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[pe r vert] Inc.

[pe r vert] Inc.

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[pe r vert] Inc.

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  1. [pervert] Inc. The T-shirt Company That Thinks Dirty and Gives It To You Just The Way you Like it.

  2. Mission Statement “The Means to Reaching our Highest Peaks”

  3. Pervert Inc. T-shirt Company’s Mission is to bring you the ultimate t-shirt experience! Our t-shirts will support, supply, and sustain the feeling of constant attention, as the wearer of the shirt enjoys maximum flexibility with product features, and receives a t-shirt that is so uniquely personal, that it “gives it to you just the way you like it.” Our job is to leave you satisfied and confident, as you receive utmost product satisfaction. Stylish, in your face fun is what you receive when you purchase a Pervert Inc. T- shirt! We are Pervert Inc… “The t-shirt company that gives it to you just the way you like it.”

  4. Company/Product Description • Pervert Inc. is the new age t-shirt company that brings in your face mottos to the fashion market place. • Our standard goes beyond that of the average “funny shirt saying” and reaches out to an audience that understands perverted humor. • Our sayings are not intended to offend anyone, and frankly, if you are not a pervert, we are sure you might not even notice or understand our mottos, and that is what sets us apart from other t-shirt companies.

  5. These shirts are designed especially for perverted humor. Pervert T-shirts are very individual, giving “self-satisfaction” to each customer. With ultimate design flexibility, Pervert Inc. will be sure to give it to you just the way you like it!

  6. S.W.O.T. Analysis

  7. STRENGTHS • The fashion market place is currently very stable, making it easy to become a new entrant. • Our T-shirts sell themselves. They are walking advertisements, and scream for constant attention, attracting a lot of potential sales and spreading a word of mouth style of advertisement. • Low costs for operating and maintaining our website. • Integrated Marketing Styles • Already faithful customers (Students of University of Maine at Fort Kent)

  8. STRENGTHS • We subscribe to google. com,, and in order to bring up our search engine address when people search for “Perverted T-shirts – clothing- apparel- ect.” This will really put our name out for the public to see, and allow for great advertising efforts. • Link to the O’ Costigans home page for split marketing efforts, and attraction from fashion conscious Canadian customers.

  9. STRENGTHS • Highly innovative and creative ideas behind shirt designs. • The ability for customers to customize any of our shirts options offers ultimate customer satisfaction. • Affordable apparel • Friendly Service • Easy to access web-site. • Personal experience offered to each customer that purchases a Pervert t-shirt sets us apart from others.

  10. WEAKNESSES • The owners of Pervert Inc. have a lack of real life business experience in this aspect, only educational ideals and hours of class related business practices. • Northern Maine is not the ideal location to launch a new age t-shirt company, it is in the North Eastern part of the United States, but is in a state with low- fashion savvy buyers.

  11. WEAKNESSES • Mass production of products will be hard to master because our rate of production is very low, due to the fact that we do not own a place to make shirts, or the machines to do so, so we have to use a middle man which is less cost effective, and more time consuming. • We don’t have an 800 number for calls outside of the area regarding customer service, so our customers will have to pay long distance to get a hold of us.

  12. OPPORTUNITIES • • • • O’

  13. OPPORTUNITIES • Free Advertising on O’Costigan’s webpage • Very large chance that items become popular, and sales skyrocket. • Word of mouth strategy • Shirts sell themselves; as soon as anyone sees them they know that it is a pervert shirt.

  14. OPPORTUNITIES • Because we are based on the North Eastern coast, we have a larger chance of selling to customers on the East coast, and they dominate their portion of regional sales in the United States. • Sales to students at the University of Maine at Fort Kent may be very high, allowing for great word of mouth advertising styles, as well as many walking advertisements around campus.

  15. OPPORTUNITIES • We have tried to post our website’s link on all of our competitor’s homepages, and have signed many guest books in order to put our name directly into the main stream of perverted humor t-shirt buyers.

  16. THREATS • Larger firms that have past experience with marketing practices and business in general. • Production cancellation if there is ever a problem with our t-shirt maker. • Low Income and capital if site does not get responded to like we anticipate.

  17. THREATS • Web site could start up, and only run for a few fiscal periods if creators University studies become a problem. • No direct communication with on-line buyers, only with e-mail and postings on our web-site. • Some of the material on our shirts may be seen as crude or offensive to certain types of non- customers, lowering sales or giving us a bad word of mouth advertising strategy.

  18. Strategic Planning and General FocusMOA Demand Analysis

  19. Profitability Potential • It is estimated for 2005 that around 54% of industry revenue is derived from in-store related sales, 22% is due to advertising, 28% is due to website sales •

  20. Current Market Stability • The three-monthly growth in retail sales volumes in September was the lowest since May this year while the annual growth is the lowest since the beginning of 1996. •

  21. Current Market Stability • The volume of retail sales in the three months July to September 2005 was 0.4% higher than in the previous three months. This follows growth of 0.9 % in the three months to August and compares with growth of 0.9% at the same time in 2004. •

  22. Current Market Stability • Analysis of monthly figures shows that the total sales volume increased by 0.7 per cent between August and September, following growth of 0.2 per cent in August and a decrease of 0.5 per cent in July. There was positive growth in all sectors except for non-store retailing which showed a decrease of 3.1 per cent, the lowest growth since May 2005. The total volume of sales in September was 0.7 per cent higher than in September 2004. This was the lowest since January 1996. •

  23. (Broken down into months, for the year of 2004 into 2005)

  24. Current Market Stability • For the three months to September the value of retail sales was 0.2 per cent higher than in the same period a year earlier, lower than June’s record of 0.3 per cent, the lowest growth since comparable records began. Average weekly sales in September were 4.6 billion, 0.1 per cent lower than a year ago. The largest fall in sales values over the year were household goods stores and department stores at 6.2 per cent and 2.7 per cent respectively. • The market is prime at the time, and ready to enter. ( ISIB World Sample Report)

