Mission #2
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Mission #2 3.3B Select addition or subtraction and use the operation to solve problems involving whole numbers through 999. WARM UP Mission #2.

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Mission 2

Mission #2

3.3B Select addition or subtraction and use the operation to solve problems involving whole numbers through 999.

Warm up mission 2
WARM UP Mission #2

  • On Monday 278 people came to Hawaiian Falls. On Tuesday the weather was hotter, so 384 came to the water park. How many people came for the two days in all?

Mission 2

WARM UP Mission #2

  • The table below shows the amount of time Zach will have to wait in line for each of the water slides.

    What is the difference between the time Zach would wait in line for Flyin’ Hawaiian and Pineapple Express?

Explorations mission 2
Explorations Mission#2

  • There are a total of 175 lockers outside the changing rooms at Hawaiian Falls. A group of kids on a field trip from Sunshine Daycare use 67 lockers and another group of kids from Brookside Daycare use 49 lockers. How many lockers are left for the other visitors to use?

Explorations mission 21
Explorations Mission #2

  • Cody and Connor decide to race down their favorite waterslide called the Torpedo. They both go down the slide at the same time. Cody traveled 211 feet. He traveled 27 feet farther than Connor. How far did Connor travel?

Explorations mission 22
Explorations Mission #2

  • Pineapple Pete’s Food Court is a popular place to go to eat during the summer. The following number of hot dogs were ordered during three months at Pineapple Pete’s:

    • The food court sold 473 hot dogs in June.

    • The food court sold 634 hot dogs in July.

    • The food court sold 589 hot dogs in August.

      How many hot dogs did Pineapple Pete’s sell during these three months?

Explorations mission 23
Explorations Mission #2

  • The Waikiki Wave Pool loses a lot of water each day as the waves spill out of the pool. The first week in July, 452 gallons were added. The second week in July, 619 gallons were added. The third and fourth week in July, 385 gallons were added each week. How many gallons of water were added for the four weeks in July?

Staar journal mission 2
STAAR Journal – Mission#2

In the space in your journal, share what you learned today. Include these words: