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Boonville R-I High School. Senior Enrollment Presentation. Graduation Requirements. To graduate from BHS students must earn 24 credits . The following is required: Communication Arts 4 units Social Studies 3 units Mathematics 3 units Science 3 units Fine Arts 1 unit

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Boonville r i high school

Boonville R-I High School

Senior Enrollment Presentation

Graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

  • To graduate from BHS students must earn 24 credits. The following is required:

    • Communication Arts 4 units

    • Social Studies 3 units

    • Mathematics 3 units

    • Science 3 units

    • Fine Arts 1 unit

    • Practical Arts 1 unit

    • Physical Education 1 unit

    • Health ½ unit

    • Personal Finance ½ unit

    • Electives 7 units

      • Total 24 units

Graduation honors
Graduation Honors

  • The Cum Laude System was adopted to encourage students to pursue a strong academic program. This program exceeds the minimum standards outlined for graduation. Classes must be from the academic core. Students who complete this program of study, along with maintaining the specified grade point average, will receive a high school diploma awarded:

    • Cum Laude - 3.5000-3.7499 GPA

    • Magna Cum Laude - 3.7500-3.9999GPA

    • Summa Cum Laude - 4.0000 or above GPA

Graduation honors1
Graduation Honors

  • Communication Arts (CA I and higher) 4 units

  • Social Studies (Am. History, Civics) 3 units

  • Mathematics (Algebra I and higher)* 3 units

  • Science (Physical Science and higher)** 3 units

  • Core Electives*** 3 units

  • Fine Arts 1 unit

  • Practical Arts 1 unit

  • Physical Education 1 unit

  • Health ½ unit

  • Personal Finance ½ unit

  • Electives 4 units

    • Total24 units

      *Algebra I taken in 8th grade can fulfill 1 math credit

      **Elemental Physical Science and Elemental Biology will equal one unit of Physical Science

      credit to fulfill honors requirement, but will count as 2 units of credit toward graduation.

      ***Core Electives can be earned from CA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and foreign language.

      Embedded credit will not count toward graduation honors.

Senior course selections
Senior Course Selections

  • Placement in CORE course is dependent on teacher recommendation.

2013 14 btec courses offered
2013-14 BTEC Courses Offered

  • Agriculture

  • Auto Collision Repair

  • Auto Technology

  • Health Sciences

  • Woodworking and Construction

  • Computer Networking and Information Technology

Courses will be offered only if adequate enrollment numbers exist.

Dual credit
Dual Credit

  • Juniors and seniors may be able to take the following courses. Through an agreement with Central Methodist University, State Fair Community College, and Mo Valley, students may enroll and take these courses for a fee and receive college credit. Tuition is due in full on the first day of class.

Dual credit dual enrollment
Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Credit

    • Juniors and Seniors may have the opportunity to take additional online dual credit courses during the school year. Students may take the course during a scheduled study hall or in addition to the 7 scheduled hours at BHS. The institution issuing the dual credit will establish the fees, course schedule, and textbooks required. Students taking the course(s) will be responsible for purchasing/renting the textbook.

  • Dual Enrollment

    • Juniors and Seniors may have the opportunity to take dual credit courses on the State Fair Community College Kemper Campus during the school day. These students are considered dual enrolled. Courses taken at the Kemper Campus count the same as a dual credit course taken on the BHS campus. Students are responsible for all fees and textbooks.


Enrollment process
Enrollment Process

  • Between now and February 22nd, you need to:

    • Review your transcript.

    • Choose and discuss courses you would like to take with your parents and teachers.

    • Fill out your enrollment sheets.

    • Your teachers will sign off on your courses for next year on February 20th and 21st.

    • Review your Personal Plan of Study and make any needed changes. Refer to the Program of Study templates in the back of the Course Registration Handbook to assist you.

Enrollment form
Enrollment Form

Alternate Courses

Choose two alternate courses in case the courses you have chosen will not fit into your schedule.

Alternate courses may be semester courses or yearlong. If the course is a semester class, please list the semester for which it meets.

Mshsaa and bhs eligibility
MSHSAA and BHS Eligibility

  • A student must pass 3 units of credit in order to be eligible to participate in or attend extra curricular activities (sports, dances, clubs, prom, etc).

  • Credit is awarded on the semester concept. Each class is equal to ½ credit.

  • Do the Math:

    • ½ credit x 6 classes = 3 units

You must pass 6 classes!

A program
A+ Program

  • The A+ program is designed to provide tuition for students to attend any community college in the state of Missouri. To be eligible, students must meet the following requirements:

    • Attend an A+ school for 3 consecutive years.

    • Graduate with a 2.5 non-weighted accum. GPA.

    • Have an attendance rate of 95% for the four years.

    • Perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring in a school sponsored activity (12.5 hours can be job shadowing).

    • Maintain a record of good citizenship, and avoid the use of drugs and alcohol.

    • 2 of 3 units of math must be Algebra I and higher.

    • 2 or 3 units of science must be Physical Science and higher. EPS and EB will count as one unit of credit toward the A+ science requirement.

Enrollment reminders
Enrollment Reminders

  • Students may only enroll in 1 PE class per semester.

  • Students may only enroll in 1 Study Hall or Aide position per semester.

  • Students wishing to be an Aide must have that teacher sign the registration form.

  • Students who need to take Credit Recovery need to sign-up for Study Hall and write Credit Recovery – Subject on the registration form.

  • ALL classes (except Study Hall) must be signed off by a teacher.

  • Students must be enrolled as full-time students.