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Who are adult learners?

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Who are adult learners? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who are adult learners?. Definitions, Settings, and contexts. Baby boomers are aging Adult learners are over the age of 18 They are diverse--ranging from those with significant higher education to those that have never graduated from high school.

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Who are adult learners?

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definitions settings and contexts
Definitions, Settings, and contexts
  • Baby boomers are aging
  • Adult learners are over the age of 18
  • They are diverse--ranging from those with significant higher education to those that have never graduated from high school
As more and more adults decide to make a career move and re-enter the educational environment, educators must have a firm understanding of who they are and what they want to accomplish
  • As we grow older we may have to learn to do things that we never would have expected…life occurrences may create needs for new learning
the motivation factor
The motivation factor
  • Adult learners are volunteers
  • Adults are motivated by community welfare, social relationships, and prestige
  • They want to fulfill the expectations of others and comply with relevant instructions
  • Some simply want more knowledge…they have inquiring minds
the control factor
The control factor
  • Adults have an innate need to have some mastery or control over their own lives
  • They resent not being able to make choices
  • They want to take an active, rather than passive role in their education
the experience factor
The experience factor
  • Adult learners have already experienced a wide array of training, beginning at home, then in school, and then perhaps various jobs
  • They tend to link new learning to what they already know
  • They evaluate new ideas as they relate to their past experiences
the diversity factor
The diversity factor
  • Adult learners vary greatly from one another in terms of experiences and age
  • Interactive dialogue facilitates increased solutions and options over simple private reflection
the aging factor
The aging factor
  • The speed of learning tends to decrease with age, but the depth of learning increases
  • Adult learners may experience barriers to learning, such as hearing or vision impairments
the goal factor
The goal factor
  • Adults enter career education with a specific goal in mind
  • They want to be able to apply what they have learned as soon as possible
  • To create a provider organization that will be able to provide rural health care of high quality, easy access, and competitive costs while operating under a heavily regulated rate environment
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