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  1. Kuwait

  2. Kuwait Location

  3. Kuwait’s Islands • Kuwait has 10 islands on the Persian golf. • Warbah Island is a island bordering Kuwait and Iraq Warbah island is 9.3 miles long and 3.1 miles wide there is no current permanent residents residing on the island • Bubiyan Island is the largest costal island Kuwait owns with an area of 333 sq. mile there is no current permanent citizens resident living on Bubiyan Island . their is however a permanent military base built in 1983 that has been rebuilt several times because of the location of the island. Since it is between Iran , Kuwait, and Iraq it was greatly used during the golf war. • Miskan Island has an area of about .28 of a mile. Miskan Island is used primarily for the guidance of ships. Their is a perminate resident named Ibrahem Bu-Rashid and his family who maintaines the lighthouse. • Failaka Island has an area of 7.72 miles. Failaka is believed to be from the Greek word for out post. Failaka Island has been occupied as early as the 2000 B.C. some people that have occupied Failaka Island include Greeks, Babylonians, and Iraqi. The island is famousefor its the Ikarus and Azuk temples.

  4. Kuwait’s Islands continued • Auhah Island at a area of 382.76yd the island does not have any permanent residents. The island contains only a light-house and a heliport. • Umm an Namil Island has an area of 382.76yd. It is located inside Kuwait bay. • Shuwaikh Island the island's name means former island. The area is 13.123yd. The island is most known for its archeological finds dating back to 2000 BC. • Kubbar Island has an area of 120.30yd. The island itself is covered with shrub. Most famous for its wonderful scuba diving spot. • Qaruh island has an area of 38.276yd and is the furthest away from Kuwait. The island is known for being the first Kuwaiti soil to be liberated from the Iraq during the golf wars. • Umm al Maradim Island with of an area of 710.85yd.the island has sounding waters that allow large ships to anchor to it. • Qaruh island • Umm al Maradim Island These two islands were part of the neutral zone until 1969

  5. History of Kuwait • Kuwait was started by the Bani Utbah tribe in 1709. Bani Utbah was a name for many Arab tribes that came together and became one big federation in the early 16th century. The Bani Utbah first called Kuwait Guraine and their first town was called Kuwait meaning little fort. From 1709 to 1760 Kuwait mostly made money by pearling making boats and fishing. In the year 1760 however Kuwait started to trade with India and major ports on the Mediterranean Sea. In 1775 many Basra's leading merchant families moved to Kuwait because of the Persian invasion. This made Kuwait's economy greatly increase. During the late 1700’s the Ottoman Empire was part of Kuwait. On June 19 1961 Kuwait became independent fully separated from the British and United Kingdom. In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait the United States helped out in 1991. The United States liberated Kuwait from Iraq after a three year war.in 1994 Iraq agreed apron the UN approved border with Kuwait.

  6. Sheikhs of Kuwait 1.Sabah bin Jaber (1718-1762) 2.Abdullah Sabah (1762-1813) 3.Jaber bin Abdullah (1813-1859) 4.Sabah bin Jaber (1859-1866) 5.Abdullah bin Sabah (1866-1892) 6.Mohammed bin Sabah (1892-1896) 7.Mubarak al-Sabah (1896-1915) 8.Jaber al-Mubarak al-Sadah (1915-1917) 9.Salem al- Mubarak al-Sadah (1917-1921) 10.Ahmad al Jaber al Sadah (1921-1950) 11.Adbullah al- Salem al-Sabah (1950-1965) 12.Sabah al- Salem al-Sabah (1965-1977) 13.Jaber al-Ahmed al Jaber al-Sabah (1977-2006) 14. Saad al –Adbullah al-Salem al-Sadah (January 15, 2006 - January 29, 2006) 15.His Highness Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah (2006-current) sheikh: means elder the definition of sheik is an Arab leader of a family and or village Amir: means prince

  7. Crime watch • Over a dozen people in Kuwait have been charged with insulting the emir this crime get a two to five year sentence. • A teacher was recently charged 11 years in jail over a tweet online. five years for publicly instigating a overthrow of government, five years more for insulting the emir, and one year for insulting the Islamic faith. • The police force have done hate crimes against transgender men that have changed their sex to female. They do not usually attack female since the crime of harassing a woman is vary sever. Any citizen of Kuwait imitating the opposite sex can serve up to one year in prison and pay a $3,500 fine for their offence. • Dalia is transgender male that has been made female. She got a flat tire one afternoon in Kuwait and a police officer stopped to help out. He asked her for her drivers license and saw that on the license she was a male. The police officer arrested her and booked her for her offence of imitating the opposite sex. • Kuwait has done an execution on two Egyptian prisoners on live TV at 7:30 a.m. on June 18, 2013. One of the Egyptians was charges with rape and the other with murder charges.

  8. Sources • http://www.hrw.org/middle-eastn-africa/kuwait • http://www.da.gov.kw/eng/index.php • http://www.historyofnations.net/asia/kuwait.html