per student – include highest score
  • SAT data from SAT School Day will be uploaded by SDE
  • ACT, Compass, & non-SAT Day exam results must be added
  • Exempted students
    • LEP students in program for 3 years or less
    • SPED students whose accommodations are not provided
    • Non-diploma seeking foreign students
step 2 achievement or growth data
Step 2: Achievement or Growth Data

Appeals of this data will be uncommon.


achievement and growth data
Achievement and Growth Data
  • Enter specific comments regarding reason for appeal
  • Provide detailed documentation in comment section
step 4 enter comment
Step 4: Enter Comment

Comments are required in order to submit the appeal.

unique situations
Unique situations

ISAT Alt students entering after 2/1/13 - Enter comment on Achievement Data

Duplicate student records – Enter comment on Demographic Data

Student not included in list – send email to TJ Bliss

Other issues – send email to TJ Bliss

All unique situations will require clear documentation and explanations

appeal denied or not showing

Insufficient documentation

  • Data not “appealable” by rule
  • Appeal was “saved as a draft”, not submitted and deadline passed
Appeal Deniedor not showing?

What went wrong?


Appeals Training Webinar

  • Appeals Rules 2013 document
  • Star Rating Business Rules


Dr. TJ Bliss

Director of Assessment & Accountability