pharma procurement of batch managed stock materials n.
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Pharma: Procurement of Batch-Managed Stock Materials PowerPoint Presentation
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Pharma: Procurement of Batch-Managed Stock Materials

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Pharma: Procurement of Batch-Managed Stock Materials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pharma: Procurement of Batch-Managed Stock Materials
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  1. Pharma: Procurement of Batch-Managed Stock Materials SAP Best Practices

  2. Purpose, Benefits, and Key Process Steps • Purpose • Thescenario dealswiththebusinessprocess of procurement of batch-managed stock materials.Target group are buyers, warehouse employees and accounting clerks. • Benefits • Setting up user exit for special batch number generation • Key Process Steps • Creation of request for quotation with reference to RFQ • Maintain Quotation • Creation of purchase order with reference to RFQ • Release of purchase order • Goods receipt of the ordered material • Assign batch number(s) to received batches • Maintain additional batch data, when required • Invoicing

  3. Required SAP Applications and Company Roles • Required SAP Applications • Enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0 • Company Roles • Purchaser • Purchasing Manager • Warehouse Clerk • Accounts Payable Accountant

  4. Detailed Process Description • Procurement of Batch- Managed Stock Materials • This scenario describes the procurement process for batch-managed stock materials. • After a request for quotation (RFQ) is created a purchase order is created with reference to it. The purchase order is subject to approval based on a predefined amount before being issued to a vendor. • During goods receipt a batch number will be generated automatically by the system. This internally generated 10-digits-number follows a certain logic which is set up in the standard SAP ERP user exit.

  5. No Yes No Yes Process Flow Diagram Pharma: Procurement of Batch-Managed Stock Materials Event MRP Generated Procurement Needs Vendor Quotations from Vendor Send PO to Vendor Purchasing Manager Release Standard PO (Optional) • Purchaser Create PO with reference to RFQ Need RFQ Purchase Order (PO) PO Approval required? Print Purchase Order List RFQs Create RFQ Maintain Quotation(s) Compare/Select/Reject Vendors Ware-house Clerk Goods Receipt for Batch-Managed Material Stock GR/IR PPV Accounts Payable GL Period End Closing (159) Accounts Payable (158) GR/IR PPV Small differences Use tax payable Vendor Invoice Verification Release Blocked Invoice MRP = Material Requirements Planning, RFQ = Request for Quotation, GR/IR = Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt, PPV = Purchase Price Variance

  6. Diagram Connection Legend <Function> Hardcopy / Document External to SAP Financial Actuals Business Activity / Event Budget Planning Unit Process Manual Process Process Reference Existing Version / Data Sub-Process Reference Process Decision System Pass/Fail Decision