  25. Annual Growth Rate/Decline Percentages for The Clothing Retail Industry 2003, 2004, 2005.

  26. Segment Analysis Demographic Trends and Characteristics

  27. Segment Analysis • Defining who our customers are: • Research by the MPAA has indicated the following for on-line apparel sales in 2004. • 27% of e-t-shirt buyers classify themselves as frequent buyers and account for 82% of all profits. • 60% of web site visitors are either frequent or occasional spenders

  28. Segment Analysis • 19% of online t-shirt sales are from persons aged 16-35 years • 12-24 year olds account for 30% of actual customers who receive shirts. • Men ages 20-50 control over 67% of the Perverted Fashion Marketplace. • Women ages 25-35 dominate their portion of the Perverted Fashion Marketplace. • Consumers 35-55 year old account for 40% of the total sales on-line

  29. Segment Analysis • 40% of frequent website purchases tend to be aged from age 20- 28 • 51%of teenagers indicate that they are frequent on-line shoppers, compared to 24 per cent of adults • Single adults continue to buy more frequently on-line than married adults. • Adults who attended college purchase retail products on-line more often than those who are not college educated

  30. Segment Analysis • Males usually order more “funny fashion apparel” then Women on-line. • On a per capita basis, in the United States in 2004, the average person browses the web to buy a retail product 5.3 times a year. The Caucasian population frequents retail website around 9.9 times a year (and accounts for 17% of all transactions). • The African American population frequents retail website 7.8 times a year (11%of total transactions) and the Asian population attends 8.1 times a year, on average, and accounts for 47% of all profits. The Hispanic population also has an influence 13% of all transactions, while any other genera of people listed in “other” occupied 12% of the total transactions. •

  31. Segment Analysis • We have derived that in order to reach our target market that we will use banner ads during the time of high frequency purchases, when men and women between the ages 20-50 are on-line. • We plan on having these advertisements flash at times in the morning and in the evening when our target market is actively interacting on the net. These advertisements will be created and implemented after 4 fiscal periods, (from November to March), so we have enough primary and secondary data to effectively market our company, and retain higher profits to increase capital and higher production rates, to attain more customers and spread our perverted fashion all around the United States.

  32. Segment AnalysisGeographic Location

  33. Geographic Location • The industry is broadly distributed according to population, although there is a slightly higher concentration in the Far West and South East regions, which have a concentration of some of the largest cities, and a greater propensity to spread fashion trends. Some of the cities in these regions also have a close association with the direct fashion industry, which puts a higher demand for fashion in the regions with higher percentages. •

  34. Integrated Sales 43.0% On-line sales only 20.0 % In store sales only 32.0% Direct Personal Sales 5.0%

  35. Industry Concentration • The level of concentration is high. • In 2005, the top four players are estimated to control over 40% of the fashion marketplace and over 50 per cent of total industry revenue. • Although the Asian population dominates on-line sales typically, for perverted humour however, the Caucasian population in the United States dominates all sales.

  36. Industry Concentration • The concentration level increased since 2002, with a number of the major operators purchasing a number of small and large operators. In 2003, the concentration level increased with J- C Penny’s introduction of a funny fashion line. This way, funny fashion was in sight of the everyday shopper, as an affordable option. With the influence of the stores like Hot Topic, Zumiez, and Spencers, and with the help of J.C. Pennies, the funny fashion industry gave a 21% share of industry revenue and it expressed a desire to eventually control around 30% of the fashion industry.But in comparison to funny fashion, which controls 21% of the market, basic t-

  37. Industry Concentration • Shirt apparel, (like items sold at Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart ECT.) Control 36% of the market revenue, and high end t-shirts (like shirts from Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Ect.) Control 43% of total market shares.

  38. Supply Analysis

  39. Competitive Advantage: • Our t-shirts are direct advertisements, basically, constantly selling themselves. Our job as marketers is to put the product into the market, and it will be self sufficient we believe from that point forward. • Small and personal website compared to larger websites. • Easy to find, and perfect domain name to attract potential business.

  40. Predicted Industry Forecasts • Industry changes occur seasonally, with high sales during the winter and summer. For, we predict a high rate of orders during the fall as well, due to school shopping, especially from our fellow University students

  41. Segmentation and Targeting • Our market will be segmented into demographic, geographic and psychographic groups. (As listed before in “Segment Analysis”.) The market we are aiming towards is in the age range of 18-50, with high predicted sales in the North Eastern and Western Coasts of the United States…

  42. More…. • To our target market of men and women ranging from 20-30 years old. Our main focus is to sell our products to college students and others in that common age range, either on-line or person to person at the University of Maine at Fort Kent and the surrounding area. Our typical purchaser is someone who spends a lot of time on-line, and in some way is interested in perverted humor, in the fact that they are searching specifically for perverted clothing when they reach our website.

  43. Differentiation • The utmost principle behind our product differentiation is that our product is a walking advertisement. Each t-shirt is clearly labeled with the website address, and the name Pervert rings bells and sells itself. Our creative mottos also set us apart from others, as does the customization efforts on our website. “We are the t-shirt company that thinks dirty, and gives it to you just the way you like it.”

  44. Positioning • Our t-shirts will be positioned in the market as affordable, funny fashion. We will be putting our t-shirts into the marketplace as a unique, Individual experience for each shirt wearer. • Our shirts will be positioned against any other type of funny fashion shirt on-line. Off line how ever, we do not have a brick and mortar establishment to work from, and will be doing only person to person sales.

  45. Objectives: Current Company Goals Non FinancialGoals